International allies question Obama's Iran policy

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Barack Obama's Iran policy is getting questioned ... by our center-left European allies. From the London Times:

David Miliband has raised questions over Barack Obama’s policy on Iran, which officials in Washington and Europe fear threatens to undermine the tough stance adopted by the West towards Tehran over recent years. ...

British intelligence chiefs are understood to have identified Iranian nuclear proliferation as the second greatest security threat, behind Islamic terrorism but ahead of renewed aggression from Russia.

Let's be clear. Our policy on Iran was developed with our European allies, especially the UK, France, and Germany. In abandoning it, Obama is advocating abandoning commitments we have made to our allies.

This is not the first time that our allies have expressed alarm at Obama's ignorant, inexperienced proposals that break commitments we have made to our allies. Read on.

Miliband also noted:

They also discussed trade — with Mr Obama advisers saying that they still intended to renegotiate deals such as Nafta — and how much European support there would be for a US military surge in Afghanistan.

This should remind you of recent statements by the EU's trade commissioner that were critical of Obama's protectionism:

Peter Mandelson, European trade commissioner, has said the protectionist stances taken by the US presidential candidates risk taking the world trading system back by decades.

I would note that Mandelson is also a man of the center-left and a strong ally of Tony Blair. This is important. The European center-left is rejecting Barack Obama and the Democrats for abandoning our allies on security and trade issues.

And these guys are claiming to restore our global standing? Are they kidding?

It's George W. Bush and his cowboy ways that have caused problems with our allies, not "heart-in-the-right-place" Obama.

/sarc *off*

Who needs the EU states when you can get Iran, Venezuela and Cuba to come and chat whenever you want.

For all the grief the left has given Bush, this is almost poetic.
Just a typical, small town, white girl...

is that they eventually realize threats to their values and their way of life from belligerent states. America's Democrats, for all their talk of liberal values, seem completely unconcerned with the human condition beyond our borders.

As I've been saying--

Democrats: Abandoning Allies, One Country at a Time.

Maybe ObaMa Kenoba has just decided to speed things up.

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