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What will Fred do? That's the big question around the Fredosphere on this day following the South Carolina GOP primary.

Many are calling for him to stay in the race. After all, Fred's third place finish beat out Mitt Romney, who had invested considerable time and millions of dollars in SC. Rudy's not getting out, and Fred has finished higher than America's Mayor in five of the six primaries that Republicans have contested so far.

Some have even mapped out strategies for him - skip Florida and concentrate on the Southern states that will figure so prominently in Super Tuesday. Hold out for a brokered convention.

Still others are saying that as the only conservative left in the race, Thompson must stay in to represent conservative principles. Pardon my skepticism, but the Republican Party doesn't seem to be concerned much with conservative principles this election cycle.

In fact, the Republican party has been consistently giving moderates the gold mine and conservatives the shaft ever since the day Ronald Reagan packed his bags and left the White House to return to his beloved California ranch.

Im my opinion, the GOP has turned its back on conservatives too many times, and now it's time for conservatives to turn their backs to it. This was done on a relatively small scale in 2006, and the Democrats took both houses of Congress away from the Republicans. That was a warning shot fired across the bow of the U.S.S. RNC, and it went largely unheeded. Perhaps they need a less subtle message.

I don't know if conservatives will ever be able to regain control of the Republican party again without it having to be taken apart and put back together, but I somewhat doubt it. Maybe with the Clintons back in the White House the Grand Old Party will learn once again to embrace the conservative principles which made it a winner in the Reagan years - maybe not.

Some would like to see Sen. Thompson remain in the race to keep Mike Huckabee from getting the nomination. Although Fred has performed a valuable service to his country by pointing out that The Huckster isn't exactly what he appears to be, now the race is moving on to more states where the other guy from Hope can't depend on identity politics to keep pulling in big vote totals.

So, what will Fred thompson do? The only thing we can be sure of right now is that he will do what he thinks is right. He cannot carry the conservative burden for a party that won't even give him water. He didn't get in the race to stop any one particular rival candidate. Sen. Thompson got in the race because he was concerned about the kind of country that his children and grandchildren would have to grow up in. He was concerned that none of the GOP canidates were talking about federalism or entitlements or some of the other issues that were on his mind.

But things have changed. The other Republican candidates have adopted many of Fred's issues and made them part of their own campaigns. This is a good thing if they do more than just pay lip service to these issues and the first principles which are their foundation. I'm certain that one thing that is weighing heavily on Fred's decision is just how much can he depend on these big-government Republicans to hold true to Fred's own principles after which one of them is given the nomination. Perhaps his friend John McCain can convince him. Perhaps even Mitt Romney, who doesn't have a history of being consistent on the issues, can persuade FDT that he has seen the light and will faithfully be guided by it. It's up to them to make the sale to Fred.

Whatever Fred decides to do, I'm supporting him. If he stays in, I'll continue to blog for him, defend him and talk him up. If he decides to return to the good life, surrounded by the family he so adores, how could I blame him? He worked hard for that good life, and the Lord knows he deserves to be able to enjoy it. He certainly received shabby treatment from the party that he's tried so hard to save from itself.

So I don't know what Fred will do. But I do know what I will do. I'm a conservative, not a Republican. I gave that particular political party up when it took a sharp left turn and left me behind in 2006. So I'll go to the polls, vote in the GOP primary (my state allows it) and in the general election, and if his name isn't on the ballot either time, I'll write it in for president. I'll also write in Duncan Hunter's name for vice president for good measure. Then I'll sleep well that night knowing that I voted my convictions.

- JP

The party most certainly DID NOT get the message after the 2006 mid-terms. If they had, leadership like McConnel would not be encouraging the president to let the 10,000 earmarks ride.

They just don't get it. And as long as we keep "compromising" with right-of-center moderates like McCain, they never will.

The "politicians" in Washington have their heads so far up the butts it's not funny. When you tell the people that put you in office to go to hell (John Mccain) and keep bringing up amnesty then you'll never get it.

With all do respect, the label of conservative does not belong to Fred alone. I Find Romney just as conservative as Fred with better management/political skills. But you may not agree with that, and thats fine.

But those who think Fred is the only conservative is a only a subset of those who consider themselves Reagan conservatives.

IF Fred bows out, I'm with Mitt. He is saying all the same things as Fred (except for his socialist rants in Michigan.) But, I'm still a little nervous, because it wasn't long ago that Gov. Romney said very different things about very different positions.

But, I think he's the best we have left.

I don't know what Mitt is - conservative, moderate or just opportunistic. He's taken both sides of so many issues that it's hard to tell. His campaign has been forced to "clarify" so many of his missstatements that it boggles the mind.

If he's the GOP nominee this time, the Dems will shred him on his serial flip-flopping. That's what we did to John Kerry in '04, and Mitt has been much more of a flopper than even Kerry. The Dems figure they have payback coming, and they will take it out of Romney's hide.

I agree except for the fact that even though we may get a rino, I do not think we can stand 4 years of socialist rule, especially with the war and judges, among other issues out there.

We all need to work togther one by one to fix this party from the bottom up no matter how long that takes. We can also support the best Conservative candidates in elections whether they are in our state or not.

"What would Reagan do?"

I saw what he did for Ford in 1976.....NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who was put in a position WAY above his pay grade. I say that as a GRF supporter, a Michiganian who has frequented the Gerald R Ford Museum. Don't blame Ronald Reagan

Considering where the good doctor's head was, when practicing medicine, is it any wonder that the man has issues?

If I were Fred I'd stay in. There is no way in "hades" Fredheads would support McFlap with Thompson endorsement. I'd ride this to a broker convention. Think about it:

New Hamphsire- Open Primary
Michigan-Open Primary
SC-Open Primary

Only REPUBLICANS will be delegates at the convention. This would be his greatest chance at getting the nomination. Conservatives will stay home in November if Mcflap get's the nomination. Ask George HW Bush about. He pissed conservatives when he raised taxes and put Souther on the bench. Ask the Republicans that got their butts handed to them for spending in 2006.

If Thompson wants to do whats best for his children he'd stay in until the end. We'll continue sedning money so he can make it to the end. That put's a fire in my belly.

Continue to make huge conservative talking points in each debate, continue to take votes away from Huckleberry and Romney and score big points against McCain in the Debates. This fight is for the heart and soul of the Republican Party....Huckleberry & Rudy will drop out before Super Tuesday, Mitt & Fred will be the only two ways to stop McCain...

Fred will be a kingmaker by Convention-time...

I continue to stand with Fred. I have read a few blogs that say Fred would need a miracle to win after coming in third in S.C. well, I believe in miracles!

I have to question why news media outlets have not put up a poll asking if Rudy G. should quit the race! He has fewer delegates than Fred Thompson and has been very weak in every state so far yet they do not put up a poll asking him to quit!

I will continue to write letters to the editor for Fred and stand with him. We need to keep on pushing through. I hope all of you who consider yourselves to be Christians will spend some time tonight on your knees praying for this country and praying for Fred to make the right decision! I am sure Fred will spend time with his family this weekend and spend a little time in prayer himself before he comes back to speak to all of us on his decision for the future of his political race.
Fred didn't get into the Presidential race to give up and quit this soon and I think he still has a good chance to come out on top. I will accept nothing short of a comment from Fred himself on the subject.

The greatest single cause of Atheism today is Christians who profess Jesus with their lips & then go and deny him by their lifestyle. That's what an unbelieving world simply finds..unbelievable -Brennan Manning

Fred Thompson was, and is and will always be a conservative. Fred there are many across Amercia who share in your strong belief of the first principles of conservatism, and are united to stand with you.

I hope all you Fredheads don't disengage (not that I'm really worried about it) because his message of adhering to the constitution strictly is the right message. Fred has been my #2 choice.

What I want is for you to stop trashing Ron Paul and support the parts of his message that you agree with (like respecting the constitution and smaller federal government). I'm giving Ron Paul more money today not so that he can win but so that the message he's sending can stay in the public eye somewhat.

Fred's website supports abolishing the IRS as done RP's - they differ significantly on foreign policy so I know that Fredheads won't support RP on foreign policy. All I would ask is that you do support the message of respecting the constitution, smaller federal government, and rational fiscal policy - regardless of who delivers the message.

And I hope Fred stays in the race to keep these ideas in play during the upcoming debates.

Respectfully, Satchman2 - Unfortunately, Ron Paul has allowed himself to gather too much baggage to effectively represent the message to the public. He was highly credible when he ran as a Libertarian in 2000, but he's been tainted - unfairly or not - by the perception that he is in league with the rantings of the "9/11 Truthers". The tactics used by a faction of his support base have undermined him as well, and merely saying he's "not responsible for those people" hasn't satisfied the public that he is seriously disavowing them.

and I won't refute them because I'm not trying to threadjack and because you probably know the arguments already or can find them readily elsewhere.

What I think is non-productive is when folks say that Ron Paul is a kook/wingnut/senile/schizo/etc. I have no problem with meaningful criticism--it's just that there's a lot of intellectually lazy folks who would rather throw out derisive and dismissive insults.

So I guess I'm asking for a truce for the greater (conservative) good.

Respectfully yours, Satchman2

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