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It seems that everyone is proclaiming what the voters meant on November 7. I won't speak for everyone else, at least not this time. This time, all I have to offer is what I want. I did vote, after all, for all the good it did us.

I want my leaders to display loyalty to no party, no race, no bloc of voters; nor to the media, nor to bloggers, nor to campaign contributors, nor even to me. I instead demand that they display in their every word and action loyalty to our nation and its historical values.

I want a government limited both in the services it provides and in the obedience it demands.

I want leaders who encourage individualism in self reliance, self control, self defense, and self expression.

I want wars that are fought in defense of American interests and ideals, but I want those wars fought to the end. I want leaders who have served under arms when young, so they will dread war when they are old.

I want my government to be limited. This is not some empty slogan; the limits are written down for all to see. And yet some choose to ignore those limits.

I want judges who leave to the legislature the power to legislate. I want no attempt to anticipate exceptional and hypothetical situations, or to base our law on their fancy of what might happen. I want judges who will decide cases.

I want the Federal government to interpose itself only when there is a clear conflict between States. I don't want it to assert its authority based on some hypothetical economy of action, implicitly relying on the legendary efficiency of the Federal government.

I want a government that knows that "interstate commerce" means commerce between states, not the tip I give a waitress in my own neighborhood diner, and not the grain a farmer grows to feed his own cows.

I want a government that defends life, from the moment of conception to the last sweet breath of an old man in his bed. I want no one, neither parent nor doctor, neither judge nor thug, to bring about the death of another. I want that decision left to a jury after a good long trial, though I have qualms about it, even then.

I want a government that defends liberty by ignoring what it can ignore, supporting only what it must, and asking only what it has a need to know.

I want leaders who obey the laws they pass, not defend the right of a corrupt official to store bribe money in his freezer.

I want the freedom to carry a gun on my person in whatever public place I choose.

I want the borders secured with a tall fence and a wide gate. I want anyone who will be loyal to my country and obey its few, simple, laws to make my country his own. I want to know who those people are who come in the wide gate, but as soon as I know they are Americans, I want to forget their origin.

I want to be able to offend someone and not end up in jail. I want the right to write in public what I would speak in private without being dragged in front of a judge for the content of my crazy ideas.

I want a government that ignores the color of a man's skin, and not to care generally whether that man is a man or something else.

I want the government to ignore what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors. I also want my government to recognize only marriages between a man and a woman.

I want a government that balances it budget by cutting taxes and by cutting spending.

And if I don't get all of that soon, there will be hell to pay on November 4, 2008.


What you want is a rational compact between men. The question is how can we push back against the forces that want to separate us into classes and exploit our outcomes. We as a nation are becoming a "house divided against itself."

This is an opportunistic climate we are working against, with our fellow man wanting to engage foreigners to exploit. America has to remain the life raft of humanity, otherwise humanity will take a vacation and a new dark age will prevail.

How can we secure these things that you want, I want, many of us want if the Western World is hell-bent on apoligizing for all sins while militant world domination is creeping upon us?

Does the West want to survive?

If I could recommend this diary two or three times, I would. You have stated for all us, more eloquently than we could have stated it ourselves.

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. -The Fray, "All At Once"

Now I got to thinking about who should be senate minority leader..After I read your article....Senator Colburn of OK. He just needs some help form Sen. Sessions even Lott and /or Mitch Mc. of KY could be his point men ..due to there polished speaking ablities. Senator Colburn is about order.

McCain-AZ and Colman -MN I can see even taking part.Sen. Colburn -0K is almost the man that you may want


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