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“Dr. Biscet, you are an inspiration to the world. You are not alone in your struggle. The prayers of the freedom-loving world are with you.”

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is a truly worthy recipient of the 2007 Presidential Medal of Freedom. President Bush should be commended for honoring this gentleman with our nation's highest civilian award and for their unwavering commitment to the Cuban people.

For over two decades, Dr. Biscet has sacrificed his life in the pursuit of dignity and freedom for his fellow Cubans. Sadly, Dr. Biscet will not be present to receive his award at the White House because the regime knows he is a danger to its existence. Like so many other Cubans, Biscet has been confined to Cuba's tropical gulags as a prisoner of conscience. He is one of hundreds of political prisoners in Cuba today. This award is as much a tribute to him as it is to the thousands of Cubans who have shared his fate.

Dr. Biscet is a respected leader for an increasing number of Cubans who have demanded the unconditional freedom to elect their leaders and express their beliefs. He has also stirred the ire of Havana's despots by challenging the regime's policy of coercing abortions. His courageous nonviolent campaign of civil disobedience has made him the victim of torment and torture at the hands of these cruel tyrants. It is clear that Dr. Biscet is not a threat to the Cuban people; he only poses a threat to the injustice that pervades on the island.

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Biscet's example has earned him the respect of friends of freedom everywhere and, more importantly, has called the Cuban people to action against their unacceptable condition. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi and John Adams before him, Dr. Biscet is a descendant of those who have been fighting the centuries-old struggle for freedom. His ideals are so universal and powerful that this regime has failed in wiping them off its land.

Biscet reminds us of the hope and courage that prevails among the Cuban people, despite the regime's best efforts to cripple them. It is hope and courage that we see in the students who ask for "CAMBIO" in the face of government-organized mobs, as well as the Ladies in White who march and pray for the liberation of their incarcerated husbands. Hope lives on in the prison cells of political prisoners like Biscet who, through their loved ones, continue to speak to the world about the ideals and values that must prevail in the face of one of the harshest climates freedom has ever known. On a map, Cuba is just 90 miles from America's shores. But never have we been as close as we are now to having a free Cuba on our doorstep. Coupled with international support, efforts like these are creating the groundswell for change that even the regime cannot stop.

Every American should be proud that the Presidential Medal of Freedom is being awarded to Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. It should also serve as a reminder of the moral responsibility the next President of the United States has to keep the spotlight on the regime's abuses, maintain pressure on it to grant its people freedom, and ultimately support the Cuban people when they finally have the opportunity to shape their country's future. As President, I would be honored to welcome these Cuban patriots to the people's house in Washington. In the meantime, we must praise their work and remain faithful to their cause.

As our nation honors Dr. Biscet, I send my own message to him. Dr. Biscet, you are an inspiration to the world. You are not alone in your struggle. The prayers of the freedom-loving world are with you. You represent the best of the Cuban people. You remind us of the many who have sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of freedom. The annals of history will reserve a special place for you and only infamy for the despots that understand you are a witness to their atrocities. The future of Cuba is bright because of you and those you have inspired.

It's especially poignant that you've commented on this, Governor Romney, because I know from personal experience how little so many people in liberal academia currently think of the Cuban population in Florida. To put it bluntly, they have waited with baited breath for them to die out and stop talking. Their fondest wish is for them to stop talking, to stop fighting for true freedom in Cuba, to quit insisting on an end to Castro's regime. Surprisingly this is not the view of people one would normally consider to be on the far left of the spectrum: it's the consensus view of a lot of academics bestowing degrees on law students in Chicago.

I was in the Spin Room at St. Anselm in New Hampshire and I promised to ask this question again, because it has never been answered to my satisfaction, or to the satisfaction of the folks who asked me to ask it:

"What did you mean in the last debate when you talked about your support for an Assault Weapons Ban?"

I asked that question in New Hampshire and I'm still asking it now, and I hope that you'll clarify your stance on the 2nd Amendment and the Assault Weapons Ban and give your supporters, many of whom are NRA members (as I am) a little more to go on. I know that you attended the SHOT convention and that you have touched briefly on 2nd Amendment rights throughout your campaign, but that question still looms, unanswered. I for one would still appreciate a cogent answer.

Remember that this is yet another one of his miraculous conversions. He remembered that he shot some vermin back in Utah when he was a teenager and suddenly all of his Liberal views melted away.

Romney's in line with Reagan and Bush on the Assault Weapons Ban. He always has been consistent there (i.e. keeping ultra-dangerous mass-murder-like automatic weapons or worse out of the US populus). He's had no "miraculous conversion" though. His rhetoric has altered slightly, but there hasn't been a shift in position. Even holding these positions he got a B rating from the NRA as a governor (NOT BAD FOR MASS!!!).

The NRA is not opposed to a Romney presidency, and you risk marginalizing yourself if you oppose him on these contrived grounds.

Jeff Fuller
See my disclaimer of Romney Support at my blogsite line above (essentially I'm an unpaid grassroots supporter/blogger).

You don't need to own a gun to be a member of the NRA. I don't. I will soon, but I've been a member of the NRA twice now in my life (there was an interregnum of about 20 years) without personally owning a firearm, and during which time no immediate member of my family owned one.

In the earlier period, I was a member because of my participation in my high school rifle team. It meant I carried the card, basically -- in three years on the team I talked very little about the NRA. I rejoined last year because I know that the NRA is the single best organization in the United States when it comes to supporting 2nd amendment rights at all levels of government, and because it's also one of the best-run organizations of its kind in the country. I know that the NRA uses my $35 a year productively, probably more productively than any other place I could put it for the same purpose.

Every time I write one of these posts I say the same thing: even if you don't own a firearm and don't intend to in the near future, you should consider joining the NRA if you have any interest whatsoever in being *able* to do so at any time in the future. It's the best $35/year to protect an important part of the Constitution that you'll ever spend. And you might make some new friends, as I have.

The Red Sox Republican: Burkeanism, Baseball, and Sundries.

This is one more reason it is so important to elect a Republican. Only a Republican will seek the kind of change that will bring true democracy and freedom to Cuba in a post Castro era.

Hilary and Obama will be more than happy to appease Raul and his cronies and accept some phony "reform" which will not change a thing.

This is yet another example of the MSM not highlighting a hero because his views run against the Democratic establishment.

Thank you for informing me Gov. Romney!

Jeff Fuller
See my disclaimer of Romney Support at my blogsite line above (essentially I'm an unpaid grassroots supporter/blogger).

Yet the MSM is more than happy to write about the terrible hardships terrorists and killers face in Guantanamo, and their noble hunger strikes.

Thanks for posting Gov Romney. You are an impressive candidate. One thing I read and post on is if you go off script a little more you will pick up much more support. Kudos to you for running a great organization and being prepared. Keep in mind sometimes it makes you come across as "too polished". We need a street fighter to combat the whacko left and keep the biased drive by media in check on a DAILY basis.

President Bush's NewTone, taking the "high road" has hurt him (and Republican party) tremendously by allowing the whacko left to gain credibility by growing unchallenged.

We want to see "ROMNEY UNPLUGGED!" or "ROMNEY RAW!"

Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me. Washington Elected Elite

I happen to like professionalism. I understand those who like the raw image, and even those who don't like professionalism or polish because it makes the candidate seem less accessible on a personal level (or "fake," as the critics say).

However, I don't like the idea of a studiously "raw" candidate. A candidate who acts raw for image reasons just adds another level of removal from the real person.

In other words, please don't go seeking out a red pick-up truck.

As for a fighter, I don't want a street fighter, either. I want a leader, a general. Someone who knows when to launch a fierce attack, which area we must hold, and even when to retreat from one area to confound the enemy when we double our forces in another. From what I've seen so far, I like Romney for this.

Awhile back I wrote a blog here at RS that was critical of you concerning Cuba. You had spoken in south Florida, and in spanish you quoted Fidel Castro.
At the time I thought you did not understand Cuba very well or simply had a position about Cuba that I disagreed with. Reading this blog makes me realize that I have misjudged you. You understand the situation, and this posting here at RS has convinced me of this.

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For they passed a noble law,
And the trees are all kept equal
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