MI Morning Update: Granholm Lies...Again - Democrats on the Attack - Ground Game Serves as Fire Wall

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21 Days to Victory!!!

Broken Promises Calendar: No Results from Governor Granholm

PROMISE: “Jennifer Granholm will fight to expand high-quality after-school programs including summer reading programs that were cut from the state budget. (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 11, September 2002).

RESULT: Funding for after-school programs has drastically declined since the governor took office. One of Governor Granholm’s first Executive Orders (2003-23) reduced the funding for before-or-after school pilot programs by 70%.

Sorry for the delay of the clips this morning. The Michigan Democrats jumped on Jennifer Granholm lie about Dick DeVos last night and we needed to prepare an immediate response and try to limit the effect of their deliberate distortion of the facts.

It’s politics as usual for the Granholm campaign…in the worst way imaginable.

Lies, lies and more lies….this is one mean woman. Governor Granholm once again proved that she is willing to say anything go get re-elected.

Calling someone a liar is very harsh…even mean…but in politics your integrity and honesty is the most important quality you bring to the table. Can someone be trusted?

So let me be specific:

Lie #1: Granholm said Dick outsourced jobs to China. A flat out lie, never, under no circumstances at no time was a single Michigan job ever outsourced to China under the direction of Dick DeVos or Amway.

Lie #2: Granholm blames Dick for some abuses in a nursing home in Ohio and claims Dick controlled the company. Another lie, Dick and his family were passive investors, they had NO management role, did NOT control the board nor did they ever serve on the executive board. Granholm stated that the company "permitted" abuses of patients, a slanderous statement that may be addressed by the former company officials.

Lie #3: Granholm says Dick moved a company “off shore” to Bermuda to avoid taxes. A flat out lie. The Bermuda move was NOT for tax purposes, was not moved from the U.S….rather, Alticor was moving a public company from Asia to Bermuda because it was a better place to do business…it had NO U.S. tax implications whatsoever.

Governor Granholm has told the people of Michigan lie, after lie after lie in order to distort Dick’s record, question his character and win re-election. Desperate times call for desperate measures because Michigan voters know Granholm's track record and she certainly can't run on the successes of her administration. It's always somebody else who is at fault, whether it's Engler, President Bush or Michigan business owners like DeVos.

The bottom line is Granholm and her henchmen have been mean spirited, dishonest and downright nasty by telling lie after lie…just in order to keep her job.

Now the Michigan Democratic Party has released a new ad intended to distort Dick’s record and distort the facts and truth about Alticor. This is nothing more than a cheap, dishonest political stunt meant to play off on another lie Governor Granholm tossed out in last nights debate.

Michigan deserves better.

The Democrat’s spin machine is in full gear. At the state and national level, the Democrats are trying to create “momentum” for their efforts to take over the House and the Senate. They are pounding a united message and with unprecedented funds from liberal 527 major donors, they are having an effect.

We have Michigan’s own John Stryker personally putting up over $2.5 million to run ads against state House and state Senate candidates. Emily’s List and Move On.Org are in Michigan trying to push forward their candidates and their agenda.

WARNING: If we don’t act…GOTV…make calls…knock on doors…financially support our candidates…and vote…we will lose.

As challengers, the race for Governor and the U.S. Senate are at the closest point we’ve ever seen in polls in Michigan. We are challenging two incumbents, we are trailing, but closer than past races have been that have won on election day.

Our strength is our troops. It’s the fundamentals, the “blocking and tackling” of politics. We have the best grassroots organization in the state, we have the most dedicated workers…now we need to get our voters to the polls.

Don’t get caught up in the “spin”. We will win or lose this election on election day.

NEWS FLASH: Mike Bouchard raised more money the last quarter than Debbie Stabenow. The Bouchard campaign continues to break records and show why the national Republicans have the Bouchard vs. Stabenow as the top possible pick off in the country.

Bouchard -- $2.15 million

Stabenow -- $1.1 million

Bouchard vs Stabenow…there’s a good reason Debbie Stabenow doesn’t want to debate Mike Bouchard…he takes her to the cleaners on the issues. Whether it was jobs, immigration, foreign policy…Mike Bouchard drew a clear contrast between himself and Debbie Stabenow.

If you missed the debate live, you can watch it online at:


Attorney General Mike Cox hit the airwave yesterday with his new TV commercial. A hard hitting ad that talks about his efforts to take on internet predators and his success of putting folks behind bars. A great ad…you can check it out at:

Newt Gingrich talks about the fact that with 3 weeks left to go…we need to be talking about our issue…and we win!!! A great read:


Jennifer Granholm talked about her “boating skills” last night during the debate and said she was the “captain” of our ship called Michigan. I think most folks feel like their on the Titanic. Someone came up with a funny satirical play on her words…check it out:


Governor Mitt Romney will be in Kent county this evening for our last state party fundraiser to be in held in west Michigan. Governor Romney has continued to be one of the most sought after Republican speakers in the country and a huge help to Republicans running for office, right here in Michigan.

ONLY 516 hours left until the polls close! We have tons of work to do, phone calls to make, doors to be hit and literature to distribute. We need your help at Victory Centers across the state. We’ve turned the corner and we’re down to the sprint for the finish line.

This is the time for all good men and women to step forward and be counted. Michigan needs our help. We have great leadership with DeVos, Bouchard, Land, Cox and others. This Republican team is second to none. We are the ONLY state in the country where Republicans are on the offensive…and your all a big part of that.

Join us on the road to victory…together we can make a difference!!!

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Saulius "Saul" Anuzis
Michigan Republican Party

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