Public-Private Partnerships

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The Future for Missouri (And Any Other State that Wants Them)

Rapidly increasing gas prices are hurting consumers everywhere. Missouri is no exception. One of the effects (I’ll let the reader decide for themselves if it is positive or negative) is that people have begun to drive less. Less driving leads to less gas purchased. Less purchased gas equals less state revenue via the gas sales tax. This has lead to an interesting dilemma for many states on how to fund road projects, bridges, and other transportation projects. States are searching for alternatives.

Recently, reporters have been asking each of the candidates for Missouri’s governorship how they intend to cover the shortfall in revenues. All three candidates (Republicans Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman and Democrat Jay Nixon) have stated that raising the state’s gas tax is a no-go. U.S. Congressman Hulshof has suggested that an alternative solution be examined further: public-private partnerships.

Hulshof called the public private partnership idea (also known as some type of toll road) intriguing. "Imagine a parallel truck lane along Interstate 44 with just truck traffic that's built with private funds," Hulshof asked attendees during his hour session with the Chamber.

Rep. Kenny Hulshof from the KY3 Political Notebook

Ever since I saw the following video from I’ve been extremely intrigued by public-private partnerships in transportation.

You tell me which situation you would rather be in: 1.) Continue to be stuck in traffic day in a day out or 2.) Allow private businesses to build double-decker roads, express lanes and tunnels where you could pay to shorten your commute time.

Me? I’ll choose door number two.

For more information on public-private partnerships:

Reason Foundation has an entire topic on Transportation and Tolls.

Show-Me Institute’s David Stokes Tolling a Valuable Option for Missouri’s Transportation System

Show-Me Institute’s Missouri’s Changing Transportation Paradigm(pdf)

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