New game: Try to figure out what the Obama campaign thinks about Iraq

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Over the last 48 hours, senior advisers in Barack Obama's campaign have articulated (at least) 3 separate positions on Iraq. Chief campaign strategist David Axelrod, campaign co-chair Senator McCaskill, and foreign policy advisor Susan Rice all expressed different positions. Watch them:

David Axelrod said that Obama would listen: "he would listen to the advice of commanders on the ground, that that would factor into his thinking".

That's reassuring.

When MSNBC'S Monica Novotny asked, "whether Obama will public ly change course before November" when his current position could result in the "return the central government to a state of collapse, Sen. McCaskill said, "No. He will not."

That's kind of frightening. Making policy in the absence of reviewing the consequences of the policy.

Susan Rice, his foreign policy advisor, says that he will not just "listen to his commanders on the ground", "he will follow and heed their advice".

Does this mean that Axelrod is saying that Obama will listen but not "follow and heed" the advice of the commanders?

Today, all those advisors--and more--are trying to explain Obama's policies on the morning shows. Perhaps someone will be able to coordinate these chuckleheads, but it probably won't be the Obama campaign.

Perhaps you can try to figure out what their policy will be. They certainly don't seem to know.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to another exciting round of (audience chants along) WHATS. MY. POLICY! And heeeere's your host, GEORGE SOROS (applause).
"You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice" - Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert)

You start with a bold headline but you present such picayune comments it seems to me you are really stretching to backup your assertion. I think most people see through your trifling statements. Obama is a thoughtful person as you can tell from his articulation of the issues. If you want to compete in this arena you'll hae to try harder.

Trust me, you'd rather be categorized that way than as the alternative, which is "so dumb as to somehow turn 'Soren' into 'Steve.'"

Either way, bye.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

Folks, we should be preparing for a major FLIP on Iraq. Obama needs to find someone in his campaign who knows foreign policy, and he should stick to something he's better at, like bowling.

Anyone care to take a bet on weather the Obamasiah will have the sand to actually come forward and say that conditions have changed and, as a result, he's changed his mind?

Or will the "new kind of politician" just find a way to prevaricate around the issue and tell us that he was for it while he was against it?
"You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice" - Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert)

This is fine for the campaign, but the real trick is to manage to simultaneously have 3 different policies on Iraq as president...

Obama is using the same rhetoric that one of his advisors, Claire McCaksill, used during the 2006 Missouri Senate race. The purpose, of course, was to fool voters into believing that they were not micromangers of the war and surrender weasels that they are.

Unfortunately, the strategy worked.

why are there no republican operatives doing a mash up of those clips into a 1 minute hard hitting ad we put up all over the internet and email cyberspace?!!

Is this too much to ask from either the RNC, the GOP in Congress or the hundreds of paid staffers who work for McCain?!!

How about someone who cares about the country doing it then?

"Small town folks get bitter after which they cling to guns or religion, or antipathy to people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment"- Barack Carter Obama

I believe Pentagon16's query is fair. There must be a full analysis of this recent flip flops of Obama and the DNC on the following viewpoints:

1. Obama is reversing his own policies to pander or court the independents and moderate Republicans alike.

2. Obama is conceiling his true identity as socialist (anti-war is a the major policy of CPUSA and DSA; go their website) and is acting like an ordinary liberal. He has been recently bombarded by attack that he is a Marxist.

3. Obama is just trying to prepare the public when he makes a major reversal of his former statements, like the issues of FISA and campaign finance.

4. Obama is just your typical subtle liar. It will be pointless for McCain to nail him down on any issue because of Obama's contradicting statements. This is a socialist strategy of highest degree: never allow your opponent to press any issue against you by siding on both issues.

5. Obama will return to his original positions once he gets elected. We see the NAFTA issue: While Obama's attacking the NAFTA to get the votes, his minions were talking to Canadians for damage control.

Which of the above statement/s are true? Obama is not your usual politician. He may be a junior politician, but he is the shrewdest lying politician every existed on this planet. Funny, his supporters don't see it that way, oh! brainwashing I suppose.

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