Darth Vadar...dream killer in a "hybrid office"....HEH!

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My, my, my, It appears that our esteemed Vice President Dick Cheney (Darth Vadar) has finally killed the dreams of ankle biter Henry Waxman and the fleas that follow him....netroots.

That's right, as is their (Democrats) style Waxman has admitted defeat in his fishing expedition of the Vice President's records...well he had to a judge said so..heh. It would appear that not only is Cheney NOT the first to say his office is a hybrid you can actually go back to JFK and see it's nothing new.....thats right JFK a Democrat.

"To find precedents for their position, Cheney staffers have sometimes reached back to arguments made by prior administrations. For example, one such staff letter to OGE cites an opinion given by President John F. Kennedy’s Justice Department in 1961 that states: “the Vice President belongs neither to the Executive nor to the Legislative Branch but is attached by the Constitution to the latter.”

Joel Goldstein, a constitutional law professor at St. Louis University, said that opinion would provide technical support that Cheney’s office was a “hybrid office,” but history since then indicates otherwise.

“This seems to be arguing form over substance. And it’s not even clear that the form is that strong,” said Goldstein, who has studied the vice presidency extensively. "


I love the part about form over substance because the Democrats in Congress have been nothing if not empty on substance in trying to take down a Presidency for the last 6.5 years, literally within months of 9-11....I use the term ankle biters but I really mean seditious knee biters....these long and torturous years of attack after baseless attack against this administration has steeled my resolve that when and where a Democrat can be defeated it must be done for the sanctity of the United States.

Vice President Cheney well played sir, well played. Go on into your retirement in January and have a hearty laugh sir at the idiots who used emotion instead of reason and made clowns of themselves.....I sir will be laughing with you!

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