CNN Report: Racism, a family tradition, hand me down.

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Wow, An interesting story by CNN interviewing college students about racism. When pressed about why they believe racism exists, many say they haven't really experienced it much but have been told about it by their elders and see it on the news.

One even said his peers use racism as an excuse for not putting forth effort.

I saw this story live on CNN which included exchanges between the anchor and the field reporter (both black) which are not in this clip. They were both kind of surprised what these kids were saying. They were implying they can't believe these kids are trying to hold on to racism because their parents or grandparents told them about it or seeing a story about Michael Vick or Jena 6.

I wish this clip retained the anchor/reporter exchanges. I could tell the anchor and reporter were on the verge of doing an eyeroll and wanted to tell the kids to "get over it".

I am surprised CNN ran this story and presented it with this angle. I have noticed CNN is less biased during morning programming.

The question for today is how much real racism is really out there and how much is a family tradition of attitudes being passed down to each generation?

Can someone help me get the video to embed or link?

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It is located at:

"Staff Picks" Tab, titled "Black Students On Race"

Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me. Washington Elected Elite

or for that matter they don't seem to like people linking to their stories.

My advice is to try to locate it on YouTube.

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