SC-5's Spratt(D) Drawl and That's All: The Myth of the Moderate Southern Democrat in D.C.

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John Spratt has been successfully scaring old people, the disabled, black folks and the "poor" to keep his cushy job as a vote button pusher in Washington, D.C. for 24 consecutive years.

I was reminded of Spratt's and the Democrat Party's nearly three quarter century old playbook when I heard SC-5's Congressman's 2006 radio ad version of the elect me or those evil republicans will "take your check" lie as I was riding through the District that remains relatively as poor as it was 24 years ago. What progress has been made in the District since Reconstruction is due to the growth of the Charlotte, NC Metro area and Republican economic policies and not anything Spratt has done. But they still have Shaw AFB (as if without Spratt the US would not have to have an Air Force) and the checks still come in the mail (But hasn't it been the GOP that's been voting to fund the checks since 1994?)

But don't bother a Democrat with facts when he's drumming up fear and hate to motivate the permanent dependency victim class he and his party helped to create. A class they feed a steady diet of class envy, victimology, and demonization of republicans as heartless, racist bigots as a substitute for self reliance and responsibility. In order to get votes from those that are poor, one must make sure their are always a good supply of the poor.

And so, Spratt lies. He lies when he says that Republicans want to privatize Social security. He lies when he implies that doing nothing will not lead to a bankrupt system. He hardly ever not lies when he opens his mouth about anything. He's an elected Democrat.

A major reason I had to leave the party if I wished to be able to look myself in the mirror, was due to their lies that the GOP would take social security away from the old and disabled, starve children , or make the burning of Black churches a spectator sport.

The GOP had targeted this seat by heavily promoting a serious SC State Legislator challenger, Ralph Norman, who is well known and well respected in District 5. I have not seen evidence of an aggressive television campaign however.

Norman has fared well in the debates, and in the process has helped to debunk the Myth of the Moderate Democrat, or at least the myth that democrats elected to serve in Washington are distinguishable in any significant way from the Pelosis, Kerrys and Kennedys.

In one of their eight debates (yes, 8) one of the Democrats that the MSM never misses an opportunity to call "moderate", Norman effectively forced Spratt to admit he:

1 - favors federal funding of embryonic stem cell research when Spratt had tried to obfuscate the issue by only referring to the generic "stem cell" research (which includes adult and cord blood in addition to embryonic);

2 - favors abortion on demand under Roe, when Spratt had tried to pass himself off as a pro lifer due to his support for "regulation" of abortions; and

3 - believes man is responsible for global warming and favors taxing citizens and businesses to stop us from usurping the power of the Sun.

Norman also showed that except for a few high profile late in election year votes, Spratt's (and most all Democrats in Congress, as rated by the ACU - see link below) voting record is hardly distinguishable from the Lib Dems and certainly far closer to them than to conservative Republicans from the South and West or even liberal and moderate Republicans from the Northeast. In fact, all the DC dems have liberal voting records, bar none. Look at the link below. You will search in vain for even ONE democrat that has a more conservative record than ANY Republican. Bar None!

Sample ratings from 2005 and 2004

Spratt-D-SC 12 20
Pelosi-D-CA 0 8
Harold Ford-D-TN 21 21
Tom DeLay-R-TX 88 100
Cynthia McKinney-D-GA 4 n/a
Peter King-R-NY 83 71
Mel Watt-D-NC 0 0

So, the Moderate SC, TN and NC reps vote conservative from 0-79% of the time, while San Francisco Lib and Marxist McKinney vote conservative 0-92% of the time. Whereas, Northeastern King votes conservative 71-83% and DeLay 88-100.

The Myth of the Moderate elected Democrat in DC. The only thing moderate about them is the speed and tone of their voices as they lie about their records and their intentions.

Moderate and conservative Democrats desperately need to cease being impressed with rhetoric from a hired employee whose job is not to please one's ear, but to vote in accordance with their values on laws passed in D.C. Their job is to represent them, not please them with TV performances. For that, one should seek out true professional oratory entertainers on Turner Classic Movies and the Baptist Church!


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A civil/criminal trial lawyer for two decades in federal and state courts throughout the South and presently Vice-President of a multi-state real estate investment firm headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Mike DeVine a/k/a Gamecock was a SC Democrat party activist, official and delegate for 20 years, until his June 2001 conservative epiphany that led him to leave the Jack Asses of the World's Oldest political party to embrace the Elephants' never forget Party of Lincoln and Ronaldus Magnus. and
"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." - Ronald Reagan

by his own words, the voters will most likely return the man to Washington for no other reason than that he has been representing them for 25 years.

The power of incumbency is amazing, isn't it?

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What's ironic, is that while I trashed the man's work and overstated the lack of progress since reconstruction a bit!, the fact is that i am one of those that has no problem with voter apathy generally and mostly see it as a sign that things are going well relatively speaking and that except for the carter years, the country odes pretty well no matter who is in power. I suspect that a lot of folks say to themselves, well, we've been sending Spratt up to DC for 20 years and life's been pretty good. The incumbent becomes like part of the ground. He's part of what is.

The problem is...well, the problems are many!! but of course much of it is that the apathy or the tradition vote is based on what IS, not what will be if we don't take care today, ie re terrorism, energy and soc sec and medical costs.

Crises seem to drive voters from apathy and old parties.

Plus, Spratt's district is mostly rural poor that he has helped keep poor and dependent on him. A black republican that was well funded could really open some eyes one day, but then again, Norman is a good candidate despite his caucasianess! haha but for some sad.

more later and
"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." - Ronald Reagan

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