The Fred Bashing Continues

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It seems that his opponents will go to new lows in order to derail Fred's current rise in the polls. In this piece from the New York Daily News, critics are lashing out at Fred because he did commercials for a company called LifeLock. Apparently the company's co-founder was accused of secretly tapping into people's bank accounts.

This is of course makes Fred one of those typical evil dastardly Republicans. But wait...

"It's part of his contract at ABC Radio Networks. Like the other on-air talent, they are contractually obligated to do some commercials," said Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo.

As first reported in the Los Angeles Times, the Federal Trade Commission alleged in 1996 that Maynard got account numbers from consumers by peddling himself as a credit-repair expert who would clean up their credit reports.

Maynard settled the case without admitting to the charge, though he did agree to get out of the credit-fixing business.
ABC Radio Networks and Thompson's spokesman said LifeLock is a legitimate company and he will continue to promote it. Maynard resigned last month as LifeLock's marketing director when his past was revealed, but he remains a consultant and shareholder.

"The company seems to be fine. It's currently giving away its services to soldiers and vets," said Corallo.

ABC Radio Networks added: "Identify theft is a real issue which LifeLock addresses - and we have every expectation that we will continue our relationship with them."

So, Fred has to do this based on his contractual agreement with ABC?

Well, you can be sure will we see the usual suspects huffing and puffing about this, as if Fred should spend all his days laboriously fact checking every single ABC advertiser to make sure that they don't have any skeletons in their company's closet.

Democrats jumped all over Thompson when they learned about the commercial.

"He's lobbying for the powerful special interests . . . serving as the pitchman for a company whose owner is accused of fraud," said Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Stacie Paxton. "It's pretty clear that Fred Thompson stands for what's best for him and his special interest friends, not the American people," she added.

You just knew that they were going to somehow throw in the 'lobbying' word didn't you? Let's watch and see how many of the media outlets and lib blogs start running with this thing. I guarantee you will see 9 out of 10 throw in the word 'lobbying' somewhere, or make mention that Fred and his sons were lobbyists.

Of course, we all know that lobbying is only bad if you are a Republican. Democrats like Harry Reid and his son's are just great guys trying to make a living and help good causes. What a load!

Blogs For Fred

This lifelock thing has been around for months. Ya think they are now just starting to pick up on it? They've got nothing better to do with their time? Of course not. They will recycle the same garbage until they get it thrown right back at them in their faces.

CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

of molesting children.
But no NY Daily News reporter has picked up the story. They just linked to an AP wire about it. I say Giuliani has buddies in NY newspapers ready to do the dirty work.

Someone else do it...

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