Let's beat the UN at their own online game

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A couple weeks back, Captain Ed wrote a post about a new website from the UN Foundation:

OD1 wants people to submit their video suggestions for the Day 1 policy of the US. So far, most of what's posted consists of the standard progressive policy fare -- stop "cowboy diplomacy" (from Joe Wilson, no less!), withdraw from Iraq, invade Darfur, restore peace in the Middle East -- restore? -- and close Gitmo.

Maybe a few conservatives could add our policy goals to the mix. Do you want limited government, a strong national defense, and effective forward strategies against terrorists? Let the UN Foundation know. After all, if they're willing to promote a suggestion about withdrawing from Turtle Bay altogether, everything else should be on the table.

He's right, it's a website that looks like it wants to be though of as nonpartisan, but still features Joe "Plame" Wilson on the front page.

But there are at least a few conservatives there, or at least anti-left. And it's not mostly video, it's actually mostly text. That is, it doesn't seem you have to actually record a video (although I expect that would get attention more easily). But here's a great one that just went up today, which I quote entirely here:

Reduce the size of government by making government really boring

It's to nobody's benefit that people are allowed to spend their entire lives without real jobs, and then congratulate themselves for doing it and calling it "service." There is no sacrifice in government. It's a privilege, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. But politicians are good at that. So: Let's have term limits. If we can't have term limits, let's remove the perks. Motivate people to serve because it is a responsibility, not a career opportunity. End career politicians now.

Can't hardly argue with that.

I have put a comment up on there, and rated it 5 stars. If you have a spare moment, jump over there, add a comment (you don't have to login) and vote it up. It would be great to push this one to the top. The community is still small, so it's still possible. It would be amazing to make this UN site say some decidedly un-UN things.

Personally my feeling about the United Nations and the things it tries to get sheeple involved in is that nobody should participate on any level -- generally speaking all the hits will do is give their servers your IP address and nobody there is going to listen to RedStaters anyway.

The only way to combat the United Nations mentality is to reverse the tide and make them come to us. While I like the idea of posting something that would make Joseph Wilson look bad, the fact that he's posting anything at all on the U.N.'s website should tell everyone where his allegiances lie. I think it should stand alone.

Is how far the United Nations now believes its mandate extends: to actually suggesting policy that an American President should undertake within their first hundred days.

The American people continue to give them more authority, however. And as long as they do that, the contests will only become more ambitious.

In the meantime I would just say no.

kick em out of the US, make all the delegates go home without their pants, blow up the building and sow salt in the area.

but thats just me.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

Ir's the UN Foundation. It's splitting hairs.

Still, they ARE in fact there, and since they are, why not have a little bit of fun with them?

Donuts? Go nuts!

If he's linking it, its probably worth looking into.

via Instapundit:


UPDATE: Why wait? A reader emails: "I think Bush should do it NOW, or at worst before his term ends. If it works as advertised and bankrupts the Saudis, Chavez, and the rest of OPEC, it will go down as the best thing he did in office, and I include Iraq in that assessment."

Sadly, the White House opposes the Zubrin plan because it's a "mandate," notwithstanding that it would be far less intrusive -- and far more beneficial -- than the increase in C.A.F.E. standards.

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