Juan Williams not buying Obama's "authentically black" bait and switch

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Brit Hume and Juan Williams get what gamecock has gotten for 14 months; what Hannity has gotten for nine months and what more and more Americans are starting to get since the tapes of the sermons Barack Obama's pastor of the Hate America Church of 20 years went public this past week, i.e.

Barack Obama will not be President of the United States based on what his pew-parked butt has screamed out for the past 20 years and which din still drowns out his cool musings today, and which din can't be quelled by word games about being present at a particular sermon.

No amount of word games that send republicans scurrying for "proof" he was present at a sermon when a particular hate America phrase was uttered, only to be answered by Obama by saying his child sneezed at the time or that ole Rev just gets on like that at times.

Don't fall for that.

I can't hear you over the din of the pew-parked butt, and thank goodness, neither can Brit or Juan.

Relevant portions of the transcript of the March 17, 2008 edition of Fox News Sunday:

HUME: I think it's a very big deal. And even if you give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt and accept the idea that not only at the time these remarks were made -- and there's quite a number of them, as you noted -- that he didn't actually physically hear them, it's hard to imagine he didn't hear about them. And they are pretty extreme.

And you also noted the reaction inside the congregation of the church. There were people jumping to their feet to cheer this. This is the atmosphere there where such comments are not only accepted but applauded.

And it's worth noting also, I think, certainly Obama knew what sort of church this is.

Now, I have no doubt that the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago has done many good things. It is clearly a thriving parish with active programs for youth and antidrugs and all sorts of other good things. There's no doubt about that.

On the other hand, for a candidate who would like us all to believe that he is post-racial, this is an interesting institution. For example, this is what it says about itself. "We are an African people and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization."

And it goes on to say this is a congregation with a, quote, "non- negotiable commitment to Africa," not to Chicago, not to Illinois, not to the United States of America, but to Africa.

Now, look. There's nothing wrong with that. And I wouldn't say it's racist. But it is certainly racial.

Now for the slam dunk from Juan and Brit.

WALLACE: Juan, let me get to what I think is the key question, because -- and this is why I think it's different than one of the ministers -- Hagee, who has supported McCain, but they don't have any real connection, and has said some horrible things about the Catholic Church.

Obama's been a member of this church for two decades. He was married there. His children were baptized there. Does it say anything about him that he's a member of this church and he is a member of Reverend Wright's flock?

WILLIAMS: Of course it says something about him. And I think this goes back to what Bill was just saying. He joined this church really to solidify his credentials as authentically black and authentically a part of that South Side Chicago community, because it's the largest church there and Reverend Wright is well known not only in Chicago but nationally.

And he's known for making these outlandish comments. And he falls into a tradition of black ministers who -- you know, they say it's social gospel, or whatever.

But really, what it comes down to is an expression of black nationalism and trying to affirm black folks and say, "You know what? Racism in this country's terrible and it's a burden to be black in America," and all that. But they go beyond the pale at some point, then, and start off with this whole victimization, blaming people, damning the United States. And it goes to the point, then, where I think it becomes sort of -- it picks up and leads to what Michelle Obama said about -- only for the first time has she, this Ivy League-educated prominent American lawyer, proud to be an American because you're having support for her husband.

I think that's wackiness. But yet that's the kind of thing that spirals out of this. And I think it's very key here that, unlike the notion that Barack Obama wants to advance that he didn't -- or wasn't aware of it, I find that unbelievable -- or that this is a crazy uncle speaking out, this is a man who he chose to be associated with.

It's not a family member. He chose to be associated with Reverend Wright and saw advantage in it. And that's why he exploited it up to a point when he realized, especially when he was announcing, that he couldn't have Wright by his side for the announcement in Springfield and now seeks to somehow distance himself.

But it speaks to his character, and it speaks to the judgment which is the basis on which Barack Obama has been running his campaign. So I think it could be a big problem.

WALLACE: Well, wait. I want to follow up on this, because, you know, look. Quite frankly, African Americans see a lot of issues differently than whites.


WALLACE: And sometimes we don't understand. What do you think it says about Obama's character and his judgment?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think that what it says is that Barack Obama, who says he wants to be transracial, that he wants to be the crossover -- I mean, he is the fruit of a generation.

This is the closest black people have ever been to having a president of the United States of America. And suddenly, you see -- wait a second, he's playing games and corners here on the race question.

He's not being straight ahead and saying, "You know what? I stand astride racial polarization." He's saying, "I play racial polarization at one moment to my advantage," Reverent Wright, "the next moment, I will distance myself and disavow Reverend Wright when that's convenient, too."

That is why I say for me, it just strikes -- wait a second. I want to know you. I want to know what you think and who you are. And in this case, I realize I don't.

HUME: I think that's really what the critical question is. We don't really know Barack Obama very well. And what we know of him and what we've seen of him we like, because it's impossible not to. He's extremely engaging, charming, likable. There's nothing about him that reminds you of certain angry politicians of the past. But we don't know that much about him.

And you see in the comments, as Juan pointed out, of his wife -- you see these attitudes toward this country. Now you see them in his minister, who is more than -- Bill, I'm not sure he went to that church for political reasons.

I think that Reverend Wright was deeply and personally a part of Barack Obama's life. And I don't doubt Barack Obama's assertion that he led -- that he, Reverend Wright, led him to Christ. And I think that's wonderful.

But it certainly makes it difficult, it seems to me, for him credibly now to distance himself from this man.

Amen Brit, and it makes it not just difficult, but rather impossible for Obama to distance himself from Wright. Glad you and Juan join me in not falling for the bait and switch to search out DNA evidence of Obama, present at an "America is at fault for 911" homily.

The pew-parked butt answers the questions. Juan Williams has faced these "authentically black" bigots before, when he called out Jesse Jackson on Crossfire in the 90s, defended Clarence Thomas, etc. Shelby Steele speaks of this in his books, as does John McWhorter.

Juan Williams and gamecock will not be diverted to searching the 1000+ sermons Obama sat thru.

See also Obama's FIRST book, for his admissions for why he CHOSE Trinity and Wright. It was precisely because of the hate America message.

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

He named his second book for a Wright sermon for God's sakes!:

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

So as to the efforst to expend too much time playing Barack's game, I say

Objection your honor, asked and answered!

There is no answer Obama can give that can erase the past twenty years.


So let's not help him achieve his goal by playing his game.

He is toast. So butter him, chew him up and spit him out!

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

theorist. Those people should have walked out of that church just on the issue of his using GOD's name in vain alone even if they did agree with his demonification of whites and America

From The NYT April 30, 2007

In “Dreams From My Father,” Mr. Obama described his teary-eyed reaction to the minister’s words. “Inside the thousands of churches across the city, I imagined the stories of ordinary black people merging with the stories of David and Goliath, Moses and Pharaoh, the Christians in the lion’s den, Ezekiel’s field of dry bones,” Mr. Obama wrote. “Those stories — of survival, and freedom, and hope — became our story, my story.”

Mr. Obama was baptized that year, and joining Trinity helped him “embrace the African-American community in a way that was whole and profound,” said Ms. Soetoro, his half sister.

It also helped give him spiritual bona fides and a new assurance. Services at Trinity were a weekly master class in how to move an audience. When Mr. Obama arrived at Harvard Law School later that year, where he fortified himself with recordings of Mr. Wright’s sermons, he was delivering stirring speeches as a student leader in the classic oratorical style of the black church.

Founder and contributor to The Minority Report and Editor for The Hinzsight Report

...I actually wrote about this last night at TMR Barack Agreed With Pastors Sermons

Founder and contributor to The Minority Report and Editor for The Hinzsight Report

when the Nation decides they would rather not have anything to do with him. The coolest thing is that the MSM can't possibly stop it.

"Where is the audacity of hope when it comes to backing the success of our troops all the way to victory in Iraq? What we heard last night was the timidity of despair. - John McCain

When Rev. Wright was ranting his "God d*** America!" litany, there was widespread cheering from the congregation, as I saw in the clip and Hume noted in the quoted excerpt.

If that congregation had been a group of halfway decent Americans (of any colors), the most generous response Wright could have received would be uncomfortable silence. Instead we see that Wright's hate is shared by many if not most of the congregation.

Part of Obama's evasion is that with Wright retiring and a new pastor taking over, Trinity Church's hate issue is history, so now there's no problem with Obama's continued membership in that church. Obama claims that it was his "strong links to the Trinity faith community" that made him decide to stay with the church despite Rev. Wright's outrages. However the "faith community" Obama feels such strong links to is infected with the anti-American hate that makes them applaud Wright's diatribes. Obama has offered nothing to suggest that cancer is being excised from that congregation.

Is this the influence that Obama thinks is healthy for his children? Is there really no other church in Chicago that Obama can find, theologically consistent with his beliefs but without the hate?

Obama speaks of the relationships he has with the congregation. I think those relationships are as damning as his association with Jeremiah!
And look clsoely at these videos. That man patting Jeremiah on his back as he delivers his hate, that is none other than Otis Moss III, the new pastor.
Obama needs to be taken out. Yesterday.

That man patting Jeremiah on his back as he delivers his hate, that is none other than Otis Moss III, the new pastor.

I was wondering who that guy patting him on the back was. Pitiful...

about the man patting the back of Wright. I know the ministers sit up on the pulpit, so was pretty sure that was a minister patting his back. Are you sure it was the new pastor. This wouldn't help Obama's assertions much. Patting the back like that during a message is church talk for "I am totally with what you are saying"

When Rev. Wright declared that on 9/11 "all the chickens came home to roost," he was borrowing from Malcolm X who notoriously used the same words in reaction to the assasination of President Kennedy.


I'm surprised there hasn't been a story about this yet by one of the major networks. There are plenty of folks around who remember what Malcolm X said in 1963.

Malcolm X ultimately recanted a lot of his more incendiary remarks prior to being murdered... I don't think we will see the same change of heart from Rev. Wright.

"No matter how much lipstick you put on the taxation pig, it's still a pig... and it's currently snout-down in your wallet." - Michael Fisk

took over the hate when Malcolm X got on the Love Train, and is implicated in his assassination for just that reason, ie calling out Elijah Mohammed.

Maybe Barack fears for his life at the hands of his pal miniters' (plural) defenders.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

Rush doesn't care if we can place Obama in a pew on a particular day, and warns that it is a drive-by game to rehab Obama.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

I've already detected that Obama won't tell the whole truth all the time (it's impossible to do that and get elected as a Democrat). The NAFTA thing should have been clear evidence for anyone listening, and more pertinent than the revelations of his crackpot pastor.


an elected DC democrat, or national party official, is to be a liar.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

their agenda hidden until they have power. Say it aint so!

Lieing is the only way Liberals can get power. The light of truth flushes out their agenda and they are fully aware they cannot win without lies.

Otherwise, why would they have had to go to the Judicial side to get so many of thier "ideas" supported the past 40 years. They have to go to Judges/Courts because they cannot win at the ballot box.

The truth is that Hillary and Obama both know better than their campaign speeches would suggest. They know we won't leave Iraq anytime soon and that we'd better not back out of NAFTA, to name two examples, but they also know they need the votes of stupid people who have proven their inability to compare their pasrt votes with results.


Having read the About Us the church published on its website up until Barak decided to run for President and the accompanying Black Values that the church adopted in 1982 that was its Statement of Purpose for the last 26 years -- the fact that Barak Obama was a member of this church for 20 years makes him about as fit to be POTUS as say David Duke or any former member of the KKK.

Trent Lott is pillored, forced to resign as majority leader and meant to apologize over and over for saying complementary words to Strom Thurmond at his 100th birthday because in 1948 (when Lott was 7 and too young to vote) Thurmond ran for President as a segregationist.

The credo of this church is about black segregation and separatism. Barak Obama must apologize non-black America and step down for seeking any leadership roll in this country.

Obama is the biggest HYPOCRITE. I would not hire an unrepented criminal to be a cashier and WE should not even consider an unrepented and unredeemed racist, black separatist, and hypocrite to be POTUS.

The links to these items which are even more objectionable than Reverend Wright's sermons are linked on my blog entry -- Senator Obama, Please Answer a Few Questions.

M Penny

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns
"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

with Juan Williams' comments on the situation. What irritates me about Obama and Wright's accusations about racism in this country is that we are the one country that participated in slavery that has tried to right the wrongs of the past! Nothing is ever enough.

"The perfect is the enemy of the good."

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