Wally Paul-Nutz!

by Repair Man Jack

"Ron Paul is a pencil head, leading a jacquerie of wicked idiots.” - Richard Brookhiser, The Corner on NRO

Brookhiser’s description of Ron Paul may have done injustice to Congressman Paul. It challenges my skills as a writer, and a sniper of snotty innuendo and snark, to write the paragraph that would actually do injustice to the followers of Ron Paul’s Quixotic run at the 2008 Republican nomination. Before Ron Paul ran for the nomination, I had always considered the concept of Libertarian Groupthink to be oxymoronic. Now we can drop the oxy.

The delusional Paulestinians who accosted Rudy Giuliani, on a ferry and asked him “what did you do with the Gold?” have been condemned by Ron Paul, himself. This, doesn’t stop them from bragging about their exploits on that Internet paragon of Libertarian originality, TheDailyPaul. Even Ron Paul backers who deny “9-11 Truther” sympathies themselves get indignant when asked why they don’t apply some condign moral opprobrium to these idiots and shut their traps.

Read on . . .

Ron Paul supporter BrianScheetz offered the readers of Redstate.com an interesting quid pro quo in return for efforts to shut down the “Truthers.”

”With regard to "policing" the Truthers - you do realize that Truthers are impossible to police, right? Do you know of any way to get them to keep quiet? Go over to RonPaulForums and you can see plenty of threads with Paul supporters telling Truthers to keep their traps shut, and the Truthers simply refuse. What are we supposed to do, beat them up? Gag them? When you manage to "police" Dinesh D'Souza into not writing any more books and Pat Robertson into not filming any more episodes of his TV show, come back and talk to me about policing the Truther guys.”

The same poster later opines on the political significance of the Ron Paul “movement.”

”...if Paul does not win the nomination, a Paul supporter might console themselves with the thought that if Paul can gather 4-6% of the Republican primary vote, it essentially makes it mathematically impossible for any of the other candidates to win the general election, because those voters will not return to the ultimate nominee.”

So aside from promoting noted Constitutional Strict-Constructionalist, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, to The Presidency for the next four years, what is the point of Congressman Paul’s candidacy? Scheetz’s next post would seem to reinforce that conclusion.

“This time around, you need every last element of the Reagan coalition, and you just aren't going to get it. Every day Paul stays in the race and every dollar he raises makes it more and more impossible for you.”

Ron Paul supporter Indy Elephant joined the thread and offered a very reasonable and balanced repetition of similar sentiments.

“Preserving the staus quo of this current Republican party is the last thing that needs to happen. If Dr. Paul doesn't get the nomination, I'll instead, be voting for my cat. His name is Irving, he's very even tempered and quite affectionate....

…Short of Ron Paul getting elected, the best thing for the party may well be for Hillary to get elected, in order to precipitate the monumental soul searching and change of direction that the Republican party needs. Actually, Ron Paul is this country's last hope, as the door is closing on the possibility of returning to the rule of the constitution and the government our founding fathers intended.”

I feel Irving’s pain. I’d almost rather live my next life as one of Michael Vick’s pet dogs than be him. Someone has sprinkled way too much LDS on the Cheerios of some of Ron Paul’s supporters.

In fairness to the stalwart supporters of Ron Paul, who have spent years of scholarly debate defending the deeply just and moral virtues of our nation’s great constitution, they do have their issues. Now stop it! That’s not what I meant! They raise vital and interesting issues that we all NEED to focus on as part of the national debate.

On another Redstate.com thread concerning the question of discretionary spending and fiscal discipline, Ron Paul advocate Tangoland offers what could be a stirring rationale for Ron Paul’s entry into The 2008 Presidential Race.

“Ron Paul is not anti-war. Nor does "nobody likes Ron Paul". Since you are interested in spending habits of government you wouldn't find a more fiscally conservative and concerned politician than Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a champion of conservative spending.

This would inspire me more, if it were entirely accurate. Ron Paul does cast symbolic votes against bloated spending bills that make their way to the House Floor with 80% support already lined up. I concede that this exercise has a symbolic value that prevents me from descrying the attempt as futile.

It’s just that Ron Paul’s own earmarks often adorn the very bills that he symbolically votes against. Ron Paul has earmarked spending in eight out of the thirteen appropriations acts sent before the house for FY 2008.

The man holds Lady Liberty’s Torch in one hand and picks the taxpayer’s pocket with the other. His stated position on discretionary spending is about as meaningful and honest as fellow Congressman Tom Lantos’ vote to condemn MoveOn.Org’s “General Betray Us” ad.

Tangoland then goes off the rail into the bad territory of internet conspiracy theories. He seems miffed that Ron Paul isn’t considered a top GOP contender. He also knows the real reason. It’s not “the bankers”, nor is it the fact that the man’s supporters have been accused of “not knowing the difference between the GWOT and a game of Halo3.” It’s the dreaded CFR.

Only...if you are a member of the Council on Foriegn Relations as in "top tier" on both sides as decided by the media. CFR's platform is open to the public and is very interesting in it desires to alter the constitution and destroy soviergnty of our nation. And we wonder why our borders are less protected today.

These neocon-Republicans sound they should cast there vote for Hillary as she is pro war, pro big government, pro special interests and pro destruction of the constitution and thats her voting record. Oh an she is a member of the CFR. Perfect!

So I’ll wrap this up with my own conspiracy theory about who REALLY supports Ron Paul. 95% of them have never voted in a GOP primary before. They tend to support Democrats in elections not contested by Gus Hall’s poltergeist or Ralph Nader. They may have been forced into reading a few snippets of The US Constitution in order to pass High School civics, but promptly forgot about it as soon as they had their second hit off the bong at their graduation party.

The one or two Ron Paul supporters who can correctly differentiate between The Puerto Rican Flag, The Texas State Flag and The Star-Spangled Banner are owed an apology. There isn’t very many of those people, so I won’t have to live in fear. It might just be awhile before I go on any ferry rides in Michigan. Wally Paul-Nutz is out there somewhere.