Socialized Internets? [Please, ladies and gentlemen, don't lie *stupidly*.]

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[In particular, when you want to tell us how you're a conservative, don't use the same email that you use to boost Barack Obama. That is insulting, not least because it implies that you think that we are too dumb to check.]

[Contribute, or not: your choice. But don't be like this guy (amusing how the tone changes, no*?), if only for your own pride's sake. - Moe Lane]

[*Aww, the truth-to-power speaker memory-holed his post. Didn't like how we turned you into a fund-raising point, huh? I don't know why you would: it's nothing that we haven't done before. Anyway, they're still keeping this one up, at least for the moment, so warm yourself on their hate and fear. Just remember: this obsessive attention to us proves that we're clearly meaningless! - Moe Lane]

I'm an infrequent visitor to this website. Today though, I received an email from Red State saying that they need donations and my hard earned money because they cannot afford to run their website.

Now I'm a free market loving, do it yourself kind of guy. Are we really going to socialize our forum? Is the free market not able to handle our websites needs, and thus we need to be begging and praying? (Sorry, I'm an economic conservative, but I could do without the overtly God-inducing rhetoric)

Sorry, I just kind of thought we could do better than that. I see advertisements, I know people come through here. Is the site being monetized well enough?

I don't know, but I can say that if radical left wing sites like DailyKos and OpenLeft (I hear they have ex-Clinton operatives running that site) can monetize without begging their members for money, surely us conservatives can put our college economically superior heads together and figure out a better way than begging and praying for donations.

These are just a few of my thoughts. Feel free to flame, but I really like this site, so please don't ban. (In fact, I registered this username from the library instead of using my regular one for that reason. I really don't want to be banned.)

I know your trolling type, ehhh JustAngry? I see you hiding in Condoleaser's diary, pretending to be smug as sh[*]t. Sure, keep giving Markos's pet projects all the money you have, you are just an ATM of the Democratic Party, not an insider, not a superdelegate not even a pundit of note.

DailyPaul gets more traffic than DailyKos now, and you know why? Because DailyKos is ran like a fascist state, I should know.

You knew me better as Pinche Tejano.

That's right, talk all the sh[*]t you want about Red State, but Erick suffered through the Ron Paul explosion I also brought here and never once considered banning me.

And why was I banned on DailyKos?

For supporting monks in Burma over the bloodmoney Kos was receiving from Chevron.

So I guess what Red State needs to do is take a page of your and every Kossack's book:

Take money from the most hypocritical possible source to further fund your fantasy in a free market of dead baby on stick so you can have an Edwards diary system.

Since DailyKos supports Chevron's killing on monks in the Burma forest, I think Red State should start take Mr. Splashy Pants Greenpeace ads.

So then we can see the hypocrite free market at work!

So in conclusion, go back to your little fascist site and troll rate any other conservative democrats who mishappen to happen up your bootjacked thug tea party.

Pinche Tejano

...please watch the profanity in the future. :)

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

version of the comment.

When it comes to Kossacks, I am reminded of the immortal words of Stephen Colbert 2006 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner:

"I have nothing but contempt for these people."

Watch the meta go round and round! All declaring the need to hold their political ideology over that of common sense, so they can mojo up each other in a chant of:

"One of us! One of us! One of us!"

I'm not a moderator and I can't personally BLAM you, but this is how it's gonna be, cowboy.

No matter how brilliant you may perceive yourself to be, this is a family-friendly site. We don't look or smell anything like Kos. If you feel like you can't communicate without dragging us through the gutter, then this place ain't your kind of place.

So, if you use the "s" word, the "f" word, or most of all, the "gd" word, then you'll say bye-bye. And the cheap variants like sh*t, f*ck, etc, same deal.

It ain't alot to ask.

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie



Ok, noted.

Back to lurking!

Name that movie quote......

"gd" = (because I won't say it even in quotes,) g**-d*mn. Is this clear, or do you need more guidance?

Now lurk you merry way along. You might have some potential for entertainment if you didn't insist on being this snarky before you have any RedState cred.

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie

I'll take Rhetorical Questions for $1000, Pat.

Although THERE's a troubling category. There's really only one way for that to go.

--For $1000, "Questions not meant to be answered"
--Ding, ding, ding!
--"Go ahead, ranscot"
--"Pat, what are 'rhetorical questions'?"

Stare decisis is fo' suckas -- Feddie

Your "literary contribution" here is being cited in the fund raising pleas. With all the solicitations for money I get, I almost instinctively tune them out. Red State's might well have suffered the same fate, but your comedy inspired me to punch in my credit card.

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