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Posted at 1:09pm on Apr. 22, 2008 Firearms, Part 1 - Defense Against Psycho Killers

By cmiller49

Anybody notice the targets have gone pretty much from adult workers to our children? But, I digress.

Since psycho killers are the only one's allowed to carry firearms into firearms banned locations, and the only ones allowed to lock building down,I'm proposing we really go on the offensive, as a good offense is the best defense, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I propose we arm ourselves balls! I originally thought of baseballs. I dunno - there's just something about giving yourself the green light to throw the ol' bean ball. I also thought of a Wrist Rocket(slingshot)and a bag of marbles, but they might be confiscated. Golf balls are smaller, take up less room in book bags. I suggest three, but that would be up to the individual. I'm not just addressing students, but everyone that doesn't conceal carry. This goes for women too. OK, they throw like girls, but so did boys at first, but we played every day, back in the day. Get yourself a cheap mit and practice with softballs, and guys, don't assert your manliness by throwing hard at women - you are trying to teach a person who may be the only one between you and death. Form yourselves into teams, and for god's sake, don't broadcast this, keep it to yourselves. You might be signalling the very nut you may have to deal with, as well as school administrators. I can't help but think if half the number of students killed in the last two episodes we endured had been armed this way and, instead of fleeing, attacked, what may of happened. Just think if half, a quarter of the class had golf balls to throw? I don't think you will make the nut any more madder that he already is, and will make his aim harder. When he/she is struck, I think he/she will cave, and keep pouring it on until he/she is out or you feel safe enough to disarm him/her. I fear shootings will continue, especially as we bear down on the elections. So, come on, one and all,(Little Leaguers too), throw the heater! A little chin music, the high heat!

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Posted at 10:36am on Apr. 22, 2008 The E-Word Versus The Truth

By BobParks

There is this cutesy little web encounter by four prominent media women lamenting the fact that the Obamas are being unfairly labeled as “elitists”. To be fair, many candidates attempt to label each other “out of touch” with their potential constituents. Some are born with the ol’ silver spoons in their mouths; some are nouveau riche, and some cash-in during and after their terms of office.

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Posted at 6:45pm on Apr. 20, 2008 A Different Mr. Carter Gets Some Respect

By Obis_Sister

But it wasn't from any American media outlet. You knew that.

Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, was interviewed on "Nzone Tonight," a program on New Zealand television. (h/t Newsbusters - with embedded video) The show's host, Allen Lee, treated his guest with respect and didn't try to refute his position with name-calling or infantile posturing. Refreshing, huh? Professor Carter is one of a group of "climate realists," who occupy the "middle road" of science relating to the Earth's climate. They stress "balance" in their studies. Watch the video - very refreshing indeed. After noting the disturbing treatment of Dr. Fred Singer at the hands of ABC's "World News", Noel Sheppard in the Newsbusters article says

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Posted at 1:46pm on Apr. 18, 2008 Paging Dittoheads. Let's join the Rushathon today.

By Erick

Those of you who, like me, tune in to Rush Limbaugh regularly know that once a year he does a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Today is that day. We are not nearly as large as Rush's listening audience. But instead of pitching a fundraiser for a candidate or this site or something else, why not help out an extremely worth cause.

GIVE WHAT YOU CAN. Help make a difference in the fight against blood cancers.

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Posted at 3:45pm on Apr. 17, 2008 The Art of Murder

By Ben Domenech

The Yale Daily News reports that art major Aliza Shvarts has an intriguing and controversial new art project.  Yawn.  When we say "controversial" about art, it always seems to come back to excrement, Jesus, or both.  What was hailed as "brave" and "courageous" a few years ago, however, is now so passe.  Piss Christ?  That's for sellouts.

Thus, young Ms. Shvarts came up with a novel way to create her unique project: she artificially inseminated herself, and destroyed the results.

[Shvarts project is] a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself 'as often as possible' while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood...

What a beautiful and terrible thing Ms. Shvarts has done. 

Beautiful from her perspective - the rebelliousness of it all, a multitudinous expression of what goes on every weekend at thousands of college campuses (seek out a donor, destroy the result, move on).  The organic symmetry of having such a process play out over the nine month period in which one life has created.  People will recoil, and she will - whether she admits it or not - revel in it.

The comments on the Gawker entry are illuminating.  People are horrified, but then angry, saying the young woman has given a gift to the pro-life cause.  But if a right is limitless - as Barack Obama wishes it to be, and as so many on the extreme pro-choice left do as well - what is wrong about excercising it to the fullest?  She is at liberty to do so.  How can you be angry at her?  What argument can you stand on if, as your own principles maintain, no one has a voice in the matter but the woman herself? 

Terrible?  Only a beast would say exercising a right, a Constitutional right no less, should be called terrible.  How dare you say her actions should be prohibited.  Everything Ms. Shvarts has done is perfectly legal.  If she wants to make her womb Sheol, it is her right.  This is her body.  It is her choice.  She needs no reason.  She is old enough to need no permission.  And in the end, all she has done is create art out of her children, as so many parents do.  In this, she has excelled.  You take yours to Wal Mart for head shots and hang them on walls in cheap frames.  She will make hers famous.

Her children, who died alone.

It is a hard thing to be an art critic.  It is harder still to be an art critic in an age when art is so poorly defined.  When everything is art, nothing is.  The best encapsulation of the difficulty, I think, is Daniel Patrick Moynihan's brilliant spoof when asked to dedicate a new piece of "art" which was really just a big prow of a junker put on a pedestal.  After giving a purposefully ridiculous speech on the matter, he closed succinctly: "It will be with us a long time."

The young woman says she worries not about her body, or the consequences.  She is a dedicated artist.  And Aliza Shvarts' works of art will be with her for a long time indeed. 

They will be with her forever.

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Posted at 9:28am on Apr. 17, 2008 Abortion as art? (Updated)

By roywood

This is perhaps one of the most disturbing stories I have read in some time. The Yale Daily News is reporting a senior art major who has chosen an "art" project that rivals the highly controversial "Piss Christ" in both it's controversy as well as it's stretching thin what passes as art.

This first paragraph of the story should sum it up for you:

Art major Aliza Shvarts '08 wants to make a statement.

Beginning next Tuesday, Shvarts will be displaying her senior art project, a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself "as often as possible" while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process.

It almost seems criminal to me to intentionally impregnate oneself for the sole purpose of terminating pregnancy.

Update below the fold

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Posted at 11:12pm on Apr. 15, 2008 Gov. Charlie Crist Takes On The Anti-Gun Lobby

By GordonTaylor

Today Gov. Charlie Crist has a bill into law that allows permitted owners to keep their weapons in their vehicles parked outside stores, businesses, etc.

The Anti-Gun Lobby has already thrown down the gauntlet, and will take the new law to court. "It's unconstitutional," they claim, just as everything else they complain about is unconstitutional.

Actually, our Constitution allows us to have those guns, I never get their argument about unconstitutionality, I just don't get it.

Video below the fold...

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Posted at 11:47am on Apr. 11, 2008 Trying to get to a logical (not emotional) understanding of BDS

By Haley37

Yesterday I spent time with a good friend who enjoys motor bikes, sci-fi, good music and many other things that I equally enjoy.

For the most part, Brian seems like any other person I know except for one particular difference; he hates President Bush and is very 'in your face' about it.

His first statement to me when I saw him yesterday was "Man, Bush just got kicked in the balls today. The UN fined the United States fifty million dollars for starting an illegal war." He said this with a big grin on his face like he had just heard that he won the lottery. He also went on to tell me that Canada had also smacked Bush by saying that the 5,900 service men and women who had run to Canada to avoid be resent to Iraq could stay in Canada as asylum seekers.

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Posted at 10:11pm on Apr. 10, 2008 South Park on Abortion: "The Ultimate Cheat"

By Ben Domenech

I know not all of you are South Park fans. I'm a huge fan of their work, and as RS editors know, I try to force them all to watch the episodes and marvel at the phenomenal social commentary hidden behind a layer of the absurd and/or the obscene.

The South Park guys aren't conservatives - they're libertarians. But they're awesome libertarians. They hate the global warming preachers, NAMBLA, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, and save some of their strongest bile for the celebrity political activists - George Clooney, Rob Reiner, Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Streisand. They can't stand politically correct authoritarians and they authored the definitive anti-9/11-truthers response (which actually ends up being kinda pro-W, believe it or not). They've made Al Gore into a walking joke among Comedy Central viewers. Yes, they bash the Catholic Church a lot and they have some cutting remarks about redneck Americans and country music...but their episodes bashing Richard Dawkins and atheism are far more vicious, and amazingly composed.

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Posted at 11:17am on Apr. 8, 2008 The AZ governor's anti-family policies

By kdalton

AZ anti-family governor Janet Napolitano thinks more of "the relationship between a woman and her physician" than she does about an underage woman and her parents -- not to mention the relationship between a woman and her offspring. Not long ago, she yet again vetoed perfectly reasonable legislation that would have made a minor get parental consent for an abortion and would have banned partial-birth abortions.

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Posted at 2:53pm on Apr. 7, 2008 NYC Ignores Federal Law, Exposes 100,000 Children to Sex Offenders - Daily

By GordonTaylor

A shocking story is being told in NYC today of an absolutely inexcusable atrocity being committed within the public housing authority.

A report release by Councilman Eric Gioia shows that the City of New York has 112 registered sex offenders living in public housing, despite the fact that there is a federal law that prohibits convicted sex offenders from living in subsidized housing.

NYC housing has over 100,000 children living in all 5 Burroughs, and every single day they are being exposed to these perverts.

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Posted at 2:10pm on Apr. 7, 2008 "Biological Bestiality"

By kdalton

"Biological bestiality" is the most accurate and telling description I have heard yet about the debate in Britain over the creation of chimeras -- or half-human-half-animals -- for stem cell and possibly other "research." 

The creation of "chimeras" -- half-human, half-animal embryos -- has been an issue since September of last year, when Britain's Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority decided to allow such "research." To sum up the argument against this sickening practice ...

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Posted at 6:22pm on Apr. 6, 2008 Global Warming Hits London Big Time

By GordonTaylor

In yet another glowing example of "Man Made Global Warming", the carrying of the Olympic torch through London was made a big harder. No, not by the protestors, that's what the story the MSM wants you to know about, it was the SNOW!

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Posted at 10:30am on Apr. 4, 2008 Just A Girl

By BobParks

It’s been a busy week for the ladies.

The latest pair of Barbie bandits were sent to jail. A third grade girl was reprimanded for standing on her seat at school, prompting a commando-style plot to exact some kind of bloody revenge on the offending teacher. Randi Rhodes displayed more un-ladylike vocabulary, and now supermodel Naomi Campbell had another semi-violent hissy fit resulting in yet another arrest.

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Posted at 11:02am on Apr. 3, 2008 Far be it from me to correct "God-o-meter"

By Ben Domenech

Beliefnet intones:

From its chats with various leading lights of the Christian Right, God-o-Meter knows the embryonic stem cell issue has emerged as the biggest sticking point between the movement and McCain. How much of this is because the Christian Right feels that last year's scientific breakthrough allowing skin cells to be reprogrammed to mimic embryonic stem cells gives their ailing anti-embryonic stem cell research cause new life? Quite a bit.

Well, it didn't exactly give us new life. It ended the stem cell wars entirely. All the science journals know it; the mainstream pubs acknowledge it; the staffers on the hill are glad to be rid of the proxy war. Only the candidates for President this cycle seem not to recognize this fact. Oh, and Beliefnet.

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