Saddam Saw al-Qaida As Threat?

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Senate: Saddam Saw al-Qaida As Threat

Released Friday, the report discloses for the first time an October 2005 CIA assessment that before the war, Saddam's government "did not have a relationship, harbor or turn a blind eye toward" al-Qaida operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi or his associates.

Saddam told U.S. officials after his capture that he had not cooperated with Osama bin Laden even though he acknowledged that officials in his government had met with the al-Qaida leader, according to FBI summaries cited in the Senate report.

"Saddam only expressed negative sentiments about bin Laden," Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi leader's top aide, told the FBI.

Saddam Hussein regarded al-Qaida as a threat rather than a possible ally, a Senate report says, contradicting assertions President Bush has used to build support for the war in Iraq.

Yes! Believe this cuzz it's true. My sisters, cousins, uncle said that all of this islamo-stuff is just hooey... give me a drag...!!! you neo-cons are so stupit... i mean for reeel....

Al Qaeda No. 2 in Iraq Captured

Al-Saeedi ''claims to be responsible for more attacks than he can remember'' and has been involved in the insurgency almost from its beginning three years ago, the official said.

3 years ago? but absolutely no ties to Saddam!!! More wishful thinking by the liberals...

Oh! you mean there were bad guys in Iraq before and at the beginning of the war???

The news didn't say that??? OMG!

Saddam did fear radical jihadists in the EARLY 90s, so he co-opted them by getting religious, changing the flag and taking the children of his enemies and raising them as his Fedayeen jihadist army modeled on Hitler youth. His sons were raised in the radical islamist ideology.

great blog enty SF

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