Back Up The Directors...Express Your Outrage to CNN

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Support the Directors in their call for heads to roll at CNN.

You can use this link to send them an ireport.

Call for the immediate dismissal of thier political director Sam Feist and David Bohrman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate.

This is unacceptable behavior from their staff members, a complete outrage and any company would not tolerate this sort of behavior from their senior staff.


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Why were Democrat activists' questions selected by CNN for the Republican YouTube debate? A 10 second Google search would have avoided most of this. Then again, with CNN there probably aren't 2 conservatives there to run these question by to see if they would have been helpful to REPUBLICAN undecided voters (like myself) with issues important to US. You billed this debate as something that would be helpful for Republicans to get answers to questions that are important to Republican primary voters - you lied.

First, Grow up. Second, you can apologize to the candidates and to Republicans. Third, fire political director Sam Feist and David Bohrman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate. Fourth, how about selecting some Republicans to ask the questions. Hop on over to and see that plenty of us could have asked more intelligent, hard-hitting questions. We actually want to know - not take cheap shots like what happened last night.

You guys Rather screwed up, what will you do now?

Two thirds of the world is covered by water,
the other third is covered by Champ Bailey.

"You guys Rather screwed up, what will you do now?"

Am I the only one who sees significance in the capitalized R in "Rather"?

-- Wingzfan99 --

at all, Wingzfan, not at all. Quite appropriate, as a matter of fact.

'cuz I'm clever like that!
Two thirds of the world is covered by water,
the other third is covered by Champ Bailey.

"So far, seven of the questioners used on your "debate" have been identified as operatives of Democrat candidates or connected to Democrat campaigns. They were all identified at the time as just average voters, interested in finding out what the Republican candidates thought. At least one of the "test subjects," all identified as "undecided Republican voters," was already a John Edwards supporter, contrary to her avowed change of mind during the program.

It's time for CNN, "The Most Trusted..." to show some responsibility and reprimand or fire the people responsible for this broadcast, which was billed as a news event, but which was in fact an opportunity for Democrats to insert themselves into the Republican dialogue."

The burritos were ready by that time, so I had to stop.

We're at fault for submitting to these ridiculous forums on networks that are heavily biased against us from the start. Remember the Christ Matthews "debate"? Our guys should have seen this coming, and consented to a different format and/or network. At least CNN propped up Huckabee.

"I am very disappointed in CNN's managing of the Republican debate. Hosting an event that is such a vital part of our democracy should have been an honor, but your network has chosen to tarnish it giving political operatives from an opposing party (such as Keith Kerr) a soapbox to attack them. The fact that this could have been avoided by using a minimal amount of fact checking makes it all the worse."

Evil prevails only when good men do nothing.

CNN. The Most BUSTED name in news.

Brad Marston
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I sent a message on I-Report and again on their contact page for the TV channel to report errors in reporting. I doubt it will matter.

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I don't think they can honestly discern what makes a question helpful to Republicans. I don't think they have any experience or motivation to learn more. I think they chose the questions they liked (or more nefariously selected clear Dem. activists) I think they think they are fair and that PLANTed questions are only wrong when it's not them, such as a government agency. (At which time they will fill hours of airtime with replays and condemnation.)

However, I think to explain it to them is not a waste of time. Even if they scratch their heads at what we (undecided Republicans) think are good questions, they can probably count with accuracy, and will see the number of people who care that they don't know...and don't care.

Saddam to Eason Jordan doing deals with Saddam---they have the ethos of a blinged-up pimp in the 'hood!

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