Why I Am Endorsing Sen. John McCain

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Why I Am Endorsing Sen. John McCain

Since the fall of 2006, I have served on Sen. Sam Brownback’s national steering committee for his presidential campaign. Sam is a good man and I was saddened by the news of his departure from the race. His consistent voice honoring life and highlighting the need to restore the family will be missed from the presidential dialogue. He reflects what’s important to me and many conservatives.

I have thought about each of the Republican candidates and examined their strengths and weaknesses. Each brings something unique and on many points, we agree. And each has policy positions which do not completely align with my own. After careful consideration and following the developments of each of the candidates, I have decided to wholeheartedly endorse Sen. John McCain.

Pragmatically, two recent polls (Fox News and News/Opinion Dynamic Poll) show that Sen. McCain is best positioned to defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton in the general election. Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are 12 points behind Hillary.

But true Republicans are deeper than mere pragmatism. My reasons of principle fall into two categories. The first is that of ongoing issues and principles and consist of what are usually thought of as core positions in Republican platform. I have examined several years worth of comments and articles on Sen. McCain’s position on abortion. He is a consistent opponent of abortion. While some other Republican candidates, like Mayor Giuliani, are pro-choice or, like Gov. Romney, have only recently become opponents of abortion, Sen. McCain’s record is clear, consistent, and lengthy.

Sen. McCain also defends marriage. He serves on a committee in Arizona which focuses on defining marriage as it has always been defined: occurring between one man and one woman.

The second category of reasons for supporting Sen. McCain is more focused on the unique situation in which our nation currently finds itself. Wise organizations of every size and shape know that it is important to pay careful attention to the challenges they face when searching for new leadership. People with particular skills and experience are brought into specific situations because they are best positioned to lead through a crisis. There really is a phenomenon of “for such a time as this.”

I believe that Sen. McCain is the leader for such a time as this. The next political leader of the United States must have vast global experience. He or she will be a war president and a deep and personal understanding of the military will be vital to the interests of the United States. The next president must have first-hand knowledge of friends and foes alike around the globe. Knowing the name of the Canadian prime minister or having vacationed in Europe is not enough. Holding a position as a business executive is not enough. On-the-job training is simply too precarious in a complex and dangerous world.

John McCain’s military service to our nation is beyond reproach. His understanding of the complexities of the global political and military challenges is unparalleled in either party. He was right when he called for additional troops at the beginning of the Iraq war and he is right in his unswerving support for winning the Iraq war. Neither position was popular, but Sen. McCain has demonstrated courage, experience, and prudence by calling for what is both right and necessary. His statement that he would rather win the war than the presidency speaks volumes about his heart and soul.

Equally important, the economy of the United States faces enormous challenges from globalization. The easy answer is isolationism – build the walls around the United States high and thick. The Democrats and, unfortunately, some Republicans are adopting the failed strategy of isolationism, hoping to gain political points. But economical isolation has never worked and it will not work now.

We can attempt to isolate ourselves from the world or we can engage and compete in the world. As Sen. McCain clearly demonstrated at the presidential debate in Michigan, he stands with those who see opportunity where others see a reason to hide. Saying such things in Dearborn, Michigan takes guts and, again, Sen. McCain demonstrated that his love for our nation comes before his concern about his political career.

For courage, for wisdom, for experience, there really is only one choice: Sen. John McCain.

Rev. Jerry Zandstra, PhD

Very well articulated argument. I'm still undecided, but that's definitely a good case for McCain.

McCain sounds like a sane Candidate.

However I sure hope McCain will put the interests of the United
States of America first, instead of covertly aiding the
interests of Israel in the Middle East (i.e. Iraq/Iran).

The Neo-Con part of the GOP sadly enough has done nothing else
but aiding and putting the interests of Israel first. To such an
extend that the enormous costs of the U.S. Military in Iraq has put
America into deep debt. This has got to stop.

CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

You want we should think you're some kind of meshugena? Enough already with this neocon kvetching. The Pile for you, if it comes again.

Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're dead.

I want him. We have CFR meeting coming up and the Rabbi usually offers a goat for sacrifice for the sins of The NeoCons. It would be much better to offer this dude. We could probably skip the cleansing ritual for months...
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

Do I care enough to reverse?



The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

due to immigration, age, and temperment (I believe that we'll see some "You Tube" momemnts from him that will hurt in the genreal).

I would clearly vote for him in the general without any hesitation.


Read my most recent story, "The GOP race: My 1st runner up -- Mitt Romney" on First Cut Politics

to throw her tantrums (and light fixtures etc.) when there are no cameras around. Won't that be the height of irony if we have Hillary branding McCain as being too hot-headed?

... and temperment (I believe that we'll see some "You Tube" momemnts from him that will hurt in the genreal).

...that an endorsement of John McCain would hit the top of the Recommended list. But there it is. And it's a good blog entry...let's see if it survives the vetting of some of our more vocal anti-McCain colleagues here.

The more I think about it, the more McCain sounds like a reasonable candidate. But until he recants his CIR standing, I just cannot actively support him.

“I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels” - John Calvin

(not relevant) Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are 12 points behind Hillary. ... If you go early polls, Al Gore is president.

McCain Fiengold is the major reason I will never vote for McCain. I can not tolerate an attack on freedom of speech no matter how you sugar coat it.

Also his immagration stance is a problem. I find it funny how those who think Romney is a flip flopper don't see McCain flip flopping on immagration.

how can you even argue that he has flipped on Immigration? His plan failed, he recognized this and realizes that the first step needs to be securing the borders. He still supports CIR and a guest worker program.

Just thought I would note Senator McCain support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, it is too bad to see someone who is so pro-life supporting funding for this kind of research instead McCain should focus on Adult Stem Cell Research funding,something that has actually worked.

Rev. Zandstra- I too supported Sam Brownback, now support Governor Huckabee, I gave thought to McCain but couldn't get over the fact he supports increased federal funding of embryonic stem cells.

John McCain has a long history of abandoning conservatives positions and ideas to pander to the left. I can't bear the thought of having another Republican President who thinks it is ok to shaft the base.

I believe he shares a terrible position on Carbon Emmisions with Mike Huckabee. Despite the very dubious science in support of human caused global warming and the incredibly dubious science suggesting that any actions we might take will have any significant effect on the environmental outcome, he is willing to pander to the left with an idea that could do grave damage to our economy and yield no benefit.

Couple that with McCain-Feingold and his position on immigration and conservatives should just say "No".

The Democratic Congress is intent on getting some form of climate legislation passed. Why? Because they're true believers in the cult of the "Goracle" (exalt his name).

McCain's proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions is the most cost-effective. With all of the other policy proposals on the table, his is a moderate approach.

If we're going to get stuck with some form of legislation on this issue, I'd rather have a market-based approach (cap & trade) than another government pilfering scheme (carbon tax).

Blogging at Blogs4McCain.com

Yea by zuiko

Instead of a government pilfering scheme, you'll have a private industry pilfering scheme. Government will still be in control (that's what the "cap" part is about) and consumers will still pay the price for this garbage. Big improvement.
Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. - Milton Friedman

Now we donta mind if you guys wanna group arounda someone elsa danna Rudy. But he betta win or ya a gonna get awhacked by da Clinton gang! Tell me abouta dis McCain guy

Support Family Values!

I live in Chandler and I can tell you that McCain will not be good for America. He wants to give the illegal aliens in our country amnesty. I know many of you are not living in a border state and don't care too much about illegal immigration but here in Arizona we are faced with the scourge every day.
A recent statistic from the local media shows that just over 80% of the police officer shootings in Arizona this year were caused by illegal aliens.

Dr Zandstra,
How can you support someone who wants to give law breakers amnesty - along with giving them social services and allowing them to cheat those who are trying to get into America the legal way?

Are those the kinds of characteristics that you support in our next president?

Thanks for your support for Senator McCain.

McCain is one of the only politicians that may actually have integrity. I'm tempted to support him just for that reason. However, his policy positions aren't really that great. He opposes abortion? Well, the only thing he can do about that is nominate constructionist judges, and I think most of the GOP candidates would do that. He doesn't like gay marriage? It's irrelevant. Marriage is regulated by the states and I don't think this is an issue that warrants a constitutional amendment. Even with an amendment, the Federal government could really only regulate the word "marriage," not work benefits, civil unions, etc.


I'm saddened by so many people who won't vote for McCain (or any other candidate) because of a single hot-button issue. None of us will get a candidate we agree with on all issues. I think we all need to take a step backwards from single issues and look at what we need most importantly today. I know we need to fix immigration. I know we have social issues, tax issues, medical issues, and all the rest. But I cannot imagine ANY other candidate capable of facing down Putin, Iran, Korea, and a world filled with crackpots, dictators, and terrorists. Who do you want to be Commander in Chief? A lawyer? A minister? A professional politician? Hillary? None of them seem believable to me--except McCain. He would make an excellent Commander-in-Chief; and that's what we need most right now.

McCain has the wisdom to win. He has experience, he has endured the worst man can do yet walks in peace and forgiveness. He has chosen the high road to be a friend to his opponents. He is pro-life enough to have adopted a child, to overcome evil with good. Now is his time.

McCain-Feingold...I don't think anyone will argue there is too little money in politics...unless you are McCain't Finance Chair...and I doubt that anyone here is writing $50,000 checks to the RNC.

CIR?...we are never going to deport 20 million people.

That being said...my two hot button issues are Radical Islamic Terrorism and pork-barrel spending.

That is why I support John McCain...If he doesn't make it to the general I will vote for the Republican nominee...but I support, donate to and volunteer for John McCain.
Brad Marston
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