Mose Jefferson, Brother of Rep. Wm. Jefferson (D-LA), Indicted

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This is a story of an extended family who has raised Sucking The Public Teat to an art form.

Mose Jefferson, older brother of the illustrious Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA, he of the $90,000 in his freezer!), was indicted today by a Federal grand jury. Mose is charged with bribery of a public official.

Indicted congressman's brother charged with paying bribes

Mose Jefferson, the eldest brother and chief political strategist of embattled U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, was indicted by a federal grand jury today on charges that he repeatedly bribed Ellenese Brooks-Simms, the former president of the Orleans Parish School Board, to ensure her support for a computer-based algebra curriculum he was selling.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten detailed the indictment at an 11 a.m. news conference at his office on Poydras Street. In total, Jefferson is charged with seven felony counts, including one count of conspiracy to commit bribery, three counts of bribery, one count of money laundering and two counts of obstruction of justice, Letten said.


All told, Mose Jefferson was paid $913,000 in commissions for selling up to $14 million in product to the School Board, Letten said Wednesday. It could not be determined Wednesday whether that entire sum had been paid to JRL.

The charges have no direct bearing on William Jefferson, who is awaiting trial in Virginia on 16 unrelated corruption charges. But the case does have close links to him. JRL Enterprises founder John Lee has held fund-raisers for the congressman, who in turn has been a big supporter of "I CAN Learn." Rep. Jefferson arranged for at least some of the $45 million in congressional earmarks the company has received.

"The charges have no direct bearing on William Jefferson..."


Mose Jefferson has nothing to sell except the influence of his corrupt Congressman-brother.

Maybe in his freezer will get indicted somewhere around October 1st...

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...his girlfriend, Renee Gill-Pratt, is.

As is Brother Bill, ex officio.

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and New Orleans this week and have been amazed at the full breadth of this story that has not been reported by MSM. It sounded bad on the national news, but listening to the local news (especially radio... suggests Jefferson and his family are nothing more than thieves in three pieces.
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