I Concede Nothing: We're Not Losing A Single Seat. Period.

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I concede the Democrats nothing. Not one single seat. Not DeWine. Not Santorum. Not Chocola. Not Hostettler. Not Northup. Not even Shays! I cannot even conceive of why anyone would post, today of all days that we're definitely going to lose seats. It may be true. But NOT now.

However, for the sake of argument, I am prepared to concede Lincoln Chafee.

Call me unrealistic, but I'm operating under the assumption that we're not losing a single seat unless we let ourselves lose. A General may know that he is most likely to lose a flank, but that doesn't mean he should suffer the loss without a fight if there's any chance that he can prevent it.

So we are NOT losing a single seat. We concede only AFTER the polls close.

Read on . . .

We're at this point here, where everybody expects us to lose numerous seats, enough to lose the majority in either House, not because the Democrats ran an honest issue-based campaign, not even because of the missteps by the folks representing our party and philosophy in the Houses of Congress, but because our Fourth Estate conducted an air war against our people and carried the Democrats' water for the past two years, and our people were too cowed to attack back.

But now is not the time for recriminations. The time to deal with the partisan activists masquerading as objective "journalists" is later. After tomorrow ... after we retain control of Congress.

The Democrats (and I include most of the Fourth Estate in that designation) have been conducting an air war designed to mislead the American people on the economy, the reason we took out Saddam Hussein and re-cast Iraq as Vietnam where the American people lost heart at home and thus for the first time America lost a war.

They've striven mightily to depress our turn-out with false polls and contrived controversies. They've worked hard to lead those Independents and fence-sitters who do not pay attention until the last days and by then have unwittingly absorbed all the false information they've been bombarded with everyday for month after month into voting for them.

We (Rove and Mehlman), on the other hand, have concentrated, almost exclusively, on the ground war and only went into high gear in the past two weeks even though preparation had been going on since 2004.

Whether or not we were right or wrong would be determined tomorrow. We need to concentrate today on implementing our ground war plan, the plan we have at hand, and getting our voters out and convincing those still on the fence and weakly on the other side to come down on our side.

We started our engines three days ago. And apparently we've been doing well. We floor the pedal today. It's time to win.

The Democrats' agents in the Fourth Estate, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC et al are going to release false exit polls to depress our turnout and make us concede defeat before the game is even half-over. They called Florida for Gore and declared the polls closed before the Republican heavy panhandle finished voting and plunged the nation into a 30 day nightmare in 2000.

Ignore them. Until the time for the polls in your area to close comes and goes, we're still supposed to be out in the field. It's not over till it is over.

Stick a big middle finger in their faces. In the faces of Bill Keller and his editorial board. In the faces of the editors of the Washington Post, Boston Globe and the producers of CBS, CNN, NBC and ABC. Make them clutch their pillows and cry themselves to sleep, wondering where their much pre-celebrated victory went, after tonight is over.

Vote and get everybody you know out to vote. And vote REPUBLICAN!

it's all in our hands, and desire is the only thing we need--we can have total victory if only we want it enough. if we care enough to turn out, we win. end of story.

thanks for your fine post.

The Fourth Estate started to do pre-mortems about a month ago. I kind of resented that enough to open up my wallet and get a little more active in the last few weeks.

We will see how much was propaganda and how much was reportage after tonight or the court challenges, as the case may be.

That is the kind of attitude I am looking for!

As a life long football coaches son I know the game is not over till after the LAST PLAY! Just ask the Cowboys and Redskins!

We may still be playing after the clock runs out. The Dem's sure did in Florida 2000.

Keep the Faith and GOTV! Get on the phone, call a cab for someone who cannot get to the polls. Take your old Grand Dad or relatives with you. Take another person with you to vote from work!


David from Abilene

"We concede only AFTER the polls close."

That's when the exit polls will all be telling us it's a Democratic tsunami

I say we concede only after the votes are counted, though of course no matter who wins there will be some lawsuits to settle out here and there.

There won't be anything to concede. I will, however, graciously accept Dem concession phone calls.

(THAT's how to be a cheerleader.)

"Every time some nitwit college student burns a flag on camera, that's one less idiot who can ever run for public office." - Crank

Our job is to vote and to get other like-minded people to the actual, physical polls.

Guesstimation before and during the actual tallies is pointless.

All Republican pollwatchers should resist all intimidation.

Bob Miller
Indianapolis, IN

Well said, MAK! It's war, and while not all Republicans are on the side of America (Chafee, DeWine come to mind), it is a certain fact that the national Democratic Party, and their press arm (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, LAT, and so on) are enemies of America. I concede nothing to those liars, thieves, bullies, and cowards.

They will win neither House nor Senate. Anything they DO take, we will take back.

The Dallas Cowboys will make the playoffs and thrive there in spite of dragging around the big smelly dead mackerel which is terrell owens

thats the kind of attitude to have. wish everyone had that attitude going the past month.

don't concede at all.

The reports out of New Jersey talk about how the voting machines have been preset to record votes for Menendez.

"Every time some nitwit college student burns a flag on camera, that's one less idiot who can ever run for public office." - Crank

This is all just a bad dream! It is not REAL! When you wake up tomorrow, you will find out that the Liberal Media just made this all up and in actuality, we won 30 seats not lost them. After all, we are the permanent majority party, right? Right? Hello???? Can anybody hear me????

I'm a little disappointed that the best Karl Rove could do a week before the election is this boneheaded phony robocalling. It shows a real disdain for the intelligence of American voters.

I won't mind if Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman both retire from public life. I believe that Conservative principles can win without all the sleaze, and in the end, it doesn't really help.

Next time, let the Dems crawl into the gutter and stick to true conservatism. The voters would respond to being shown a little more respect.

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