MI Morning Update: Michigan GOP Fired Up - Granholm tries to Play both side on Abortion - New Ads

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17 Days to Victory!!!

Broken Promises Calendar: No Results from Governor Granholm

PROMISE: “Jennifer Granholm will exercise executive leadership to keep a lid on tuition levels.” (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 5, September 2002)

RESULT: Average tuition to Michigan’s public universities increased from $4,943 to $6,874 while the Governor has been in office. It sure would have been nice if the Governor had kept this promise. (House Fiscal Agency, 2006)

Republicans are coming out of the wood work! Volunteers are joining our efforts at local Victory Centers across the state. We are making more voter contacts per day and per week than ever before. Lawn signs are being “traded” between centers as we are running out of various lawn signs because of the high level of interest.

This week, Michigan became the first state in the country to make over 2,000,000 voter contact attempts through our phone banks and knocking on doors. We have 27 Victory Centers around the state, most of which are working 7 days a week.

Some voters are frustrated, but the alternative is scary.

Jennifer Graholm wants to raise taxes…she has to in order to pay for all the programs she’s promised.

We have 3 Supreme Court Justices over 79 years old.

Could you imagine Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House? Impeachment, tax increases, retreat, obstruction and a radical agenda that we’ve discussed before.

The press is spinning gloom and doom for Republicans. The facts contradict this propaganda.

Dick DeVos and Mike Bouchard are polling closer to the incumbents than any other challenger in recent history. All the poll numbers have been very optimistic.

We are having record volunteer activities across the state…making more phone calls, knocking on more doors and getting more signs out than any previous election.

SOS Terri Lynn Land and AG Mike Cox are two popular statewide incumbents who are running very strong and will help bring more voters to the Republican ranks.

State House and Senate candidates are all up for re-election. We have majorities in both and have opportunities to pick up additional/new seats. In effect, reverse coat-tails.

National polls that measure voter intensity and voter motivation have all shown Republicans and Democrats are virtually tied…in some cases we have a slight lead.

Despite the media hype, an examination of all the facts make it clear: the Republican base is active and engaged. No matter how your measure it – whether by record-breaking fundraising, unpercendented volunteerism, or scientific polling – the numbers show that Republicans understand the importance of the choice we all face on November 7.

And in Michigan…we are on the offense – planning and working towards victory!

Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman will be joining us on our Monday evening conference call. I would just like to remind all State Committee members and County Chairs to join us on the call.

You’ve got to love local initiatives….here’s an example of what folks in the Genesee and Lapeer county are doing on their own. Please keep sending me examples of Republicans making a difference…add a photo and we’ll share it with the team. Check it out:


Absolutely a great ad. The Republican Governors Association started running this ad yesterday in Michigan. It’s funny, it’s different but it hits all the key points right on the head. Please watch it and then share it with you friends.


Jennifer Granholm conceeds her economic "plan" has failed, now she goes on an attack against Dick DeVos on abortion.

But her ad is lying about her own extreme position on abortion - she claims in a new ad that she is "personally pro-life."

Funny, she said on Off the Record in 1998:

GRANHOLM: I'm pro-choice.

SKUBICK: Always have been?


She told Between the Lines: "I am pro-choice, I am pro-choice, I am pro-choice! I've been endorsed by EMILY'S List and they don't endorse people who are not pro-choice."

The second part of the ad is attacking Dick DeVos for being "extreme" on abortion. Dick DeVos is extreme? He wants to protect life.

Granholm also said: “If elected governor, Granholm, who is Catholic and rides with a Bible in her campaign vehicle, says she would defend a woman’s access to abortion and support an increase in abortion clinics.” (Detroit Metro Times, 7/24/02)

The truth is, Granholm will do anything to stop from talking about the real issue: jobs - the Governor has lost almost 100,000 of them since being elected and has no excuse and has no plan to stop the bleeding. We all know better.

Let this motivate you: Granholm will say and do anything to try to get re-elected.

I think this is clearly a desperate move...this is the first time I have ever seen the "abortion card" played to the general electorate. She is counting on again confusing the issue...she vetoed a ban on partial birth abortion, she has bragged to her "constituents" that she is "pro-choice" and now says she is "personally pro-life"...what does that mean?

Jennifer Granholm support abortion on demand, for any reason...anytime?!? She is out of the mainstream!

The question now is - what will you do about it?



Only 420 hours left until the polls closed.

We have only 420 to make a difference. We have a Governor who is willing to say anything to get re-elected. In her own words, by her own definition, she is a politician who has lost her “soul”. http://migop.blogs.com/blog/2006/10/granholm_lost_h.html

We need more volunteers, more phone callers, more folks to knock on doors and deliver our Republican message to the voters of Michigan. Join us and help turn Michigan around!

For complete post to to:


Saulius "Saul" Anuzis
Michigan Republican Party

That has to be one of the most worthless, deceptive positions ever conceived; "I'm personally pro-life, but I completely support the hijacking of the issue by the Courts and think they should set a radical pro-abortion policy."

Under the Left/Democrat's definition of pro-life, 90% of the population would be pro-life. They do the same when claiming to 'personally oppose gay marriage', yet of course they don't support any effort to stop the courts from imposing a new order completely at odds with their 'personal' position.

Its a complete joke, yet the media NEVER calls them on it, and you NEVER hear a debate question put to candidates from this point of view.

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