Broken Promises: Michigan Dem Speaker refuses to turn over documents to media

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Tax day is literally now, right around the corner.  Like the TV commercials say, it's one stress-packed trip to the post office this April 15th and this year it's more stressful than ever.

All thanks to your friendly neighborhood Democrat State Representatives.  Particularly those of you out in the Redford area.  Small business owners in Michigan's 17th State House District owe a special debt (pun intended) of gratitude to Speaker Andy Dillon, the man, the myth, the tax hiking legend.  

It was Dillon's tax hike caucus that shut down government, twisted arms (including those of several moderate Democrats) and forced fancy pants legislators and staffs alike to sleep whole nights on their office floors in his fanatical pursuit of the biggest tax hike in the history of the State of Michigan.

When it was all said and done mom and pop job providers were socked with a new "Michigan Business Tax" complete with a 22% surcharge.  On top of a spike in the income tax.  Because, apparently, when it rains tax hikes it has to pour.  

In other words, as folks finish up their 2007 returns they're going to suffer from sticker shock.  That rebate you got last year?  This year it's going to be less.  If you get one at all.  Plenty of folks are going to actually owe the State instead of getting a check in the mail.  Which is perfect because if there's anything that makes tax day any worse it's actually having to pay for the privilege.  But that's not to say there isn't any recourse, because there is.  Assuming you're not afraid of union thugs.  Union thugs YOU pay to harass you.  

That's right, the Andy Dillon Thug Watch continues to garner national attention while "blockers" still outnumber answers.

It was nearly a month ago now that Detroit area TV WDIV went on the air with this report highlighting the thugery, voter intimidation and all-but certain waste of taxpayer dollars being directed towards petition signature gatherers looking to recall Andy Dillon.  See, the man took his staff, on State time, sent them from Lansing down to Redford and told them to swarm anyone with a clipboard.  The end result... take a look for yourself.

So now, a month later, it's fair to ask... has Dillon's office ponied up the goods?  Did they follow through on their promise to provide documentation to WDIV reporter Mara MacDonald?  I was curious.  So I got ahold of Ms. MacDonald and I asked.  The following email exchange is reprinted with her permission:

Right Michigan: You stated towards the end of your report that Greg Bird, Speaker Dillon's spokesman, was going to be getting you documents to prove that his staffers were out "blocking" on vacation time.  I was wondering if he ever followed up with you in any way?  Satisfactorily?

Hope all's well.


Mara MacDonald:  No, I haven't heard a peep out of Greg Bird but Ian Douglas the Dep. Press Secretary  (and one of those caught on camera) did call me two days after the story. He wanted to show me his time cards and discuss the situation (but not on camera). I returned his call and gave him my cell phone #. I have yet to hear back.

Hope that helps.


Two days after the story.  That would have been March 20th.  It's April 8th today.  That's twenty days without a returned phone call?  From the ONE individual on staff who claims personally to actually have an excuse?  Nothing fishy about that at all.

And c'mon, you mean to tell me that in the last three weeks Dillon's staff couldn't phony up a bunch of time cards to pass along to the TV station?  Let's be serious here.  If they didn't fulfill that promise to provide information immediately it already became utterly worthless.

So what's a brother to do?  If you live in Andy Dillon's district, get ahold of Leon at the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance or Rose Boegart at the Wayne County Taxpayers.  I imagine they'd both like to hear from you.

If you're not from Redford?  Mark next Tuesday on your calendar.  The MTA is holding their big taxpayers protest right in the heart of Andy Dillon's district and the more folks that turn out the better.  Heaven knows the Speaker's going to have his staff out in force.  On their vacation time, I'm sure.

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