But, of course, it's gun control that's the answer!

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I was planning on writing something about the good people of Philadelphia, and their well-intentioned but completely misguided attempts to place the blame for the epidemic of shootings and murders in the City of Brotherly Love on guns rather than on people, but the words just weren't flowing well.

And then I saw this story from yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Police: Child's death resulted from drug feud
    Casha'e Rivers, 5, was in her mother's car in North Philadelphia when gunfire broke out.

    By Barbara Boyer, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

    Five-year-old Casha'e Rivers lost her life when a violent drug feud resulted in gunfire on a North Philadelphia street Sunday morning, felling the "purely innocent" child, authorities said yesterday.

    The homicide investigation took a turn last night when a man police had sought for questioning in the case showed up at Police Headquarters. Earlier, police said they were seeking Kevin Felder, 25, of the 2600 block of North Napa Street, in two other shootings that may be related to Casha'e's slaying. Felder, a three-time convicted drug felon, had been described as armed and dangerous.

    Felder showed up after 10 p.m. with another man and told reporters he had nothing to do with Casha'e's slaying. He was being questioned late last night by homicide detectives.

    The little girl, called "Mama" by family and friends, was a passenger in a car driven by her mother, Alisha Corley, 22, of the 900 block of North 12th Street, who police say has had close relationships with two known drug figures.

    Casha'e's father is now in prison on cocaine charges, while Corley's current boyfriend - Romar Berry, 22 - was arrested yesterday morning and charged with narcotics offenses. When authorities served the arrest warrant in the 2600 block of North 29th Street, they found Corley in the apartment. Berry, the father of Corley's toddler son, fled to the roof but was apprehended, police said.

    Hours later, Corley arrived in Harrisburg and spoke at a rally with the NAACP and Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network to end gun violence.

As Glenn Beck would say, this is one of the things that will make your head explode. This bereaved mother got pregnant (at age 15 or 16) by one drug dealer, and after his incarceration, got pregnant by another drug criminal, and she has the nerve to show her face at a rally to end gun violence!

The rest of the story is a sad tale about continuing battles (sometimes being gun battles) about drug turf in North Philadelphia. And the alert reader (though not the reporter who wrote the article) might have noticed that one suspect is a 25 year old "three-time convicted drug felon," and asked what was a 25 year old thrice convicted drug felon doing out on the streets anyway?

    In Philadelphia, homicide detectives continued to investigate Casha'e's slaying and its link to North Philadelphia's drug trade, where disputes and threats to business are frequently settled with gunfire.

    "An innocent - purely innocent - 5-year-old kid losing her life," Chief of Detectives Joseph Fox said yesterday. "And she is the only completely and totally innocent person in this entire circumstance."

Among those not innocent persons involved in that unfortunate circumstance would be the prosecutors and the judges who allowed a three time loser, a thrice convicted felon, out on the streets. Mr Felder is only 25 years old, and that means he could not have spent much time in prison for even his third felony conviction. He's wanted for another shooting last December, which means that he's been out on the streets for at least nine months.

The sensible people, the opponents of gun control, also turned out in Harrisburg a couple of days ago:

    Gun supporters in Harrisburg: Crime is Philadelphia’s problem
    By Michael Vitez, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

    About 100 gun owners from around Pennsylvania roamed the capitol today, encouraging legislators to oppose any new laws limiting their right to own and bear arms.

    The men were steadfast: crime is Philadelphia's problem, caused by Philadelphians, and any new laws to restrict the sale of guns won't solve it. There is only one solution, they said, crack down on criminals, enforce laws that already exist, and end what one gun supporter called "Philadelphia's catch and release program. It works with fish, but not with criminals," said Dennis Pavlik, director of legislative affairs for Firearms Owners Against Crime in Presto, in Allegheny County.

Mike Cancel, a gun owner from Washington, Pennsylvania, hit the nail right on the head:

    "It's their children that they didn't raise right, who don't know who their father is - it's strictly a Philadephia problem. The children are out of control. We have tons of laws already. The laws are not being enforced."

Damned straight!

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