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Posted at 8:12pm on May 29, 2008 MSNBC's Veepstakes


For all of you who loved CQ’s VP Madness, MSNBC has the Veepstakes. Same March Madness format. You can choose your brackets here,

My choices from the left column on down:

Pawlenty vs. Alexander: Pawlenty—home state bias.
9iu11ani vs. Huntsman: Huntsman. Just say no to Rudy.
Lieberman vs. Graham: Lieberman. Graham doesn’t do anything.
Barbour vs. Cox: Cox. Young, not a good SEC commissioner but better than Barbour.

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Posted at 9:00pm on May 20, 2008 VP Madness: The Final!


Well, this is it, the final. For those who want to vote in CQ's VP madness, you can vote here,

Huckabee vs. Palin: Palin. With the news of Geraldine Ferraro pondering a vote for McCain, Redstaters are probably all too aware that the feminist left in the Democratic Party is mad. The GOP's margin for error in 08 is substantially less. While Palin does have some drawbacks, picking an intelligent, assiduous female can go a long way to victory in Nov. Maybe not Palin, but McCain should look at every potential female VP possibility. The latest SUSA poll for NC has Clinton beating McCain but McCain beating Snobama. This divergent result is based on a 20 point swing with female voters.

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Posted at 6:12pm on May 17, 2008 VP Madness: Final Four!


For all those who have been following CQ's VP Madness, the Final Four contenders now need your vote. You can vote here,

Huckabee vs. Pawlenty: Pawlenty. I obviously have a home state bias. I don't know if Pawlenty can deliver MN. It's been trending more liberal b/c of the war. Our state house and senate are almost veto-proof DFL. But Pawlenty has saved the good citizens of MN from tons of taxes and asinine laws/regulations. Maybe he can make a difference in WI/IA. There was a post about the WI GOP convention where Pawlenty is the headline speaker. Huckabee has his usual problems with Mormons and econ conservatives. I was shocked that Huckabee defeated Sanford by the margin he did. I was also surprised by his joke at the NRA convention. He's usually an excellent extemporaneous speaker. He was just a little too fast in putting together a Snobama joke.

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Posted at 8:04pm on May 13, 2008 VP Madness: Elite Eight


The third round of VP madness is open:

My picks:

1. Huckabee vs. Sanford: Sanford. A true southern rumble. I genuinely like Huck; he’s a superb speaker. But I think Sanford is betting on fiscal issues and won’t alienate the Mormons.
2. Pawlenty vs. Hutchison: Pawlenty. Home state bias. Hutchison really shouldn’t have gotten this far. She won't appeal to indies, is pro-abortion and TX is in the bag. Chris Cox and Donald Carcieri should have been included in this competition—at least over Jeb Bush and Chuck Hagel.

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Posted at 3:02pm on May 11, 2008 Sarah Palin and VP Madness


The AP has a good article about Sarah Palin. You can read it here.

I wanted to bring this to the attention of redstaters who might feel that Sarah cannot be a VP choice because she recently gave birth. As the article says, Sarah was already back at work a few days after giving birth. Just like Cathy McMorris (R-WA), Sarah proves that new mothers can take care of their young kids while pursuing a career.

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Posted at 6:38pm on May 7, 2008 VP Madness Sweet Sixteen


CQ’s VP Madness has entered the sweet sixteen. You can see the results from the Round of 32 and vote for your favorites at:

Here are my picks for the sweet sixteen:

Huckabee vs. Rice: Huckabee. While he’s not very good on fiscal issues, he’s leaps and bounds better than Rice. Rice is socially liberal and didn’t do a very good job as SoS. Plus, the last thing McCain needs is to be tied to W and run for his third term.

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Posted at 2:01pm on May 4, 2008 VP Madness


For all those addicted to March madness, Congressional Quarterly now has brackets for John McCain's possible vp pick. Should be interesting to see who comes out on top.



Based on the comments below, I’ve expanded my post. Here are my choices:

Rice vs. Hagel: Both are bad choices but I selected Hagel (at least he’s conservative). The last thing McCain needs is to be too closely linked to the Bush admin.

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