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Posted at 2:28pm on Jun. 20, 2008 Nationalized Health Care - A Preview of things to come?

By ehosterman

I found this article in Worldnet Daily, which anyone contemplating nationalized health care should find chilling.
Evidently, in Oregon, the state health insurance program informed a lung cancer patient that they would not pay for her chemotherapy, but would pay for physiician assisted suicide.
Why am I not surprised? Here we see the convergence the culture of death and socialized medicine.

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Posted at 1:29pm on Apr. 11, 2008 The Difficulty With Energy Independence

By ehosterman

(Caution long with lots of numbers. After all, I am an engineer.)
In the thread on Green Gasoline several people opined about replacing the US vehicle fleet with electric powered vehicles. In one of my comments, I remarked that no one had sufficient electric generating reserve margin to replace US gasoline consumption. After making the comment, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to demonstrate exactly how big of an undertaking it would be to replace the US motor vehicle fleet with electric powered vehicles.

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Posted at 2:03pm on Feb. 13, 2008 Global Warming now blamed for (Wait for It)

By ehosterman

killing the loch ness monster. See the attached link, ninth paragraph down from the top. Kudos to National Review's Plant Gore blog for finding this.

You just can't make this up. No wait, they already did. If I didn't know that these people were probably serious, I would thin

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Posted at 8:38pm on Feb. 8, 2008 More Data Showing Antarctic Ice Increasing

By ehosterman

Shows Sea Ice conditions for last month. Note the graph on the right. This is a comparison of the Antarctic ice sheet in January's since approximately 1978. Not that while the extent of the Arctic ice sheet has been decreasing over the last 30 years. The extent of the Antarctic ice sheet has been growing over the same period. Evidence of global warming?

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Posted at 1:42pm on Nov. 15, 2007 Hurdles for Wind Power

By ehosterman

National Review's " Plant Gore" Blog has an interesting article on problems wind turbines are experiencing. It seems that a number of large wind turbines have experienced catastrophic structural failures. To any engineer who has dealt with rotating equipment, this is probably not much of a surprise. Wind turbines through the years have experienced vibration issues, and as the size of the turbines get larger, it's not surprizing that structural failures occur. This might seem pretty bland to the average person, until a twenty foot long blade comes crashing through your roof.

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Posted at 10:48am on Aug. 17, 2007 More Interesting Global Warming Research

By ehosterman

Credit to "Planet Gore" blog in National Review on-line fro uncovering this study by Stephen Schwartz of Brookhaven National Lab.
The study is based on statistical analysis of actual temperature data, not computer climate models. In short, the study finds the climate forcing function for CO2 to be much lower than the IPCC study and the time constant for climate change in response to CO2 changes to be on the order of 5-7 years.

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Posted at 3:41pm on Apr. 27, 2007 Nuclear Power Info - Effects of Airplane Crashes

By ehosterman

Several days ago, someone questioned whether nuclear facilities could withstand aircraft crashes. I stated that the typical containment could withstand a crash. Here is the link to an NEI news release regarding a 2002 study performed by EPRI which confirmed just that analysis:

I'll look for the actual EPRI study, but it's probably behind the fi

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Posted at 2:48pm on Apr. 25, 2007 Nuclear Power Information

By ehosterman

Since I was previously asked to provide good references for educational nuclear power information, I will periodically provide links to sites I consider reliable and pertinent to various aspects of the nuclear power industry (when I'm not busy troubleshooting power plants).
Today's entry is the NRC's design precertification process. The process is described on the NRC's website here:

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