Appendix: Texas FLDS Child Abuse and Polygamy Case

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This is an Appendix to the my main post concerning the raid of the FLDS ranch in Texas and the following hearing about the custody of the children. The main post was already too long, so I decide to separate several thing into this post.

My main post is here:
I think it would be better if most of the comments went there.

My first post on the matter is here:

This Appendix is mainly for the listing of several links to different sources and also a few extras (like a more detailed summary of the affidavit).

First of all the best newspaper coverage can be found here:

The Salt Lake Tribune:
(The Salt Lake Tribune was founded as an anti-Mormon anti-polygamy newspaper and so has extensive experience in reporting on these types of issues).

The Deseret News
The other major Utah newspaper, they have usually been the newspaper to get first access to the FLDS sources.

These two newspapers are running rings around the national news in reporting on this issue.

The Blogs providing comprehensive coverage:

Blake Adams
She works the polygamy beat at the Salt Lake tribune. Very careful to stay even handed.
Her photographer has a blog here, with great photography:

A former reporter who worked with the ACLU, and is in Texas.

Messenger and Advocate:
An attorney in California

The Common Room:
A Christian Homeschool blog

For someone more hostile to the FLDS:
An attorney in Houston

Now for some data links:

Live blogging of the hearing, day one and two respectively:

The affidavits:

Some specific posts/articles that I think are good to read:

A post analyzing Texas law concerning CPS and children being removed from the home:

Is the call a fake:

On the whole "Beds in the Temple accusation," also includes a post from a former member of the FLDS who does not believe the abuse charges:

Video interview of one of the fathers:,5563,326,00.html

A Catholic perspective:

Micheal Reagan:

Several Mormon (mainstream LDS) responses:


Supportive, but with Caveats:

How the AP saw the hearing (a farce):

What the ACLU has to say:

The women of the FLDS seem to be willing to submit to anything the court asks of them:

Some background on the FLDS:

What the crazy conspiracy theorists are saying:

A post about a how a similar situation regarding Aborigines turned out:
That one really made me think.

Just for fun, a link to the "Local Crank" who originated the "Piss in boots" phrase.

As well as his sad assessment of the Texas CPS system:

In nearly ten years of doing CPS cases, only once have I seen a judge deny a removal at an adversary hearing, and that was only after I had demonstrated that the case workers committed perjury on the affidavits, and after those case workers refused to appear in court in defiance of subpoena. I was the ad litem for the children in that case, come to think of it.

Here is the more extended summary of the affidavit:

It was actually given by "kbp" in the comments at another blog, I including it because it interprets things a little differently then I do:

ON 4/6/08
# M O8 OO2 S.
Sexual assault of a child, Texas Penal Code Section 22.011
Bigamy, Texas Penal Code Section 25.01

Starts page 5
(difficulty on recall for exact dates of events of 4/4-6 often?),
Tina Martinez of CPS said she interviewed;
1. A 15 YO, who knows a 16 YO that is married, w/child & pregnant;

2. Young lady that looked 16, said 18 after husband reminded her(?), freely gave DOB 02/24/90, has 10 month old baby by 33 YO husband (16 +10 months at conception);

3. Young lady w/DOB 12/09/89, w/child DOB 08/01/06, father (husband?) is 36 YO (+/- weeks of 17 at conception);

4. Young lady w/DOB 09/16/88, w/child DOB 08/19/05 & 08/12/04, father/husband?; (+/- weeks of 16 at conception)
(at YFZ in 04 or 5 when conceived?)

Ruby Gutierrez of CPS said she interviewed;
5. "Child" told of knowing 16 YO married to 40 YO;

Rebecca Baxter of CPS said she interviewed;
6. 16 YO (no DOB) told of being due in June and ?married to husband w.first that is 40 YO;

7. Young lady that looked 16, doesn't know her DOB, has 2 YO & pregnant;

8. 8 YO who said **** has 4 kids and is only 16 YO, and then tells of a redacted stretch of husband/multiple wives descriptions that ID's Richard Jessup Barlow in it (difficult to determine meaning except Bigamy)
(My 7 & 8 are ID'd as only 7 in affidavit??)

Sheriff Doran's "confidential informant" (former member od FLDS) provided accurate information over the past 4 years (nothing done then?), and then on 04/05/08 told of males >17 YO having multiple wives, and wives often <16 YO, and sexual activities occur in the "temple" in which "there is A bed".
("A bed" v. many beds discovered.)

Affiant (Leslie Brooks Long) tells "observed a document indicating marriages between one man and over twenty wives, all of whom resided in the same residence at the Suspected Place and Premises [YFZ], as of August 9, 2007, with no record of divorce or death of a spouse found."
(odd there is no mention of a name for this husband of documented record)

I hope that my compiling of all this information is useful. I will now put a link to this blog in the main post.

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