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Posted at 12:46pm on Feb. 24, 2008 Kennedy Introduces Gun Microstamping Bill

By kowalski

[Cross Posted @ The Minority Report. H/T: The NRA-ILA]

Senator Ted Kennedy is perhaps the longest-serving and most vociferous anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment Senator in Washington, who in 1974 stated his unequivocal belief that all handguns in America should be confiscated:

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Posted at 2:15pm on Feb. 23, 2008 Goodbye Cruel World! (er, not really.)

By kowalski

Just a personal and brief note to all my friends here at RedState:

Very Special Agent Frank RichIn the next few months I'm going to be doing most of my blogging, whining, grousing, impromptu portraits of Frank Rich and other Donks, as well as actual writing (I hope) and analysis primarily at The HinzSight Report and The Minority Report.

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Posted at 6:09am on Feb. 23, 2008 B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Crashes in Guam

By kowalski

Breaking early this morning:

One of the Air Force's B-2 Spirit stealth bombers has crashed just after take-off at Andersen AFB in Guam. Both pilots ejected safely and the AF reports they are in good condition. A plume of smoke was seen rising from the base, but apparently there was no other damage to buildings, nor were there any munitions on board the plane at the time of the crash.

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Posted at 10:17am on Feb. 19, 2008 Actions Have Consequences: The NIU Shooter Compendium

By kowalski

Yesterday I promised that I would put together a new blog entry with the express intention of keeping this story and all of its fascinating aspects available here on RedState, for people who haven't had the opportunity to read my take on the NIU shooting. I would also like to take this opportunity to help move the discussion in a slightly different, more germane and appropriate direction, namely: What Is To Be Done by Americans about the state of higher education in this country?

I will make absolutely no equivocation about the fact that I consider myself to be an ideological enemy of the Leftist hegemony in American higher academics -- particularly as that leftism is manifested in the social sciences. And the feeling is reciprocal. I am convinced that it's not just a matter of cultural importance but also, in the long run, of basic national security that our University system be systematically and thoroughly reformed. The first thing we need to do is kick out the French postmodern and poststructuralist philosophers and sweep them into the dustbin of history. The second thing we need to do is to change the way faculty hiring is done, and we need to actively intervene and put the Leftists on a very short leash indeed. At the University level, you do that most effectively by cutting off their money, and that means putting pressure on the Administration, particularly the Deans and Provosts, who have discretion over budgets and faculty expenditures.

Another crucially important way that we can effect that change and move it into the realm of praxis is through more active and persistent Alumni involvement. I also hope that one of the results of this thread is to start people thinking creatively about how to carry out this task at every level: from the students to the State and Federal governments. It's long past due. Enough is enough.

Read On...

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Posted at 8:38pm on Feb. 18, 2008 Ted Turner Getting Richer Because of Global Warming

By kowalski

Brief News Flash:

Ted Turner is getting richer by the day because of global warming hysteria. Tonight I was browsing a link about the beef recall and noticed that a company called First Solar was being hawked through an ad on Yahoo! because of the way its stock price has gone through the roof.

First Solar manufactures "Next Generation Thin Film Solar Modules" but the big news is that in November they acquired DT Solar, a "Turner Renewable Energy Company" to the tune of $35 million in cash and stock.

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Posted at 5:34pm on Feb. 14, 2008 Bloomberg will enter this race (?) - 90% Y

By kowalski

Mike Bloomberg is already salivating over the bad news that Bernanke had for the economy today, he's making a big deal out of it, and he's edging cloooooser and cloooooser to entering this race as an Independent.

If he does, his candidacy will benefit Barack Obama. I am now putting the odds of a Bloomberg entry at 90/10 in favor.

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Posted at 1:06pm on Feb. 12, 2008 I Can't Read...I'm A Teacher

By kowalski

[Update: One other thing from his statements in the interview: he's a Messianic thinker. It's surprising how far that can take someone with what would otherwise be considered enormous deficits. The thing about Corcoran is that I'm sure he's a very positive, almost preternaturally optimistic individual: that's why he could get around a problem like being illiterate for most of his professional career.

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Posted at 8:26am on Feb. 8, 2008 Today is a New Day

By kowalski

Governor Willard Mitt Romney is out of the 2008 Presidential race, and I'm of a complex mind about it, but in the end I am relieved that he chose this moment to exit the contest, and particularly with so much aplomb, and with so little evident bitterness. We as a party have bigger fish to fry, so to speak, than each other, over the next seven months leading up to our convention.

I confess that I don't watch much television, and so I've had to listen to the protestations of outrage from the supporters of other candidates second hand. They've always seemed a little more whiny than genuine to me, but I'm sure they don't think they were taking anything but righteous umbrage at Romney's attacks, or even his presence in the race as a Conservative. For me, Romney's campaign was always one that I supported on the merits, and I watched very few of his commercials, even though they were dutifully forwarded to me in press releases each day by Romney's tireless and tenacious online campaign manager, Steve Smith. For others though, he was a usurper, a pod person or a cat burglar trying to make off with the jewels and leave no clues, after having pressed an imprint of the key to the display case into a bar of soap while nobody was looking.

Other people have said more about what his campaign accomplished and I don't feel the need to add to them except that he made a good run, coming from nowhere, with virtually no name recognition and a rucksack full of skeletons that kept jabbing him in the kidneys every time he tried to smile. It was quite an achievement and a testament to his ability to put together a crackerjack team and keep it humming. On that level alone Mitt Romney is an asset to the Republican Party and everyone should be proud to have him around. In the fullness of time, his detractors should also have the grace to grant him the opportunity to convince them of his commitment to this Party and to Conservatives. If they're willing, I'm sure he'll work to seem much less like a quick-change artist dancing under a strobe light. Some things, alas, still take time, even in our instant-gratification, squirmy and impatient McCulture.

Read on . . .

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Posted at 6:09am on Feb. 7, 2008 Yurp NATO "Allies" Won't Fight, Will ...

By kowalski

Check out this front-pager over at the WaPo this morning, describing how the European NATO forces in Afghanistan don't want to fight, have their deployment rules bound up in "caveats", and act as though they might as well go home:

"I worry a great deal about the alliance evolving into a two-tiered alliance, in which you have some allies willing to fight and die to protect people's security, and others who are not," Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "It puts a cloud over the future of the alliance if this is to endure and perhaps get even worse."...

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Posted at 2:47am on Feb. 7, 2008 Tornados Kill Dozens, Injure Many More

By kowalski

I think it's appropriate at this moment that we recognize the political primary process is not the only thing that's happening in this country right now. Let's all put down our fists and lay the pointy sticks aside to recognize that dozens of people have been killed and hundreds more are injured or homeless at this moment in five southern states from the furious rampage of tornados in the past 24 hours. Entire towns have been laid waste -- churches, homes and schools. Thousands of people are displaced and scores are injured.

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