Mich. Speaker of House Employs State Paid Thugs to Stop Recall Effort

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Here is a story that details how far Democrats will go to destroy the people's ability to be heard in government. It also shows Democrat's penchant to abuse their power, their blatant waste of government funds, and the incestuous relationship that the anti-democratic process unions have with Democrats.

Up in Michigan, the thieves in the Democrat Party voted in a gigantic tax increase. Michigan has been mired in a one state recession for quite a while and Governor Jennifer Granholm's only solution has been to raise taxes to pay for government "shortfalls" -- and by "shortfall" you can read government waste. Well, after years of this localized recession in Michigan, the state legislature finally OKayed this massive tax increase meant to "save" the state from its financial ills.

Now, remember, this increase was supposed to make up for deficits in current commitments. Of course, as soon as the tax increase was passed, Governor Granholm and the state Democrats passed a new budget that raised spending by $760 million dollars. And the state GOP has reckoned that the Granholm tax increases has taken more than $602 million dollars from the pockets of Michigan families just since October of last year.

It is a typical Democrat Party mess of overspending, high, punitive taxes, lost business and a big hurt put on the average citizen.

Read on . . .

So, what is the recourse that the people of Michigan have to address these wasteful politicians? The recall. Michigan has a recall law whereby citizens can gather 8,000 signatures to recall any politician under the Governor that they have decided no longer serves them. And a recall effort has been launched against Democrat Speaker of the Michigan House, Andy Dillon.

So, as these citizen activists who are sick of being bled to death by the uncaring masters in the state capitol of Lansing fanned out into Redford Township to ask the folks to sign their recall petition, they were met with harassment from state workers and union members imported for the purpose. The recall effort is all perfectly legal and serves as a fine example of the people acting in the democratic way to try and change the bad habits of their representatives in government, but the unions and the Democrats headed by Speaker Dillon are wholly against this expression of freedom and liberty.

What could be more democratic, more quintessentially American than a recall effort?

Apparently the Democratic Party and Speaker Andy Dillon are not so interested in the democratic process.

Dillon has begun an illegal practice sending state workers and related supporters in unions all across the country to gang up on these citizen petition carriers and try to block people from being able to get to the petitions to sign them. These "petition blockers" often outnumber the petition carriers four, sometimes seven to one.

(Left is photo of paid state worker harassing petition signers.)

These petition blockers scream at citizen petition signers, calling them names, and hover menacingly over them making them feel threatened and uncomfortable. They also are assigned to follow the petition carriers to their homes and harass them there.

Remember, these petition blockers are paid state workers. One wonders why the people of Michigan are paying their taxes to have state workers loll about these citizen petition carriers on the state's payroll? Don't these state workers have jobs they are supposed to be doing for the state? After all, state workers are not paid to act as thugs for the Speaker of the House... or any other politician for that matter.

Speaker Dillon's office was queried by a Michigan TV station why state workers were acting as political operatives on the job. Greg Bird, Speaker Dillon's Press Secretary told WDIV that any state worker that was acting as petition blockers "was using vacation time." But when the TV station asked for records to prove the claim, the Speaker's office never supplied the proof.

And when the TV reporters asked why it was fair to have four to seven state workers deployed to harass a single citizen petition carrier, Dillon's Press Secretary said that "they were exercising their Constitutional right to inform the voters."

Even more ridiculously, Dillon's shill complained that the thuggish state workers were themselves "feeling harassed" because the citizen activists trying to push the recall petition efforts had hired people to photograph them as they tried to harass the petition signers. This is like the bully complaining that his hand is bruised because the nerd he was beating up kept slamming his face into the bully's knuckles!

And there is another aspect of this that just screams out unfair practice. According to the state’s laws, petitions have to be created by people who live in the district of the state representative that they are trying to recall. This residency requirement forces petitioners to live in the district.

Yet, Speaker Dillon is under no ruling that prevents him from importing union members from any place in the country to surround the citizen petition carriers and harass them. His thugs don’t even have to live in Michigan, much less the district in question.

So, while the citizens that want to recall a politician are under all sorts of requirements, the thugs that harass them are free from all rules and regulations.

This whole story is sad proof that Democrats will do anything to destroy the democratic process, deny citizens their say in government, waste taxpayer’s money and use union thugs as an army to carry it all out. I hope we see this effort succeed and I wish I'd heard of it sooner than today!

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Does Dillon represent a safe district? How many other state reps in MI are in danger of being recalled? If no others, why not? I would think that Dems representing more conservative or Republican districts would have a much tougher time preventing a recall.

From what I can tell, the recall effort has targeted about a dozen or so House and Senate members. But they are focusing on the Speaker of the House as their best method to make the biggest impact. If they can topple the Speaker they have REALLY done something.

By the way, they have targeted a few Republicans that signed onto the tax increases, too.

I doubt the recall effort will work, at least in terms of I doubt they'll topple the Speaker (although I hope I'm wrong), but this kind of tactics are deplorable nomatter who does them, nomatter their reason for using them.

He should be voted out of office for this alone if this is in fact true.

Can you imagine what would happen if Bush got a bunch of DOD employees to go out of the Pentagon and harass anti-war protesters? He'd have calls for his impeachment within an HOUR.

"I ain't never votin' fo another Democrat so long as I can draw breath! I'll vote for a dog first!" - Leola Thomas

prosecuted for interfering in democracy, aka Operation Chaos ?
The zeal for freedom of speech and democracy wax hot and cold on the left, about what you would expect from low life gangsters.

Pure convenience is the permanent state of the morally deprived.

"a man's admiration for absolute government is proportinate to the contempt he feels for those around him". Tocqueville

That is the beauty of our federal system - if a state gets to be too brain-dead, people can move.

Fan of

By the time the state is too brain-dead, people will have lost thousands to taxation, and will likely have to move. The liberals leave because they can't stand the state anymore as the taxes have been risen too high. But the created problems - size of state government are still left.

And folks are voting with their feet - Detroit lost what 5,000 people last year. One of very few cities to show negative growth in population.


Some by wt259

people can't move, because their homes are suddenly too over-valued and under-priced to sell. It'd be so nice if Michigan could declare war on Ohio, lose the war and give Ohio Wayne County. Sigh. Kwame would fit right in with the idiot mayor of Toledo.

whitehouse 08 The governor is already being investigated on her own taxes. FBI checking her out.

I meant that folks can't get what their homes are worth right now, because no one can afford to buy. Preview comment is my friend, wish I could remember that.

What a willing buyer pays a willing seller on any given day, so spake Judge Learned Hand. Those homes are not worth what people thought they were. Too bad.

The right thing to do is to take all the Katrina money and, instead of rebuilding New Orleans, buy all the new Orleans people houses in other markets. Taking that many houses off the market would stabilize banks and give the people homes. that would kill 2 birds with one stone and be cheaper for the taxpayers, so NO WAY will the bureaucracy even consider it.

Fan of

who in their right minds grants vacation time to 7 people at the same time??? Unless he's got a staff of a couple hundred, there should be no reason that 7 or more people would be out at the same time. If they do have that many people... why are they wasting taxpayer money on a staff that big?

Two thirds of the world is covered by water,
the other third is covered by Champ Bailey.

For you Michigan posters what is the image of the MI GOP? Is Fmr Gov Engler viewed popular anymore in state?

I believe both Sec of State and AG are Term limited any idea which one will run for Gov and any prospects of one of them taking on Stabenow?

The recall needs only around 8000 sigs. The district is blue collar "Reagan Democrat." Dillon is just a state rep there - his speakership confers no special immunity. It's his first term as Speaker, and he's termed out after his next term, so he's hardly an "institution."

Reportedly, no Michigan legislator whose recall appeared on the ballot has ever survived. It's "Dillon vs. Dillon" in the election, which will take place the same day as the August primary vote. There's no opponent to neg in the recall.

The Michigan GOP is worse than worthless. They have been complicit in the growth of state spending, and have supported many tax hikes. The former GOP House Speaker - a steaming pile named Rick Johnson - is defending Dillon on the recall. The GOP controls the Senate, and Michigan still got a $1.4 billion tax hike last year. They don't have a clue, and neither did the former GOP majority that lost the House last year.

There were two Englers - the "good Engler" in his first few years as gov, and the "bad Engler" of the last term-and-a-half, who presided over a massive run-up of state spending. He did some good things in 12 years and looks like a prince compared to the current incumbent, "Evita," but in the end he was just another big government statist.

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