European Abortion Laws vs United States Abortion Laws

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It appears that alot of people seem to think that the Europeans have ultra-liberal abortion laws however compared to ours that is far from the truth. I've even noticed some people calling the Europeans eugenicists which is just totally absurd since it is our nations(USA)abortion laws that are among the most liberal in the entire world. There is not a single European nation that allows such wide open access to Abortions as we do here in the USA.

Italy: Legal on demand through the 12th week.Link to Italian Abortion Laws

ESTONIA: up to 11 weeks Link to ESTONIAN Abortion Laws

Ireland: Illegal.
Link to Irish abortion laws

Poland: Legal but only for strict medical reasons.
Link to Polish abortion laws

Spain: Legal up to 12 weeks in cases of rape, deformed baby, or danger to the mother's life or mental health.Link to Spanish abortion laws

United Kingdom: In England, Scotland, and Wales, legal up to 24 weeks. In Northern Ireland, there is no specific law either allowing or prohibiting it, and in practice it is rare.Link to British abortion laws

Switzerland: Illegal unless the mother's life is in danger. SWISS Abortion laws

Germany:Legal up to 12 weeks German Abortion laws

Denmark: Legal on demand through the 12th week. Danish Abortion laws

Romania: Legal through the 12th week.Romanian Abortion laws

PORTUGAL: Abortion is allowed in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy only if a mother's health is at risk. In cases of rape, it is permitted through the 16th week.Portuguese Abortion laws

MALTA: The procedure is forbidden altogether.Maltese Abortion laws

BELGIUM: 12 week deadline.BELGIAN Abortion Laws

Austria: up to 12 weeksLink to Austrian abortion laws

Finland:up to 12 weeks.Link to Finnish Abortion Laws

France: only up to 10 weeksLink to French Abortion Laws

Greece: up to 12 weeks.Link to Greek Abortion Laws

CZECH REPUBLIC: up to 12 weeks CZECH REPUBLICS Conditions for artificial termination of pregnancy

Netherlands: up to 24 weeksLink to The Netherlands Abortion Laws

SLOVAKIA:up to 24 weeksLink to Slovakian Abortion laws

BULGARIA:up to 12 weeks
Link to Bulgarian Abortion laws

BELARUS:Abortions may be performed on request during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and on various grounds thereafter.Link to Belorussian Abortion laws

SWEDEN: Up to 18 weeks .Link to Swedish Abortion laws

CROATIA: up to 10 weeksLink to Croation Abortion laws

ALBANIA:Restricted to medical reasonsLink to Albanian Abortion laws

ANDORRA:completely bannedLink to Andorran Abortion laws

ARMENIA:Abortions may be performed on request up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Link to Armenian Abortion laws

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA:Abortions to be performed on request during the first ten weeks of pregnancy Link to BOSNIAN AND HERZEGOVINIAN Abortion laws

CYPRUS: Very Restricted Link to Cypriot Abortion laws

GEORGIA:up to 12 weeks Link to Georgian Abortion laws

ICELAND:An abortion shall never be performed after the 16th week of the pregnancy, unless unmistakable medical reasons exist.Link to Icelandic Abortion laws

LATVIA:Abortions are legal on request up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Link to Latvian Abortion laws


LITHUANIA:An abortion may be performed on request during the up to 12 weeks of pregnancyLink to LITHUANIAS Abortion laws

LUXEMBOURG:Up to 12 weeks Link to LUXEMBOURGS Abortion laws

MACEDONIA:up to 10 weeks Link to MACEDONIAN Abortion laws

MOLDOVA:up to 12 weeksLink to MOLDOVAN Abortion laws

MONACO:BannedLink to Principality of Monacos Abortion laws

MONTENEGRO:up to 10 weeks Link to Montenegrin Abortion laws

NORWAY:up to 12th week of pregnancy Link to Norwegian Abortion laws

RUSSIA:up to 12 weeks Link to Russian Abortion laws

San Marino: Only To save the life of the woman.Link to San Marinos Abortion laws

SERBIA:up to 10 weeks Link to Serbian Abortion laws

SLOVENIA:up to 10 weeks Link to SLOVENIAN Abortion laws

TURKEY: up to 10 weeks Link to Turkish Abortion laws

Ukraine: up to 22 weeks Link to Ukrainian Abortion laws

Europes restrictive abortion laws

Summary of European Abortion Laws


The World’s Abortion Laws

How can SCOTUS allow mere state legislators, bumpkins who have not even been exposed to the graces of K Street, decide policy on what goes on in their hospitals?

Thank you for setting me straight. I guess it's the news stories I hear about eugenics coming out of the UK and liberal euthanasia laws in the Netherlands that alarmed me.

the European countries. I would like to see Roe v Wade overturned and allow the individual states to choose what they want to do.

No wonder why the Dems always say the world hates us! If Dems want us to be popular again they can start by overturning Roe.

If you always find yourself arguing the exceptions rather than the rule you just might be rapidly sliding down your own slippery slope to irrelevance. -CommonCents

...members of the Sup Court look to these foreign laws for help in interpreting our Constitution?

It seems as though they only look to it when it suits whatever outcome they wanted all along.

I love made my week.

... Does this happen in these countries as well?

What is the rate of birth control usage visavis the usa?

in Europe. I also don't know anything about the rate of birth control usage visavis the usa. I had just spent alot of time over there back in the 1990's and I knew that their Abortion laws were not nearly as bad as ours are. I consider myself mostly pro-choice but I could easliy be happy just to get a 10-12 week limit on abortions with extended exceptions only for rape,incest, and the health of the mother after that. I feel that it should be up to the states but hopefully if Roe v wade is ever overturned the states that want to continue allowing abortions should look towards the European examples of limited abortions instead of our own Roe v Wade example.

"Liberals are very picky in their admiration of Western Europe."

How true.

"At the end of the day, I seek to be a strident and articulate force on the side of self-determination. Ultimately, the pursuit of freedom ought to remain our paramount ambition. Without liberty, ideology rings sickeningly hollow."

Patiently waiting for a Fred Thompson / John Engler ticket.

I've actually been thinking about posting a similar board. It seems like conservatives just assume that Europe has very liberal abortion laws. I associate it wth a knee-jerk patriotism (everything U.S. is good and everything Europe is bad). The U.S. could really learn something from countries like Ireland, Poland, and Spain here though. Even France has more humane abortion laws then the U.S.!

That's not taking into account the rest of the world, most of which has more humane abortion laws then here. Very few Latin American countries allow abortion except in rare circumsatnces, for example.

I think there are two main reasons for this. In Europe these laws were decided legislatively, wheras here it was by judicial fiat. Also, American tends to be much more feminist than Europe (and the rest of the world) and the feminists have done a very good job twisting abortion into a "women's rights" issue in this country.

I would contend that feminism is more significant in western Europe than in the US. The explanation for our liberal abortion laws is simply that the Supreme Court decided it all one way, with one stroke of the pen.

It is interesting that the above countries have some of the lowest birthrates in the world (most of them have much lower rates than the US), thus suggesting that the birthrate is not mostly tied to abortion laws. I think it has more to do with the expansive state, which has supplanted the family as the safety net and social fabric of so many of the above countries.

It's surprising the range of different views the current group of candidates have on abortion. Feel free to copy paste and forward the following:

Fred Thompson on abortion:

Ron Paul on abortion:

Start listening at 2:20 if you get impatient

Mitt Romney on abortion:

Rudy Giuliani on abortion:

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