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Posted at 9:09am on Jun. 19, 2008 Obama Breaks His Word, Again [Bumped.]

By c17wife

[Promoted from blogs, with the permalink added. I look forward with some interest to seeing May's fundraising totals tomorrow, as well as June's - this announcement at least suggests that he has had excellent months for both. - Moe Lane]

This morning, Jake Tapper is reporting that Barack Obama will go back on his word and opt out of the public financing system for the general election.

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Posted at 8:20am on Jun. 2, 2008 Novak Reminds Scotty About What Really Happened

By c17wife

As I have listened and read about the press fawning over Scott McClellan's truth to power novel, I wondered when someone would set Scotty straight on one minor detail.
You remember, that detail about just who really did "out" Valerie Plame. It wasn't Rove or Libby. Do ya'll remember who it was? Armitage, Dick Armitage, Bueller, anyone else remember that?

Well, Bob Novak remembers. And he reminds Scotty-boy here-

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Posted at 6:40pm on May 20, 2008 Chuck Norris for VP!!!

By c17wife

I'm about to head to bed, but I wanted to leave you guys and gals with something a little light-hearted on such a serious day.

Via Townhall-Here's Chuck!

"...It really doesn't matter whose presidential ticket I ride on as vice president because America will be a Chucktatorship when I step into office. If I am elected vice president, I promise to fulfill these pledges unilaterally within my first 30 days in office:

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Posted at 11:37am on May 14, 2008 Bush Dodging Rockets in Israel

By c17wife

President Bush is in Jerusalem today holding talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. This is part of a five day trip that will take him to Saudi and Egypt as well.

Sadly, one can never forget the danger our President faces as he travels to these countries.

Exhibit A here-

"Israeli TV stations are reporting that a rocket fired from Gaza has exploded in a shopping center in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. Channel 2 TV reported that an unknown number of people have been injured."

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Posted at 7:59am on May 14, 2008 John McCain's Pastor Problem

By c17wife

For weeks on end now, we have heard the MSM and the dems bleat on about how Obama can not be held accountable for his Jeremiah Wright, 20 year, pew-parked butt. It is unfair to challenge that relationship and it is down right racist to question it. Obama is a uniter and he can reach across the aisle and heal us all. And on, and on, and on.

Besides, we all know that John McCain has his own pastor problem. Right? Seriously, he allows such bigoted fools like John Hagee endorse him. And we all know that John Hagee is an anti-catholic bigot. So there. Stop giving Barack a hard time.

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Posted at 8:18am on May 10, 2008 Barack Obama, the Ultimate Feminist

By c17wife

For your Saturday morning reading pleasure.

Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama

My favorite line out of the whole article is this one-

..."This pattern of old-style politics and adherence to un-feminist values is part and parcel of the campaign Hillary Clinton has run," Garfinkel wrote. "In this race, Barack Obama is the true feminist."...

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Posted at 5:00pm on May 1, 2008 Bad for the Children

By c17wife

Ya'll know I'm not one to pop up a quick diary, but I can not let this pass.

Michelle Obama wants us all to stop talking about Reverend Wright because it is hard on her kids and it really doesn't help us make decisions about how to fund education. I kid you not!

Here is the direct qoute-

“This conversation doesn't help my kids, you know,” Mrs. Obama told NBC’s Meredith Viera. “It doesn't help kids out there who are looking for us to make decisions and choices about how we're going to better fund education.”

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Posted at 4:26pm on Apr. 21, 2008 Tony Snow to CNN?

By c17wife

Oh, I am so very sad.
Politico is reporting that Tony Snow will be joining CNN as a political consultant.

From CNN-

"Former White House press secretary Tony Snow will join CNN as a conservative commentator beginning today, it was announced by Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S. A well-known and respected observer of politics with a longstanding news background, Snow will contribute to CNN as the network continues to broadcast winning political coverage."

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Posted at 5:28pm on Apr. 14, 2008 Am I Bitter?

By c17wife

I know I am late to the party, but I really feel the need to get in my two cents with respect to the young senator from IL. That man that wants us to give him the keys to the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That man that thinks all of us from small town America are nothing more than ignorant bigots toting guns and shooting at things that go bump in the night.

When the reality that Obama had been attending a racist, hate-America church hit the news, I made my comments. I wasn’t shocked or surprised. It just confirmed what I had already suspected since 2004. I knew he wasn’t the Messiah the media made him out to be. Jeremiah’s words and Barack’s tacit approval offended me, as they well should have. But they didn’t wound me. I knew they were only the sentiments of a bitter man that only knows how to blame others for the ills that haunt him.

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Posted at 10:27am on Apr. 1, 2008 John McCain, Ready for Duty?

By c17wife

Much angst has been had over the perception that John McCain was not going to engage Barack Obama enough. We have all sat back and watched McCain denounce those that have tried to use Obama's middle name, Hussein, as a means to bludgeon him. We have also watched him give Obama the benefit of the doubt wrt his pastor and the hate-America church he attends. And lastly, we have bit our tongues in frustration that John McCain didn't seem much interested in getting to the bottom of just how involved with Tony Rezko Obama truly was. Through it all, we have talked ourselves into breathing deeply and letting the dems slay each other and just letting John McCain look like the adult in the room. All the while secretly wondering if he truly had it in him to fight this fight.

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