The Fight Over Immigration

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Sometimes we forget that the fight hits close to home.

State Sen. Curt Thompson's wife, Sascha Herrera, turned herself in to federal immigration officials on Tuesday.

The wife of the Norcross Democrat has been under a deportation order and her surrender today had been expected.

On the way in, Herrera said she felt nervous.

“I feel I'm doing the right thing,” she said. “I'm just going to do what I need to, the legal way.”

Thompson said he hoped his wife would be allowed to go home after meeting with immigration officials.

“Today is just the start of the process,” he said.

According to the senator, his wife was the victim of a “notario,” a lawyer in Latin America who did not do everything properly, though he claimed proficiency at the task.

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isn't each and every illegal immigrant? I am supposed to sympathize? I believe there is something like 12-20 million of the same situations out there. I believe they were all victims of a "notario" or is that actually a individual accepting money for human smuggling.

Peace through superior fire power:)

between someone who pays money to be smuggled across the border, and someone who hires a lawyer to help her file the required papers to legally immigrate to the US.

If her lawyer swindeled her by taking her money and then not filling the needed papers I can easily have sympathy for her.

We can have sympathy yes, but that doesn't mean we should make a special exception to the law.

That'd just create a gaping loophole.
It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones. -- Calvin Coolidge

are probably a common experience; who wouldn't be drawn to someone who promises to handle everything in the immigration process? We know there are American lawyers who do little more than take people's money after promising to deliver on their services, and their foreign counterparts must be at least as numerous.

Of course it's not true of most Mexicans who simply walked across the border, but I see no reason to doubt Herrera's word without more information.

Meanwhile, trying to get a visitor visa for my Russian friend is proving to be rather aggravating. There ought to be a way to make our immigration policy secure without further complicating it.

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