Toomey Backs Pence!

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From Human Events (hat tip Chris Lilik

"Pat Toomey, president of the Club for Growth, a PAC that fights for fiscal discipline, said he agreed.

“I think that Mike Pence would be a great leader for House Republicans,” he said."

Those of you that still have GOP Congressmen, call them NOW and demand they vote Pence for Minority Leader and Shadegg for Minority Whip!

But, I hope that the 7 or 8 new Club for Growth Republicans take note and line up with Mike Pence.

I'm going to call my Congressman for sure.

Here is where to contact Virginia's Republican congressional delegation for all of us that live in the Commonwelath:

Tom Davis

Frank Wolf

Jo Ann Davis

J. Randy Forbes

Eric Cantor

Thelma Drake

Virgil Goode

Bob Goodlatte

I already emailed Tom Davis to encourage him to support Pence.

"As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this."
- George Mason

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