HTML Mini-Tip for Red Staters Part 1

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I've noticed it's now popular to float images in comments. However Red State's HTML template doesn't handle those well, so please, if you float an image in a comment, add this bit of HTML to the END of your comment:

<p style="clear: both;"/>

This way, your image won't seep down into the comments below you.

You know I still have your old tip sheet printed out and I refer to it every single time I imbed a link. One of these days, I may even try an image. :)

I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful 100 percent.

Let's see if this works (image refers to me)

hoooray! Doggonnit, I dun it!
Thanks again for the tip. Hey, I've got a question. When I'm using "Filtered HTML" (to get bullets and italics) I've unable to include any URL links if the URL includes an underscore (I guess because that's a command for italics) and I'm also unable to include those links (and perhaps also others) using the normal link method via html. If that's possible to do, how can I do that? That's my #1 gripe.

Substitute %5f for each underscore in the URL.


Is there any way you could post the other two blogs, you so thoughtfully posted a while back, that had basic html tips for RS?

I'm sure others besides myself would be thankful.


I had those links bookmarked but they no longer work. Fortunately I think I've memorized the code but perhaps the directors could put a permanent link (in the "Jump To" section perhaps?) to those pages for others who want to imbed links or pics.
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Can you lobby for a permanent set of your guides to HTML somewhere up in the mast head, like the help section.

They are most useful.

None of the Above !

A while back, I think it was Krempasky who asked for permission for RS to make use of these diaries, and I said go for it.

As for finding the old diaries in the meantime, let's see...

Basic HTML for Red Staters

Advanced HTML for Red Staters

HTML Mini-Tip 1

I guess I'll just put them in my signature for now, though, if I can find room with that tiny signature limit we have. If I can't I guess I'll put up a Table of Contents diary that I'll update as I add new HTML docs, and just link to that. I hate to stop linking to Becker's Seal of Approval though...



That would be great, and I hope one of the editorial staff would consider putting the instructions under the Help button or some such area so I don't have to go looking.

Off the top of your head do you know if Open Office can be used to write a post that puts all the HTML tags in it to allow "cut and paste"?

By the way, thanks for putting these together and making them available.

None of the Above !

Open Office probably lets you save as html, which you can then open in a text editor to copy and paste from, but typically generated HTML is bloated and buggy, so do so at your own risk, heh.

Have fun,

HTML Help Central for Red Staters

Very much appreciated.

Very much appreciated.

when it comes to export to HTML. The ongoing saga about putting tables in RS comments led me to try both MSOffice and OOo - Open Office created much cleaner table markup, but it STILL puts the blank lines above the tables. I have come to the conclusion that the HTML generated by the RS comments does weird things with table tags - even the most basic table markup winds up looking bizarre in a comment.

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