The Great American You Never Knew

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On September 12, 2007, my brother Gary passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). He was diagnosed on his 47th birthday in 2004. He battled the disease with the same intensity and persistence that marked his every endeavor in life. He loved God and his family with everything he had.

Although my brother never served in the military, he worked his entire adult life as a mechanical engineer on systems that have and will continue to keep our nation safe. His latest work by the company he founded includes a part of the land-based missle defense system that you've been reading about in the news. Previous work included a part of our nation's nuclear deterrent and many other projects he was never allowed to talk to anyone about.

Gary was also passionate about baseball. Probably good enough to play professionally; after college ball he continued to play on semi-pro teams until his diagnosis. He was also a great husband, father, and brother.

We don't regularly hear about these great Americans, but they're all around us and we owe our freedom and way of life to them every bit as much as the heroes in uniform.

I proudly display the number 13 as a reminder not just of what I've lost, but also as a reminder of what Gary gave to so many. He was truly a Great American.

-Randy Ketner

you had a truly great brother. It's hard sometimes to understand why God takes someone when he does. But, I know in my heart that of all the great things your brother Gary accomplished here on Earth, God has even greater accomplishments in store for Gary in heaven.


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