Forgive them, Father, for the Far Right knows not what they do

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The Far Right’s navel-staring strategy for the election of the President of the United States of America strikes any objective observer as ignorant, if not stupid, and ultimately self-destructive. Although they say they want ‘one of their own’ in the White House, their actions indicate they want a Democrat and will do everything in their power to ensure that happens. By indulging themselves in the sheer fantasy of the Ultimate Far Right America they are handing over the Presidency on a silver platter. The Democrats must be chortling in their caucuses to observe such ridiculous behavior.

The ultimate case in point is their attacks on John McCain. Their over-riding claim is that John McCain is not a True Conservative. But look at the facts. The American Conservative Union (ACU) tracks all national legislators on every vote they make, judging how well our lawmakers toe the conservative line. They give John McCain a lifetime rating of 82.3. Thompson gets an 86, marginally higher, for a third of the time in office (8 years vs. 24 years). Duncan Hunter gets a 92. You think that proves the point? But wait! Clinton gets a 9, Edwards a 10, Obama an 8. That makes Edwards “more conservative” than Obama. To claim a 4% difference is significant is stretching truth beyond the breaking point.

Other conservative ‘tracing’ organizations give similar types of scores. The governors are not included, but let’s look anyway. NONE of them would receive a higher conservative rating than McCain. You DO know about Romney’s massive increases in taxes and fees in Massachusetts when he was governor, don’t you? And his support of gay marriage? And his ‘nationalized’ health care program which forces you to join and provides abortions for $50.00, plus a guaranteed statutory seat at the table for Planned Parenthood? Somehow I don’t think the ACU would give a very high score to Romney. How about pro-abortion, sanctuary city Rudy? Enough said. How about Huckabee? He may do better, but his tax and spend record in Arkansas is not what you would call Conservative, is it? Taxes rose faster than ever in Arkansas when he was governor. No high score there for him. And he wants a Constitutional Amendment to put God in the document, kind of an Americanized Sharia Law. Perhaps the Far Right would enjoy that, but that’s the real point.

No one else will. There's more to America than the far Right, which is a clear minority. No Far Right candidate who meets the litmus tests they impose will ever be elected President of these United States. That’s because the “White House is in the middle.” The middle consists of moderate Republicans, Independents, and right-leaning (and disaffected) Democrats. If you cannot get those groups to vote for you, you cannot win the White House. Prove otherwise; it’s never happened.

Reagan did this. Bush did it by the skin of his teeth. In the middle of it all Clinton sleazed into the White House against a victorious President on the strength of a ‘weakened economy,’ hardly a philosophical issue. And that’s what will happen again if the Republican Party yields to the shrill cries of the Far Right and nominates anybody but McCain.

The Far Right remains at the back of the class insofar as it understands the dynamics of winning the election. No body moves forward based on the weakest elements of its organization. It does so on its smartest and strongest. One hopes the Republican Party as a whole recognizes this and will pick McCain as their nominee. If the don't, they may as well prepare for a Democratic victory this Fall. And they'll have only themselves to blame.

I thought you might have learned something from the comments on this thread.

Let me make this really clear: negative generalizations about "the Far Right" are unhelpful. They strike serious conservatives (i.e., this website's core readership) as insulting, especially when you make no real effort to define precisely whom you are discussing. They accordingly accomplish nothing except to assist in the demonization of conservatives by the Left. And to irritate the rest of the good folks with whom you are sharing the privilege of RedState's bandwidth. You want to talk about McCain's conservative critics? Go ahead, and specify that. But this?

Knock it off.

"No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." - Winston Churchill

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." ~Professor Dumbledore

So much wrong with that vanity article, but the worst is the falsehoods lobbed against a candidate...

"You DO know about Romney’s.... (pack of lies inserted here)" ....

What I DO know is that fables, falsehoods and fearmongering have been used to attack Mitt Romney unfairly.
1) 'his support of gay marriage' is 100% false. This is so egregiously false, I am shocked people so openly defame Romney like that. Romney has been a consistent and clear opponent of gay marriage. Here is lengthly explanation of the truth of what Romney did against gay marriage:
2) 'massive increases in taxes' and yet Cato ranked him 15th out of 50 governors on fiscal responsibility; the same ranking put Huckabee at 45th out of 50. Romney met a $3 billion budget gap with $2 billion in spending savings, fee hikes, and about $400 million in tax loophole closures, ie not general tax rate increases. *And* he forced the lege to keep a tax cut promise to the voters.
3) "‘nationalized’ health care program which forces you to join and provides abortions for $50.00"
A 1981 court ruling, the Moe ruling, required Massachusetts to provide abortion in Medicaid, and court-ordered taxpayer-funded abortion on demand was the policy in Massachusetts for 25 years before Romney became Governor. Romney did nothing to expand that reponsibility, and blaming Romney for this as if to suggest he's responsible is egregious.

That the party has too many single issue voters that define all that is good in the world by their one issue. The pro life people that would push their agenda to have a moment in the sun as brief as prohibitions. The purity check conservatives that can't believe a candidate has legitimately adopted conservative positions. Those that look at illegal immigration as the only issue of import. Those that are willing to overlook a complete lack of executive experience and history of implementation for a good conservative line of patter.

There is tremendous folly in being a single issue human being. Your leaders aren't and it makes you that much more manipulatable. The last thing they will do is implement what you put them there to do.(Thats right or left). The minute they do you are no longer theirs.

I say this because all over the place we have people who have said they would rather see Hillary or Obama win the election during a time of war than vote for someone who isn't quite right from their view of conservatism. Think of that. Just how many carters can we as a nation withstand ?
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

And single issue voters tend to be so emotionally tied to that single issue that they no longer think rationally regarding the dozens of other critical and equally important issues.

Its my opinion that a significant portion of the bloggers here are single issue voters. I no longer address them or their rants.

What does that have to do with this blog entry? The "far right" in general could not, by definition, be single issue voters. There is a "far right" to nearly every issue on which there exists political disagreement. Without clarification, one would have to assume that the term would apply to most or all issues. For some people, positions on many different issues may not be negotiable.

These are all people who look at candidates that are 80 to 90 percent in agreement with them and say I would rather eat feces than vote for him.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

You've just proven my point; your logic is in reverse. A "far right" voter would, by definition, have to demand more than 80 to 90 percent agreement for anyone. A single-issue voter votes only on one issue and does not care about the others. Far-right without specifying an issue implies that "far right" or at least "right" positions are required on most issues, and perhaps several specific ones. A single-issue voter cannot, in any context, be "far right" except on that issue. Otherwise, you are just making up a new meaning for the term.

Indeed, single issue voters may not be "moderate" or "mainstream." Their position(s) may be extreme, and they may make up only a small fringe group. It may be tempting to mislabel different extremists. However, the label "far right" without regard to a specified issue is a factually incorrect one for a single-issue voter.

Its very possible to be very right on one issue and not so much on others.

In this case the republican party is in the process of being hijacked by voters to the far right on particular issues.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

To the extent that is true, it is part of the reason I think all states should be required to hold runoff elections (be it caucus or primary or whatever else) in Presidential primaries unless or until one person gets the majority of votes.

I do think this is more a perception resulting from an unusual combination of too many candidates who have campaigned for too long. Most primary voters ordinarily would vote based on popularity, but this unusual candidate combination where so many have had time to become equally well-known tend to highlight and nitpick (and sometimes to exaggerate or misrepresent) differences over single issues.

So it's not really "hijacking," inmy opinion. I have a feeling we will have this to look forward to whenever there are more than two well-known candidates who campaign for almost a year, and all get adequate name recognition or popularity.

is more descriptive for the process we are "enjoying"
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Listen: the burden is on McCain to convince the base to back him. If the "far right" as you are saying doesn't come along, the failure is McCain's, and McCain's alone.

Your "Sharia" comment is going to make you no friends by the way, wich suggests to me you're at the back of the class, as you say, when it comes to being politically persuasive.

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Its called principles dude. Moral fiber. Seek some!

for the sake of hating. We will likely never know if McCain was our best chance or not, it will be impossible to prove because only one man will get the chance to try. I do think Rush has turned many into McCain haters, while elected Republicans have begged him to campaign for them in 2002,2004, and 2006. I wonder how many are influenced too much by Rush and peer pressure. Certainly the conservative hinterland holds much more ill will for McCain than do the Republicans in DC.

I hope Fred wins SC, but I have SERIOUS doubts that will happen. At some point we will have to stand behind a candidate. I would prefer Fred and Rudy to McCain, to me, Mitt is a wash, but no way will he win more independents. Sometimes I wonder about our chances in the next election, not the primary the actual election.


Molon Labe!

McCain turned us into McCain haters with action after action that dissed the conservatives, turned against conservatives, and stabbed us in the back.

McCain-Kennedy amnesty for illegal is a worst bill in 10 years and that alone is enough to oppose him for any office.

When he had Paul Shanklin singing "If you don't know me by now"

Caught the whole thing in the title, the rest was icing.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

not influenced the negative view of McCain by conservative political junkies? YOu are wrong sir, and it is not even close. I am not saying McCain has not done his share and more, but to leave Rush out of it is absurd.


Molon Labe!

He obviously hasn't had much influence yet considering McCain still captures a greater percentage of self-described conservatives AND Republicans than any other Republican against any Democrat in all of the potential general election polls in the past few months that have provided that information.

silently endorsing. It was Fred it is now Romney.

Yet another McCain supporter attempting to label me "far right" in an attempt to persuade me to vote McCain?

Might want to try a different tactic.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by "Americanized Sharia?" This is important.

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Romney supported Gay Marriage. Seriously, how stupid you you be. Seriously.

Time and again the smart ones understand that fees are not taxes, especially non-general fees. Thus mschuyler, please give evidence of raised taxes.

Also, those that worship the ACU Rating should be pushing Richard_Shelby at the top of the list, or Chuck Hagel, who ranks higher than McCain. Good luck with that.

I despise being talked about as if I am some kind of idiot because I do not like McCain...I as an American am entitled to freedom of choice...that choice includes being able to decide who I want for a President...and who I do not. Who by the way is far right? If you mean anyone to the right of moderate/independent well than you would be calling me far right! I in that case accept that I am "far" right and make no apologies for it.

Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

because he was more interested in getting positive press from the NY Times than actually fighting FOR conservative issues. I don't mind Republican politicians teaming up with Dems to get things done, but he enjoys teaming up with the most liberal democrats like Ted Kennedy and Feingold (rather than blue dogs) to achieve liberal policy goals, not conservative ones.

Halls of Justice Painted Green, Money Talking.
Power Wolves Beset Your Door, Hear Them Stalking.

it's more like an obligation.

Halls of Justice Painted Green, Money Talking.
Power Wolves Beset Your Door, Hear Them Stalking.

Based on this post it sounds like you helped him come up with the "you are all bigots" line after the shamnesty bill got thrown down by angry voters.

I do not hate McCain, but as a true Reagan Conservative, the thought of this guy in the Commander's seat playing nice with liberal pinkos makes me sick, and would hurt our nation.

What you need sir is a little FREDucation

You are saying that there is something wrong with conservatives who want a conservate nominated for President? Huh? We are not supposed to support "one of our own", we need to support someone else?

If we lose in November it will not be because we nominated someone who is too conservative. It will be because we nominated someone who was not conservative at all.

there is two totally different political mindsets in this country. The far left wants socialism and the far right wants federalism. They far left sees that the Rep front runner field is made up of 3 1/2 mod Rep & 1 1/2 cons Rep (Romney is split in half) and so the Dem front leaders have positioned themselves along with the very far left for a strategic reason. I believe they want the Rep to elect a mod Rep nominee because it will strengthen their hand.

As for you slang use of the Bible I would just add that the far right knows exactly what there doing. My friend I think you are the one that's missing it. We must elect a conservative in this battle because the dems can not win with the strong left position they're currently taking, they will have to move to the right to win the election. How far will depend on our nominee.

Conservatism is about empowering people to do the work, not the government!

And did it ever occur to you that the animosity might have some basis in policy disagreements and issues with temperament? By the way, your Me-Tooism in Washington state hasn't worked out so well for you, has it?

Onions have layers, ogres have layers and so do obfuscators of oh so sweet truth. mschuler, after you pick the tar and feathers off, you might want to consider creating your own site. I suggest you call it PurpleState. Let all submitters vote on the populist cause du jour, and soon your site will become PravdaState. When you keep moving the meaning of what a conservative is, you're really taking a knife and sticking it in the back of conservatives. Better hurry, that site idea might be SO POPULAR that some other populist will steal it away!!!

Tim Schieferecke

This post needs to be expanded on. I suggest all you "sharia" conservatives out there like me recommend it to keep it alive. There's a lot of teaching that can be done by dissecting this.

America stands for bold colors!

Tim Schieferecke

...this post was so classless that I just can't get myself to click the mouse button.

"All that need be done for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

I feel dirty, dirty I tell you! Time for a crying game shower!

America stands for bold colors!
Tim Schieferecke

You're not really a McCain supporter, your a Romney supporter who's trying to get others to support Romney because McCain supporters are such classless, insulting, stereotyping cads. actually are a McCain supporter who apes his hero's actions by insulting, denigrating and name-calling those who have the audacity to ever disagree his sanctimonious wisdom.

So, reserving the right to elucidate on all the reasons a 'far right' moron might have for not supporting Sen. McCain...which of the two is it?

"All that need be done for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Iustum et tenacem propositi virum non civium ardor prava iubentium, non vultus instantis tyranni mente quatit solida.
-Quintus Horatius Flaccus

Conservatives want someone who will use conservative principles to govern and will be conservative on most or all issues. However, to win, the candidate must also appeal to moderates and ideally, some democrats.

On what issue is the conservative perspective most likely to attract moderate/independent/dem voters?
Illegal immigration and drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

Which of the major Republican candidates is weakest on illegal immigration? John McCain - by far

It is not "far right" to want the law to be enforced.

The "Third Worst Person in the World" and aiming higher.

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