Rezko Had Better Hope He Can Find Some Spare Change

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Times have gotten hard for fat cat Democratic Party fixers these days. The cruel and cynical America that sends Michelle Obama retreating to her prosac, has decided to take a hard and vicious look at the finances of Senator Obama’s and Governor Blagojevich’s Magic Man, Tony Rezko. It turns out Tony lives the life of Rielly on the bankroll of Wat Tyler. ABC News has decided to experiment in the black art of journalism and dishes the sordid details.

Accused Illinois fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko is in debt by $50 million and relies on "family" handouts of $7,500 a month to pay monthly costs, according to a previously sealed court transcript reviewed by ABC News. - ABC NEWS (5 Mar 2008)

While Rezko sank into this state of owing more money in debt than The Gambia produces in Annual GDP, his wife parlayed her $37.5K salary and his financial status, into enough credit to purchase a parcel of land next to the palatial Obama Manor. This land held a property value north of $625K. I guess when an influential Democrat goes $50M into debt; the bankers just call it leverage.

Rezko does not represent hope. Rezko does not represent change. Rezko represents slime and corruption worthy of Jack Abramoff; without the booze, hookers and Indian gaming casinos to entertain the cynical Americans.

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No, Rezko is worse than Jack Abramoff. He is also both a moocher and a bore. Perhaps that’s why it took three months of primary season to finally plaster his mug on the front of a MSM internet site. Well, there are other reasons for that as well.

"We have a sick political culture," said Jay Stewart, the executive director of the Chicago Better Government Association, "and that's the environment that Barack Obama came from."

Stewart says he does not understand why Obama has lectured others about corruption in Washington and Kenya but "been noticeably silent on the issue of corruption here in his home state, including at this point, mostly Democratic politicians." -ABC NEWS (29 Feb 2008)

Senator Obama seems to have lost Tony Rezko’s phone number. It just accidentally fell out of his Rolodex on the way to a campaign stop or something. When asked about the incident, Senator Hope and Change had less actionable intelligence to offer than the ancient Delphic Oracle.

There was no immediate comment from the Obama campaign.

As if there could have been a plausible explanation for his connections to Tony Rezko…..

That’s what I love about Barack. He just won’t let me go back to being apathetic and cynical. Senator Biden spoke wisdom when he described Senator Obama’s gift for articulation. He may want to reconsider whether he still considers Barack Obama to be so shiny and clean.

You have to ask just where did the money go and then note how indignant the responses you get are.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

smell much less noxious than the genuine article.

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

better hope that Rezko does not decide to pay down some of that debt with a tell all interview about his relationship with him. That could be very ugly for him.

McCain '08

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

If the rules are transparent and clear, and if the state has no author­ity to license businesses or restrict exports and imports, there will be no opportunities to pay bribes in those areas. Mart Laar

I can imagine Hussein thinking:
"My bad. You caught me with my hands in the cookie jar. But hey, I am full of hope for our future."

what a slimeball. I can't wait till the king is undressed.

Hi I'm Barack Hussein Obama and I want to be your new nanny. I dream of the Nanny state. Follow my dreams of hope and change at http:\\

The king has no clothes. Just waiting for the MSM to figure it out.

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