Jesse Jackson Sees Jesus in the Genarlow Wilson Case

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I tried hard to ignore Jesse Jackson's comparison of accused rapist, Genarlow Wilson to Jesus---and for two whole days I succeeded. But I was haunted by a comment that he made:
During a prayer to expess thanks for the release of Wilson ---who at age 17 was sentenced to a 10 year term in prison for engaging in a consensual sex act with a girl two years his junior, Jackson made the following comment:

We've endured the crucifixion, and now we see the stone is rolling away

What an unfortunate comment. Although I am happy that Genarlow Wilson will not have to spend any more time in jail (he spent two years there)I hardly view Wilson as a saint. Wilson is a young man who actually allowed himself to be videotaped during his illicit activities, which is how he got caught.

Getting back to Jackson's comment: Where in scriptures do we find Jesus engaging in any activities even remotely similar to what Wilson engaged in? No place. So why did Jesse Jackson compare this young man to Jesus?

Simple. Jesse Jackson is an attention whore who thrives on attention, be it negative or positive in nature. He has become a non-entity in the black community. A dinosaur, at best. Obviously he misses the attention he once commanded and has taken to making outlandish comments.

Those wild comments may work for someone like Ann Coulter, but they won't work for Jesse Jackson. A few more statements like that one and he'll soon be written off as a pathetic nutcase.

Hey, it beats seeing the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast.

Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're dead.

LOL...I hope that picture is representative of a bad Halloween joke.

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