Meet The Con(e)Heads- They're From France!

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From Remulac to your living room. Beldar is looking cool, non?

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Well, the Great Debates are over. What have we learned?

Well, the candidates gave us ample time to look under the hoods, I mean, their cones. On Iraq, they’re serving Vintage Chateau Chirac 2003, blaming Bush for everything, and expressing visceral determination to drop Iraq like a hot pile of frites just as soon as decency allows. Their position on foreign policy is to troll the world for approval and a cure for the malaise that afflicts the liberal policy establishment whenever they have to deal with protecting the national interest.

Chez la maison, their domestic policy is pure dirigisme. Nanny knows best, and will direct the lives of the little ones. Those mean rich people (deviancy to be defined downwards on the income scale) will be taxed. It’s for the children, of course. Nanny will make the world right with mass quantities of new federal policy initiatives and regulation.

Their differences in world view are as profound as those that separate Harvard from Yale. True, they are bombing (but not like Ayres thankfully) in Middle America, but then their Ivy Minds are as disconnected from normal experience in this country as that of their forebears on Remulac. We must be charitable and ascribe their faux pas to unfamiliarity with the mores of our planet. And we have an explanation for The Cackle, too.

With thanks to the Lord of the Universe, it will soon be over. And one of them will be left to con(e) alone and go up against John McCain. Proof positive that there is a god. And that's something we can cling to!

We all know about their ability to "consume mass quantities" of our tax dollars.

Haven't seen 'em swill their campaign beer straight from the six pack yet though.

Next up, Bill, as the Land Shark.....

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people."
A. Lincoln

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