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Thank you again for your time, concern, and willingness to act to make your voice heard.

-Congressman Mike Conaway]

As reported yesterday here on RedState, Congressional Democratic leaders, who promised in 2006 to create a more "open" government, are now proposing a new rule that would prevent Members of Congress from using the Internet to communicate with the American people unless the Web site they are using has been "approved" by a panel responsible for creating internal House rules.

Millions of Americans, and hundreds of Representatives -- including myself -- use video-sharing Web sites like YouTube, personal blogs, and online community sites like Red State to keep track of what is going on in Congress, to provide constituents with information and insight, and to build and foster communication between elected representatives and the American people.

The Internet and the New Media have made Congress more transparent, sometimes against its will, and have better empowered Americans to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, statements, decisions, and votes. Instead of embracing and working to further this new level of openness and transparency, as they promised when they were candidates for office, Democratic leaders are fighting to close the new lines of communication between politicians and the people that the Internet has opened.

Please read on.

As the Directors said yesterday, “Congressmen should be able to decide for themselves where and how they interact with their constituents and the American people.” Using such Orwellian tactics to limit our contact with you the people, and vice versa, only serves to make government more secretive and less transparent – which is the exact opposite of what the Democratic leadership promised to do when elected.

Please take a moment and sign the petition on my Web site. Tell the Democratic Congressional leadership that preventing elected representatives from communicating with the American people will not stand.

I would just like to add these are the same people that for 8 years have been whining about mythical infringements of the bill of rights now are taking every opportunity to trash it wholesale.

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here. This is as infuriating as they are secretive.

I just took a look at your source code and this jumped out at me:
form action="/censor"

Since the page is already in the /censor folder, I think you just want action="#" to reload that page, if that's the page with the php to deal with the form.

I believe the issue is fixed now. Thank you very much for signing the petition, as well.

and forwarded it my parents and a family friend. Thank you protecting our First Amendment Rights Congressman!!!!
4.62, 0.51

to the draconian measures we will see if the dems take all three branches and increase their margins in the House and Senate. We must not let that happen.

Is there some way to get the Sign the Petition as a widget to post on other blogs?

4.62, 0.51

Thank you for your time, and for your excellent suggestion.

Signed it.

Leave it to the left to claim to be about the little guy, then bring about censorship.

Dependence is Slavery.

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I doubt the Dems would want this if they were the minority.
Signed it, and it all worked. Thanks, sir.

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Here it is:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So it seems to me that if they pass this rule, then that should be grounds for impeachment for the rules committee members. If passing a rule that directly inhibits this rock solid right embodied in the Constitution, then we need to impeach them. I know I know, look at McCain Feingold, specifically because they got the usurpers to go along with that attack on our rights we will need to take this directly to the people through impeachment.

"Freedom will only survive on the weight of every effort expended to preserve it"

That gives congress special exemptions regarding speech made in the execution of their jobs? I recall this came up with Murtha and the Haiditha accusations.

Of course there is also that pesky 1st ammendment.

"If they were merely incompetent, then at least SOME of their actions would have been to the benefit of the country."

If Rep. "In his freezer" Jefferson can cover up for his criminal activities with the Speech and Debate protection, why won't website communications be protected as well?

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The Democrats expect to add seats in congress and Obama plans on riding a surge of the youth vote. Well opposing the use of things like You Tube, facebook and myspace for free speech is something that should worry free speech conscious young people on both sides of the political spectrum. Unfortuantely, free speech to the left means they can shout down any opposition (or have it banned as "hate speech"), as opposed to having free debate as per the Constitution.

The largest possible carbon footprint you can have is opposition to nuclear power. Not that we should worry about "carbon footprints" in the first place.

Well, the rule would only apply to congressmen.

The youth that lives on facebook and myspace and youtube.... yeah, hey don't much care about politics.

I've heard young folks say that they're voting for Obama because "he's hot."

Dependence is Slavery.

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What would prevent Congressman Conaway from emailing a letter to Gamecock or Joliphant or maybe a member of his constituency, who then publishes it on redstate under a pseudonym like Conaway Connection?

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Popped it on my blog The US Report. Pelosi and her colleagues are undermining freedom of speech at every turn. best, Kay

I have an issue with stories like this in addition to the hideousness of the idea posed here by Democrats. My roommate is under the impression that all conservatives are evil, and as a result websites such as Redstate, which serve as Republican propoganda and cannot be trusted, are also evil. Therefore, unless I can get dirt like this to appear in the "trustworthy" mainstream media, such as the NYT or WaPo (no, Fox News won't do) he will consider it a conservative gimmick or scare tactic that is not "reality based."

In other words, if anyone has a link to a source about this that would not be considered right leaning, I would really appreciate it. The guy likes rights, and thinks it is the Republicans that want to confiscate them, so it would be nice to let him take a look at this one. Thanks.

I'm following the links given and it takes me to Mike Conaway's letter asking us to sign the petition, but I'm not seeing something that looks like an actual petition. Is the petition the little yellow blanks under his signature? It seems weird that it would be considering a few lines above that is a hyper-link to sign the petition. Plus there is nothing there denoting it as a petition, it just looks like a way to leave a general comment.

Someone just explain to me how to do what I'm trying to do.

Thanks in advance.

and doing what I can to spread the word.

McCain for POTUS so the left can't ruin SCOTUS.

for freedom of speech.

The free exchange of ideas inevitably yields both heat and light.

Thaddeus' video above from hotair provides an excellent example of a communication which Kommissariat Pelosi et al are trying to prohibit.

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for grassroots petition action!

The hypocrasy of the left becomes more blatant by the day.

The free exchange of ideas inevitably yields both heat and light.

We have democrats attempting to censor free speech. And of elected officials, no less. The solution is not a petition. That is the exercise of free speech, they won't pay attention to that. Somebody who has been truthfully effected through direct suffering of the censorship of free speech needs to file a: an order of cease and desist and b: a law suit in massive sums of money against every single democrat who signs on the thing thing, the house leadership, the house and senate and the democrat committee and let the courts look up the amendment that prohibits such absurdity. Unless legal action is taken you can't use free speech to stop the refusal to be allowed to have free speech.

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