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It's getting hard to tell the flunkies from the volunteers from the campaign workers and the ingenues over there at the Edwards Team headquarters, but there are more of them than even we imagined! And in an amazing story today at the Huffington Post, Team Edwards™ completes the cycle by -- get this -- blaming Wal Mart for smearing Edwards! It's that evil corporation! Of course, anyone with a couple of ounces of non-addled grey matter knew that it would come to this kind of lame reverse-psychology attempt once the perps had been caught with their pants down.

Wal-Mart has a smear out on John Edwards. What is striking about the smear is the way a corporation feels free to publicize something that a customer did, and to use it as a flat-out, blatant, organized smear campaign. It is starting to appear on all the usual right-wing outlets, and may soon be as widespread as the pre-election Kerry "insulted the troops" smear.

I knew these guys were getting pretty desperate but I didn't know how pitiful they were going to become in their attempt to sweep the Breck Girl's attempt to cut in line for a Playstation III under the rug.

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Of course, it could just as easily be asked why, if the Edwards organization is so carefully run that the man should be trusted to the Vice Presidency: Why on Earth would a "volunteer staffer" who "didn't know" about Edwards' anti-Wal-Mart activities be allowed to use his name in such an unprecedented, unauthorized, arm-twisting way in the first place? Are all the Edwards volunteers similarly thuggish? I mean, if this guy didn't even know the major initiatives Edwards was involved in, how did he ever muster the chutzpah to use his name to procure a Playstation 3 for the Senator and his family, without the Senator's knowledge? At the very least it sounds like Johnnie Playstation has a very slipshod organization. There's no excuse for that with the kind of money John Edwards makes.

It reminds me of a bad parody of a West Wing episode: some underling tries to use the name of the President to do something that the President hasn't pre-approved... Oh, wait! That episode was rerun just yesterday! But that's not going to stop the Edwards acolytes from trying to displace the blame onto Wal-Mart.

This article, to me, constitutes prima facie evidence that not only did Edwards KNOW what was happening and KNOW that his "volunteer staffer" tried to bully and hoodwink and frame a Wal-Mart store into giving the Former Senator a privileged shot at a PS3, he wanted the "volunteer staffer" to be successful!

Imagine the stories if he had been: "Wal-Mart Attempts To Curry Favor With Prominent Critic" ... "Wal-Mart Comps Edwards Playstation 3 To Take The Heat Off" ... etc., etc.

Like I said to Wu Wei:

"They're the original straightfaced liars."

But now they're not just guilty of organizational incompetence, they're also showing how venal and petty they are. Now they're trying to tell you that not only was it an "honest mistake" but that Wal-Mart was trying to smear them. Gotta love John Edwards' sense of wounded noblesse oblige. What's next, John? "I APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY?" C'mon John. You're supposed to be better than this. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again!

[Update: Edited a few times to express how Shocked! Just Shocked!! I was to see this pitiful attempt at displacement of blame.]

[Update 2: With thanks from a friend, although I briefly touched on it above: Is the Edwards office so poorly run that any volunteer who walks in the door not only completely uninformed of the Former Senator's most important current work but allowed to use the Former Senator's name to procure goods and services? Don't they have, like, a simple piece of paper or an email or something, with a few dirt-simple rulez in there to let their volunteerz reid b4 getting on the Ph0n? Or are all the people who would prepare simple things like that for them stuk in Irak?]

You are a pretty astute guy, so I'm a little surprised you don't see what's going on, here. The necons are swiftboating John Edwards.

Okay, the neocons are out of power and this isn't exactly swiftboating, so the bad guys with cooties are playstationing the Breck Girl.

Are we having fun yet?

"I don't appreciate this attempt at Playstationing me by the extreme right wing - and other America - in this country."

Think we'll hear that at some point in '08? ;-)

I'm having fun in a sense but I'm also trying to make a serious point:

The Edwards team should apologize to Wal-Mart. It's one thing to play fair and to say, "Ok, we object to your corporate policies and we're trying to change them" but it's another thing entirely to do that while simultaneously having people on your staff who are either so incompetent, or so misled, or perhaps otherwise directed, or all of the above, that you're trying to create what would certainly be a media event.

At the very least, the Edwards people should issue a formal apology to Wal-Mart and publicly fire the volunteer. These kinds of mistakes don't happen very often accidentally, and when they do, the people responsible should be the ones who are offering the olive branch, not the other way around.

I know that liberals like to, er, play games but this kind of shenanigans coming from a staffer of a former Vice Presidential candidate is a little too gamy. In fact, it reeks. At the very least it's a picture of insubordination as a result of an "everything goes" atmosphere, and that's not the kind of organization I want a Vice President to have.

every act, omission and statement as serious as this and worse, all of their time for many years would be occupied. Edwards needs to start with apologizing to Christophr Reeves' family and quadraplegics generally; Cheney's daughter and the whole family; Bush (you know, the Liar thing), the doctors whose lives he ruined with theories of liability he knew were bogus, the states of North and South carolina...the beat goes no

"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

This sounds like a John Kerry-"Do you know who I am?!!"-moment. Except, when John Kerry asks the question, he's really hoping you know the answer--because he doesn't.

Edwards beams with pride, claiming that his 6-yr. old berates other children for buying their toys at Wal-Mart. Pathetic. Out of all the truly evil organizations in the world to oppose, Democrats choose to fight...Wal-Mart? Bizarre. C'mon, John--they sell Breck to the masses for only 97 cents a bottle!

Edwards should have claimed he was trying to support Wal-Mart investor Ned Lamont. And while I'm glad the Senator has outgrown 'My Silky Pony', he should really stop blaming his kids. No one really believes the Play Station is for them.

Typical by Cy

Typical limousine liberal hypocrisy. Nothing amuses me more than watching the Lear jet leftists fly off to another global warming summit in their private jet. If it were not for the unbelievable arrogance and stupidity of these people some of their horrible agenda items might actually be implemented (G-d forbid)

...of the "Wendy's Anniversary Meal," which showed what populists John and Elizabeth were, as they ate the junk food of the masses - right before they got back into the campaign bus and had the catered, four-star, twelve-course gourmet meal of their America.

So John Edwards can rant and rave about Wal-Mart every day and twice on Sunday, but if Wal-Mart takes it upon itself to point out the foibles of one of its most out-spoken critics, it's the corporate takeover of the planet?

The more Edwards and his pals cry about this, the less I worry about his potential as a candidate for the Democrats in 2008. Nobody likes a cry-baby.

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they insult. It's better then examining and knowing yourself.
Their caring is just a publicly financed pose which the saps fall for.

"a man's admiration for absolute government is proportinate to the contempt he feels for those around him". Tocqueville

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