Ever Get the Feeling that the GOP is Less Serious about Winning 11/07 than You?

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At this point, ten days or so out from election day, I find myself getting more and more resigned to the idea that the Republican Party does not actually have another ace up its sleeve that it would unleash on the Democrats and the Press cheerleaders just when it's too late for them to do anything about it.

It seems our GOTV machine is it.

Our idea-men have apparently run out of juice. The fact is, we can actually go the extra mile keep Foley and DeLay's seats rather than just conceding them to the Dems due to some wierd orders by unaccountable judges.

Now if I were a "professional" working at the RNC ... I would have put some thought into it to come up with any manner of creative ways to effectively inform our voters in TX-22 to write in "GIBBS" and that a vote for Foley on the ballot is actually for Joe Negron. Like, for example, hiring Skywriters, Blimps and Banner-towing aircraft and having them ... er ... "helpfully" flying around on election day.

Anyway, I admit - I'm nervous.

It's not as if I do not know that our turn-out operation has become a major wonder in the world of politics but is it wise to rely so completely on turning out the base and effectively ceding the undecideds to the Left?

I may not be the electoral genius Rove and Mehlman are (though I do think I'm far superior to Liddy Dole) but ten days to go should be about the time to unleash hell. The RNC and many of our candidates, including the ones in trouble, are reported to have significant warchests still at this late stage. So where are the public service announcements and hard-hitting campaign ads?

The economy is on fire; the DOW is at record highs, unemployment is down to the floor, the deficit is shrinking faster than anybody can predict and wages are up. Where is the GOP on this? Where is the GOP highlighting the fact that one of the Democrats first acts would be to hamstring it by raising taxes?

There has not been a single attack on the United States since 09/11/2001. Where is the GOP highlighting the fact that this is due to their explicitly granting the nation's Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies the funding and legal powers necessary to protect the United States? Where are they pointing out that the Democrats are still obsessed with the failed Law Enforcement only approach, with Constitutional Rights even for terrorists caught on foreign soil?

There is no alternative to victory in Iraq. Where are the Republicans pointing out that despite all the setbacks that they will not allow the terrorists to win by driving the US armed forces out of Iraq before they have succeeded in their mission? Where are they pointing out that America overwhelmingly won every battle in Vietnam but lost in the end only because the Democrats cut off funding while American soldiers were still on the battlefield, and are poised to repeat the same to the troops in Iraq if they regain the majority?

On that note, I'd love to see an ad featuring and ridiculing articles in the Press that declared the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns "another Vietnam" even before they really started. I would have it point out that during Vietnam there was a Democrat controlled Congress to cut off the troops' funding. Not so today. Which is why neither Afghanistan nor Iraq would ever become "another Vietnam."

But the only thing I've seen from the RNC is this ad and let's be honest; it's pathetic.

Though it's really beginning to fade, I still have some hope though that the Mehlman and Co. are just waiting for the most opportune moment to really lay a hurting on the Democrats. Maybe it will start this weekend or on Monday [stop laughing]. A major reason is this excerpt from this front page post Moe Lane put up a while back.

... the GOP favors a just-in-time strategy; they work under the assumption that good Voting-Day organization, alternative media outlets and last-week advertising will trump a more measured strategy ...

So what this all means is that both sides have their own schedule to keep. The GOP is waiting for the moment where all our money and activism can be spent most effectively ...

So... deep breathing, people. Deep breathing.

I'm breathing really hard and really deep, Moe. If you're right and the official GOP really does have something else up its sleeve apart from our GOTV operation, I believe it's within the realm of possibility for us to end up with a 56-44 Republican Senate. We pick up New Jersey and Maryland while only losing Rhode Island - which is okay since the GOP Senate Caucus would be stronger without Chafee than with him.

Either way, it's just depressing that we are thinking we would be lucky to lose four Senate seats when we could have picked up Florida and North Dakota in a walk given a minimally competent NRSC Chair(wo)man and the GOP finally challenging the Press on its bias.

when the party treats its own Congressional candidate as if he didn't exist. They are not TRYING to elect Randy Graf.

My call sheet has a script, which encourages voters to vote for "Jon Kyl and our Republican candidates." From that script, you'd never know that the GOP has a Congressional candidate for an open Republican seat. I'm praying that none of the folks I call ask me how strongly the state and national GOP supports Graf. I'll have to make something up, I guess.

As for Kyl, he's predicted to win pretty easily. So, it's hard to get passionate about that campaign. The one real battle in town, for Congress, the GOP has chosen not to fight. John McCain hasn't campaigned for Graf, the RNC has pulled its ads, etc... Now, maybe there's something nefarious about Graf that I've missed. Regardless, though, it's hard to get motivated about an election when you're getting silent but strong signals from the local party that we're supposed to ignore our own candidate!

I hope they have enough seats locked up elsewhere in the country...

"Who will stand/On either hand/And guard this bridge with me?" (Macaulay)

Honestly, I think the GOP has to unsheathe the sword by Monday ... or else, I don't think even the GOTV machine would be able to keep us from losing both Houses of Congress.

"My call sheet has a script, which encourages voters to vote for "Jon Kyl and our Republican candidates." "

If you dont have your heart in the script, throw out the script and make a script for the heart - HELP OUT RANDY GRAF! ... if you are calling anyone in AZ-08, hook up with the Graf campaign at the contacts listed below. See this plea for help for the Graf campaign:


Call 520-887-2984!! And call it now!
The #1 issue for Republican Randy Graf is stopping illegal immigration, defending our borders and protecting US national sovereignty. Randy Graf is also a rock solid conservative on both economic and social issues and he is pro gun rights. Randy Graf needs your help! Randy Graf is just like Tom Tancredo and we need a lot more Tom Tancredos in Congress.
The number one race for conservatives in the USA is the Randy Graf campaign for Congress in Arizona, district #8. Nationwide grassroots conservatives can help Randy Graf win by 1) sending money and 2) making GOTV phone calls from YOUR HOME to key precincts in AZ # 08 and 3) traveling to Arizona for GOTV in the election weekend. Please call the Randy Graf HQ at 520-887-2984 and offer to volunteer no matter where you live in the USA. They will email phone lists to call the last 3 days of the election before Nov. 7th.
Also, go to Randy Graf's web page to sign up for email alerts and give whatever money you can: www.votegraf.com.
Additionally, you can call me Robert Morrow at 512-306-1510. I live in Austin, TX and I am urging ALL of my friends to help Randy Graf, especially with making phone calls during the last 72 hours of the campaign.


The economy is up. Gas prices are down. If the Administration's communications operation can get in gear and let the voters in on these secrets, things will look up.

Also the Ace up the GOP's sleeve is, as always, the uncanny ability of the democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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