Thad McCotter on "speaking Democrat"

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This is hysterical. Go Thad McCotter

Transcript below the fold


“Democrats are progressive.”

Translation:  “Democrats are regressive.”

“CHANGE” = “THE 1970s”

“Democrats will bring you change.”

Translation:  “Democrats will bring you the 1970s.”


“Democrats support proactive government.”

Translation:  “Democrats support proactive socialism.”


“Democrats will enhance revenues.”

Translation:  “Democrats will raise taxes.”


“Democrats will only tax the rich.”

Translation:  “Democrats will only tax you.”


“Democrats will invest your money.”

Translation:  “Democrats will waste your money.”


“Democrats have an energy policy.”

Translation:  “Democrats have a lethargy policy.”


“Democrats will replace your blue collar jobs with green collar jobs.”

Translation:  “Democrats will replace your blue collar jobs with unemployment.”


Speaking “Global Democrat”



“Democrats will protect America from Iranian nukes through tough, principled diplomacy.”

Translation:  “Democrats will protect America from Iranian nukes through tough, principled magic.”


“Democrats will engage America’ enemies.”

Translation: “Democrats will appease America’s enemies.”

“END” = “LOSE”

“Democrats will end the Iraq War.”

Translation:  “Democrats will lose the Iraq War.”


if wasn't so true. Good stuff. If the Congressman job doesn't last, he should try stand up.
Who needs PowerPoint when you have a ruler and charts.

Freedom of Religion NOT Freedom from Religion

Thanks for digging it up. His delivery was perfect!


The sad thing is just how true it is.

At the same time as watching this I had an episode of Who's the Boss playing on my PC. It gave a great Laugh track to his work.

I rate the Diplomacy = Magic the best one.

It could also be Magic = Miracles

Voting for the Sexy(Pres) - Sexy(VP) Dream Ticket
Jindal/Palin 2012

Thad McCotter unmasks the real Democratic Party, which consistently hides its intentions with flowery language and doublespeak. Mr Obama is a fine exponent of this approach.

His speeches are an enormous sack of gas. He is a Socialist who will return to the failed policies of the past. He will tax tax tax and destroy the productive sector of the economy. He will appease tyrants. This will encourage them to increase attacks on America on the basis that Obama is a weak. In contrast they will not relish challenging John McCain. A strong President will discourage enemies. A weak President will encourage them to take a chance. They regard Obama as weak.

His opposition to drilling and nuclear power indicates that Obama is more in tune with the 1800s. He favours higher energy prices. He is a prisoner of his extreme left ideology and is a dreamer. His economic policy-in so far as he has one- is as far approached from reality as a hippie is from conventional society.

Elect a President Obama in haste and repent at leisure with a diet of high taxation, insecurity and high unemployment.
Thad McCotter gets to the core of the Socialist Democratic Party.

Fascist = Someone who disagrees with us
Nazi = someone who disagrees with us and is winning the argument.
Victim: Anyone who's not a Facist or Nazi

Skeptic = Denier (As in "Global warming denier")
Denier = not a threat (as in "Amadinejad is a Holocost Denier" = "Amadinejad is not a threat")

Islamist Terrorist: "Freedom fighter"
Fundamentalist Christian: "Terrorist"

American Soldier: "Baby Killer"
American Abortionist: "Freedom Fighter"

Jobs: "good"
Employers: "evil"

Big Oil: "evil"
Small Oil: what the hell IS small oil, anyway?
Big Tobbaco: "evil"
Small Tobbacco: see "Small Oil"

Gun Owner: Facist (qv)
Gun-Weilding Criminal: "unwitting victim of the gun lobby"

Poor people: "opressed"
Middle Class People: "lackeys"
Anyone who makes more than you: "Opressor"
Senator with a trust fund, Democrat: "Freedom Fighter"
Senator with an income, Republican: "Fat Cat"

Pentagon press release, good news: "Propaganda"
Pentagon press release, bad news: "Good news"

Republican pres. candidate with only 1 term as Governor: "Inexperienced"
Democrat pres. candidate with less than 1 term as Senator: "Messiah"

Republican pres. candidates who got C's in college: "moron"
Democrat pres. candidate who got C's at same college: world's smartest man
Republican pres. candidate who had drinking problem in college: "Drunk"
Democrat Senator-for-life who still has a drinking problem: "Saint"
Republican pres. candidate who possibly had well-connected father fix a parking ticket in college: "Scion of priveledge"
Democrat Senator-for-life who murdered a campaing worker and had well-connected family cover it up: "Saint"
Democrat President who knowingly lies to a grand jury: "Victim of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"
Republican President who executes his duties as C-in-C based on data later found to be faulty: "Liar"
Republican President who possibly failed to serve out his last few months of a Reserve hitch during the Vietnam war: "Deserter"
Democrat pres candidate who gamed the system give himself a medal and a ticket home during the Vietnam war: "World's smartest man"
Democrat President who gamed the system to avoid any service at all: "Victim of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"

Revealing a candidates self-styled grandstanding about his war record as a tissue of lies: "Swiftboating"
Concocting and broadcasting faked documents about a candidates war record: "Speaking Truth to Power".

Preventing ballots from one Florida county from being recounted again and again until the "right" outcome is acheived: "Stealing the Election"
Preventing the ballots from two entire states from being counted in the primaries: "Hope and Change"

"You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice" - Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert)

Have you added to the population of the McCain 2008 minicity yet today?

I drive a hydrogen powered car - it runs on C8H18 to be exact.

Reducing taxes on the oil industry: "tax breaks for the rich"
Paying government subsidies to corporate farms when corn prices have quadrupled in 12 months: "help for the family farm"
Paying government subsidies to ethanol producers when corn prices have quadrupled in 12 months: "energy policy"
"You can't save the Earth unless you're willing to make other people sacrifice" - Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert)

Sorry about this but why are Republicans doing this, and why are they acting like democrats

since when are Repubs wanting scary gun bans? Maybe I am reading this wrong, if I am please correct me.

The free exchange of ideas inevitably yields both heat and light.

I honestly think that is the single most effective 3 minutes the GOP has ever had.

If McCain was to do that at his next press conference, it would BE HUGE NEWS and could actually break the media silence of his campaign..

"Small town folks get bitter after which they cling to guns or religion, or antipathy to people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment"- Barack Carter Obama

[Easy to find, easier to replace, folks. - Moe Lane]

This signature left intentionally blank

and trash. This guy is so far out there. I wonder what he thinks of words like charish,protect,loyalty,maternal & paternal bonding? We still don't know what he thinks patriotism means.

That was awesome. "The sting of any rebuke is the truth". Ben Franklin
Tim Schieferecke

This is priceless!


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