McCain/Clinton 2008!!

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I really want this idea to get out into discussion. It has never happened before, but just think of what kind of discourse this would bring to politics. A McCain/Clinton ticket! There is a new website called basically called, "Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain,". Most of these people would rather see a Republican such as McCain then Obama, and I believe we could bridge a gap between Republicans and disgruntled Hillary voters. Both McCain and Clinton are moderates in their respective parties, and do share more in common than does Clinton and Obama. She HAS to support Obama because he is in her party, but I think a joint McCain/Clinton ticket would be UNSTOPABLE. McCain would have every single swing state plus the states that voted for her in the Demo. primaries. This would send a message that McCain is everybody's president, and he supports women and minorities. Let's start talking about this idea, put it out there!! Regardless who is the Republican VP us Clinton supporters will be voting for McCain in droves even if she is the Obama VP!!

This would not be a win, "unstopable" though it be.
No. Let's stop talking about this idea.
Let's put it in the trash can.
Where it belongs.

instead of McCain would also make our candidate unstoppable, but for what purpose?

Maybe John Edwards is interested in the Republican VP slot, and McCain announces that Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Joe Biden will all be in the cabinet.

Put this in the too clever by half category, and flush.

Rush is right--he makes it look easy, but do NOT try it at home.

win and oh by the way this conservative would be WELL DONE with McCain.

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Jonah Goldberg and some other Republicans have gotten slammed for suggesting this. I'm not opposed to the idea of a Democrat of the ticket although I think Lieberman is the better choice. Many "Republicans" have demanded that we conservatives must support McCain even if we don't like him because an Obama presidency with a Democratic Congress would be disastrous. Well, a Demcoratic veep, while pissing off some conservatives, would surely lock up the middle and many Hillary voters and ensure an Obama defeat, which is supposedly the number one goal this election.

Also, not only would it ensure an Obama defeat, it would inoculate conservatives for 2012 and 2016. Whoever is running in 2016, or even 2012, won't have to answer for the past twelve years. The McCain years will be some kind of hybrid anomaly. The McCain administration won't be a conservative administration anyway and a Hillary or Lieberman appointment would highlite that fact. So whichever conservative runs in the future can present a fresh approach with a fresh message. Conservatism and its standard-bearer will be more marketable and not hindered by having to defend the past administration or any kind of status quo malaise. McCain/Hillary can be a four year firewall during this socialist-liberal high water mark, while conservatives can stoke the American imagination for a conservative resurgence. Just saying. For the record, I have absoultely no faith in McCain.

...when he finds out that the residence is the Naval Observatory, not the Navel Observatory.

Seriously, anyone would have to have rocks in their head to agree to put that conniving, power-hungry, egomaniacal person (not to mention her lout of a husband) in the #2 job.

That goes for John McCain, Barack Obama, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, Lyndon Larouche, anyone.

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Hillary could easily triangulate herself so that the ticket could have a united front on foreign policy. And Hillary's presence on the ticket would largely neutralize the "first black President" narrative, which is the only meme that could propel Obama to the White House.

Unfortunately, the election is also about domestic policy, and here the pairing breaks down: the two have such opposite views on trade and abortion and health care, for instance, that I can't see how the two could share the same podium: either McCain would have to tack so far left as to stretch Republican support to the breaking point, or Hillary would have to move so far to the right that she would lose most of her following.

This does have more advantages than a pairing with Lieberman, but I don't see how Hillary can do this unless she genuinely (if that word is in her vocabulary) were to see Obama as an existential threat to the nation and see her being on a ticket with McCain as the only way to save the country from Obama.

I'm not sure what would be in it for the "Friends of Hillary". Not to mention the John and Bill interpersonal dynamic. In sum: Highly improbable.

And Rightly So!

If McCain were to do that, would I still catch hell for not wanting to vote for McCain?

Or would it be ok then?

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little in common. She is dovish on Iraq, although with fewer Obamesque illusions. She is a big government nanny-stater. Her health care ideas are to the left of Obama. She is strongly pro-choice, although not quite as absolutist as Obama.

I don't see it happening.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Both McCain and Clinton are moderates in their respective parties, and do share more in common than does Clinton and Obama.

Senator's Clinton and Obama are 99% on the same page in their ideologies.

Senator McCain has backed the President at least 90% of the time.

The only thing Clinton and McCain have in common is both their names contain the letters 'C' and 'I'.

they'd just be so... moderate! and they'd appeal to the all important middle!.
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Obama/Kennedy v McCain/Lieberman?

not seriously...but, its friday night and I am fried anyway...

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She's endorsing Obama tomorrow. Plus if she ran as McCain's veep, she'd never be president. She couldn't run as a Dem when she was done because they wouldn't have her and she couldn't run as a Republican because they wouldn't either. Absolutely cannot see it happening.

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