Alaska Governor Update

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New Dittman, local, but reputable pollster, Poll out this week. Republican Sarah Palin holding a 49 to 37 lead over Democrat Tony Knowles.

The Democrat/Union meme is Alaska doesn't need a governor who needs "on the job training." Sarah has some vulnerability here, since Wasilla, an Anchorage suburb, where she was mayor is just a bit different from the State. But Knowles' only experience was mayor of Anchorage before he became Governor.

The other side of Knowles' experience as Governor was the fact that Alaska began diving towards Mississippi during his eight years and completely missed the 'Nineties economically. The question is whether Sarah with her emphasis on a positive campaign will really go after that, but if she doesn't, there are plenty of others who will.

The "October Surprise" that I have so dreaded hasn't materialised; fingers crossed. So far, so good.

You seemed rather worried about a really big shoe ready to drop, but you touch on that at the last line, heh. Well, time is running out, so here's hoping.
If you're seeing shades of gray, it's because you're not looking close enough to see the black and white dots.

though I don't really know what they think they might have. It's a month yet, and things move fast here. All media is concentrated in Anchorage, so all it takes is one press release and you have the whole state.

I've never been a fan of "positive" campaigns, except with regard to the superficial image. May just be my bias and her positive paradigm will work. I prefer blood on the floor, of course always done with good taste and style.
In Vino Veritas

The American people have seen the shoes of weak on defense, appeasement, and failed economic and social policies of the democrat party. Thats why conservatism wins especially when we are in war. Bush won in 2004 despite a relenless 18 month smear campaign. The People see the dems for what they are.

Nothing can happen in the next 4 weeks or the next 4 years to change that fact. The libs are not going to change their spots or fool people into thinking they have.
"Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face." - Ronald Reagan

I must say I like Sarah Palin and her numbers are in line with my recent blog (link ) regarding the GOP's performance in guberantorial contests, in general.

I strongly feel Palin will pull this one off and keep Alaska in the GOP column. We need this - after all they're dangerously close to Canada!

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