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Posted at 12:39pm on Dec. 28, 2007 Note to Republican Candidates: KEEP ANSWERING QUESTIONS

By kowalski

As a Mitt Romney supporter, I of course want him to win the Party's nomination and I want him to do it honorably, by convincing the doubters and by not making unfair attacks against his adversaries.

But I can state at this moment what *all* of our Republican candidates should be doing, and give a nod to Senator McCain on this: "Keep answering questions."

Hillary doesn't want to answer them, and Barack Obama *can't* answer them, and John Edwards -- well, poor John Edwards should have stayed in his new house and chased ambulances and tended to his hair.

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Posted at 2:24pm on Dec. 26, 2007 What America Needs

By kowalski

America doesn't need a good 5-cent cigar or a 5-cent synthesis. In the past few days of Christmas I've tried to think about what America needs when it goes to the polls to vote for its next President, and in truly engineering fashion, I'll present to you here my findings without embellishment:

1) America needs a truly fiscally conservative President who will not shrink from using the Veto to send pork-laden spending bills back into the dustbin of history.

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Posted at 4:50pm on Dec. 24, 2007 Stupid RedState Ads Part IV

By kowalski

Why is RedState running the Dunder Mifflin ads for NBC?

Why? Would someone who controls which ads are displayed on RedState please answer that question? I know it's tough, because there is no good answer.

I could write 1,000 words about this subject but it wouldn't be more important than asking that simple question.

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Posted at 5:00pm on Dec. 19, 2007 Speaking to Romney's Character

By kowalski

Lots of people have questions about Mitt Romney, ranging from his policies as governor to his Mormonism to his stances on abortion, but the ones most bothersome to me in the past few months have been the questions -- many of which have gone far beyond questions into downright baseless attacks -- on his character. Of all the Romney ads I've seen so far, I hope the eds. will forgive me for being a RomneyBot on this one, because frankly it speaks more to Mitt Romney's character and priorities than anything else his campaign has produced thus far.

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Posted at 6:49pm on Dec. 17, 2007 Rush Limbaugh is AWESOME

By kowalski

I'm serious, this is just one of those moments when I have to take my hat off and bow to the Maha Rushie: the clip from today's program on Hillary Clinton and her problem with looking old was not only the funniest thing I've read in the past 20 years, it was the best thing I've read in the past 20 years.

Rush, you are my HERO. I love you. And I mean that in a completely non-Senator Craig sense.

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Posted at 7:31am on Dec. 17, 2007 Romney on Fees

By kowalski

Mitt Romney is taking some heat for raising fees while holding the line on taxes and eliminating a $3 billion budget deficit while he was governor of Massachusetts. Since up until now my support for Romney has mostly been rhetorical (some people have even hinted that I'm an "underachiever" in that regard) I thought it might be time to investigate this issue a little further.

It is true that Mitt Romney supported raising fees and closing some corporate tax loopholes under Massachusetts law. He was also faced with a $3 billion budget deficit when he entered office. Some of the fee increases that occurred under Romney's administration had been enacted prior to his being elected governor, but it is true that the vast majority of the fee increases happened under his watch. What is missing is the fact that he also proposed $2 billion in budget cuts and supported a reduction in the state income tax rate in the same time period. The budget cuts and austerity measures outweighed the fee increases by somewhere between 400-1000% depending on who you believe.

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Posted at 8:56pm on Dec. 15, 2007 Inspirational Songs for This Election Open Thread

By kowalski

In which I invite everyone to nominate a favorite song, with lyrics included, to coincide with this election.

My favorite is Bob Dylan's "When You Gonna Wake Up?" from his unbelievably good album, "Slow Train Coming." The rest of the album is living testament to the fact that music has gotten comprehensively worse over the past 10 years, but that's not my point.

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Posted at 9:37am on Dec. 10, 2007 The Global Hosing Begins -- Send Money!

By kowalski

[Update II: I'm using the word "hosing" in the sense of parody. You are free to call this venture anything you wish, of course, including thinking it's 110% legitimate and beneficial.]

[Update: I've learned from the Wikipedia entry the names of at least two of the principals behind TerraPass. The CEO is said to be Erik Blachford, former CEO of Expedia (you can read about his 2001 deal with Microsoft here), and Adam Stein is said to be the co-founder and VP of Marketing, which might partially explain the Wharton link on their Partners page.]

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Posted at 2:36pm on Dec. 9, 2007 Robots are better than Humans

By kowalski

Bob Hahn is talking about one of the latest Russian inventions in his post on RedHot and it's old news, at least in the sense of understanding the future.

Robots really are better than humans, and Asimov's laws aren't going to apply. Humans are messy, they're incredibly difficult to train, their entire lives are expensive, they are vulnerable to crazy ideas that take them in silly, random directions thoughout their lives, they waste a lot. Essentially the successful ones live in a fantasy world of their own creation which bears very little relation to reality, mostly is constructed of storytelling and myth, and takes historians centuries to piece back together accurately. And most importantly, when they screw up or get screwed up, it takes entire teams of other humans to fix them back up again, and the process isn't always successful.

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Posted at 12:03pm on Dec. 9, 2007 Hate the Game, not the Players, Streiff

By kowalski

In which I apologize to Streiff for calling him "certifiably insane" last night. In the heat of the moment, here's what I said:

I really think you're certifiably insane sometimes, and this is one of those moments. You are so overpowered with hatred for Romney that nobody should listen to anything you have to say about him.

In response to his comment to jbonham76 (a longtime Romney supporter here at RedState):

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