Erick Erickson: One of "the Five Atlanta Bloggers who Matter"

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Creative Loafing, an alternative Atlanta magazine, has a great write-up on the "Five Local Bloggers [and blogs] who Matter." One of these five bloggers is Erick Erickson, Managing Editor here, and one of those blogs is Peach Pundit, a great, bipartisan site for Georgia politics of which he is the grand poobah (and one for which Clayton and I are administrators, as well).

From the article:

Why we love it: If Doug Monroe's Peachtree Screed is Atlanta's liberal Drudge Report, then Peach Pundit is Georgia's conservative ESPN. Every day its (growing) crew of 17 bloggers dishes up the inside-baseball-style dirt of the state's politics, from state congressional races to small-town political scoop. Peach Pundit is what the state's political power brokers read to find out what the state's other political power brokers are up to.

Read on . . .

Blogger profile: Why did you quit being a lawyer to become a blogger?

"That's the question I get asked the most," says Peach Pundit's principal poobah, Erick Erickson. In 2005, he quit his job at Macon's prestigious Sell & Melton law firm and became a full-time blogger.

"It scared my wife," Erickson says. "She was a month away from giving birth when I told her I was gonna do it. Fortunately, it didn't induce labor."

He says he actually makes more money as a blogger than he did as a lawyer. "Lawyers in Macon don't make a heck of a lot," he explains.

Peach Pundit is not Erickson's paycheck. He's senior editor of the national conservative political blog, described by some as Daily Kos for Republicans. Erickson started RedState in 2004 before selling it to Eagle Publishing, best known for publishing the books of Ann Coulter.

In retrospect, Erickson's decision to blog full-time seems obvious. "As a lawyer, I was doing a lot of political consulting and writing," he says. "Blogging was getting me some attention, so I decided to try it full-time"

Despite its conservative pedigree, Peach Pundit has fans of all political stripes, because reading it is like being plugged into the Gold Dome. Literally.

"I see legislators fighting it out on the blog sometimes," Erickson says, explaining that even though they don't always use their real names, he knows who they are because of the e-mail addresses they use when they comment.

The rivalry between House Speaker Glenn Richardson and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, two early favorites in the race to succeed second-term Gov. Sonny Perdue, is an ongoing soap opera on Peach Pundit.

And some of the conservative Peach Punditocracy's disgust with Sonny Perdue is almost as bad as what you find on liberal websites. At this month's state GOP convention, Peach Pundit encouraged convention-goers to walk out during Perdue's speech.

As someone who successfully transitioned from attorney to full-time blogger without actually sacrificing income, Erickson is already something of an overachiever in the local blogosphere. This month, he decided to push himself a little further by declaring his candidacy for Macon's City Council.

How does he assess his chances? "I'm running unopposed in a district that votes Republican," he says.

He doesn't expect City Council to interfere with his blogging. "They have Wi-Fi at City Hall," he laughs.

Some kind words from CL's Andisheh Nouraee. Kudos to Erick for the well-deserved recognition; you are an inspiration to us all! (Especially those of us who are in Atlanta and *don't* matter ;-)

(Oh, and if you'd like to contribute to his City Council campaign - and you know you want to - then click here).

We are all heroes, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

...whose face isn't covered.

Worship the Mac! Worship it! ;-)

GMAB by bk

Eagle Publishing, best known for publishing the books of Ann Coulter.

What the ...?

...that their usual readers would disapprove of. Shows that they haven't been corrupted by GOP cooties. As is, bets that 95% of the unfavorable emails on that piece were about writing anything about a conservative blogger that didn't have the phrase 'blood-drench slave of the Satano-fascist oppressors' anywhere in the text.

I'm not knocking the Creative Loafing guys in this, by the way. Just part of the limitations of the genre.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

...does all kinds of political publishing. Eagle is where she started, though, and she's still *officially* on staff as "Legal Correspondent."

"best known for publishing Human Events and books by conservative authors" or something to that effect it would have been much more accurate it seems to me.

...more folks do you think have heard of Coulter than have heard of Human Events? I'd put it at 100 to 1 at least.

Inquiring minds want to know! :>)

He is Il Duce, the Maximum Leader, El Presidente, and Generalissimo, all rolled into one ;-)

for those lefty trolls! They salivate over power, you know.

Plan your trajectory carefully :-)

Romney or Fred.

HAHAHAHA. I don't think so.

That alone should frighten you into not running. Then again, she's been suggesting Clayton for President in '08, so make of that what you will.

We are all heroes, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

Think of the siren on Drudge. Imagine all the towel jokes.

You HAVE to run for President.

Run like Reagan!

But out of interest--is that Danny Aiello on the monitor?

Where did you get your JD from?

If pointing out everyone one of Demophilius's aliases earned a cold one, this whole site would be drunk all the time. -Hoyasaxa

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