What ANWR Really Looks Like

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McCain could travel all the way to Alaska to see what ANWR really looks like, and after the visit he may change his mind about drilling there. Or he can save himself the trip and watch this video. Once again, if the Republicans can use this stuff to show the American people how the whack-jobs are running the Democrat Party, he may have a chance.

Then again, if he skips the trip to Alaska, he'd miss out on a field trip with the governor, Sarah Palin.

Palin 5

Pack the bags. We leave in the morning.

More photos, video, and stuff on Sarah Palin, rumored to be on McCain's VP list, at this post, Gov. Sarah Palin: Good Looking and Good for You.

H/T Intercept Point (no link) at Free Republic

Also find Bill Dupray at The Patriot Room

Senator McCain has to listen carefully. Given the recent changing of the positions by some Democrat stalwart senators, and even Pelosi's latest outrageous appeal to Pres. Bush,

I suspect Democrats are trying make a major flip flop: ANWR.

This is the flip flop that Obama can make that will give him too much advantage: ANWR.

Sen. McCain, you should be the first one speak of ANWR drilling... NOT OBAMA.

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