Did Bernardine Dohrn Mentor Michelle [Robinson] Obama at Chicago Law Firm?

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The media has been very gentle on Michelle Obama, but one blogger asks a very interesting question about Bernardine Dohrn's possible mentoring of Michelle at Sidley Austin in Chicago, where Dohrn worked as a paralegal [her felony conviction meant she couldn't pass the Illinois bar exam] while Michelle was an intern during summers while in law school. Michelle was later taken into the prestigious firm when she graduated from Harvard Law. Michelle in turn mentored Obama in '89 & they eventually married.

The MSM will never ask any questions about Dohrn & Michelle [Robinson] Obama intersecting at Sidley Austin. It would be nice if Republicans had more investigative reporters because my inquiring mind would like to know.

It might be that the Ayers-Dohrn relationship with the Obamas goes back earlier and the relationship could be much more extensive than previously reported.

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I see a mentor mentee relationship.

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Imagine listening into morning coffee at the company.

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we should not risk burning out the electorate with Obama/anti-american person connections before the Summer's out. I am fine with saving some stuff until after Labor Day.

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