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Posted at 2:22pm on Apr. 18, 2008 A come to McCain moment.

By Jaded

I as most who had not had McCain anywhere on their list except above Ron Paul would not have believed that I could have a come to McCain moment but I have.

I was checking out the Drudge report and saw the link for McCain releasing his taxes and thought I would see what I see for every other candidate...MONEY...what I saw that brought me to the coming to McCain moment is this....

"Senator McCain donates his royalties from his books to charitable organizations. This sum has totaled over $1,800,000 since 1998 when he signed his first book deal. Senator McCain's book income of $256,898 for 2006 and 2007 is comprised of earnings for Faith of My Fathers, Worth the Fighting For, Why Courage Matters, Character is Destiny, and Hard Call."

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Posted at 1:41pm on Apr. 9, 2008 This is The Man We Elected President

By GordonTaylor

This is the man we elected President, the man we chose to lead us, and this is the reason why we did it.

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Posted at 10:08pm on Mar. 31, 2008 Felipe Sixto Lasts Only 20 Days

By GordonTaylor

Over at .45 Caliber Politics we have just posted a story about Felipe Sixto and his brief stay in the White House.

Only 20 days into his new Washington Cabinet post and Felipe Sixto was forced to resign because of misuse of grant money from the U.S. Agency for International Development when he worked for a Cuban democracy organization.

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Posted at 5:35pm on Mar. 28, 2008 Department of Bad Photo Ops

By Dan McLaughlin

Whoever set up the President of the United States to look like he has been demoted to working from a cubicle in a phone bank should not have a long career in public relations:

That's from an appearance today in Freehold, NJ, and I seriously had to double-check that these were not satirical photos from The Onion or something. We even got the "Bush tries to feed the cube-dwellers" photo:

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Posted at 10:25am on Mar. 17, 2008 Paranoid Democrats Vindicated At Last!

Sith Lord Cheney and his oil minions, Evilburton, finally unmasked!

By haystack

Ok, not really, but news of Cheney's trip to Iraq and the way the NYT describes his purpose for being there, will surely dredge all that nonsense up again:

Vice President Dick Cheney made an unannounced trip Monday to Baghdad, where he plans to push Iraqi political leaders toward opening the country’s vast oil fields to international companies, a senior Bush administration official said.
"Exploiting and controlling the Iraqi oil fields have been part of the American scheme for more than four years," said Hassan al-Rubaie, a member of parliament and senior member of Mr. Sadr’s political alliance. "Our presence in the parliament and among the Iraqi people will work with other national forces to stop this scheme."

See? "Itzallabouttheoilidiot!"™

It won't matter (and isn't mentioned in this piece [shock of all shocks]) that Cheney has been planned for this trip for quite some time. It' apparently irrelevant that he is "bound for Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the West Bank and Turkey -- [and] will also pursue US diplomatic efforts to isolate Iran and prod US oil-exporting allies to help rein in skyrocketing prices," and that Iraq is just a "piece" of the master plan the White House left out of the press to improve Cheney's chances of getting in and out before a couple martyr-wannabes could put together a vest or a Pennske full of explosives to greet him when he touched down there.

More below the stinking fold...

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Posted at 6:06pm on Feb. 29, 2008 The Irony of The Natural Born Citizen President

By ilitigant

Its an old try, rehashed and presented straight faced. When John Sydney McCain was born, his father was stationed at a U.S. Navy submarine base near Colón, Panama. The base, Coco Solo Naval Air Station, was within the American-controlled Panama Canal Zone, a U.S. territory at the time. When he was born, he was an American citizen. He was not a citizen of Panama. MSNBC and the Associated Press reported on February 29, 2008:

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Posted at 1:24am on Feb. 29, 2008 George Bush is a Sinner

By perien

The Bush Doctrine: Answering an age old question

George Bush is a sinner. Not a wretched sinner like the kind that will burn in hell for a thousand years, but a sinner like most of us, guilty primarily of "omissional" sinning-- sins done by not doing rather than by actively doing. Any time you hear a Conservative say, "Bush has failed to do ... " you should think "sin of omission!"

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Posted at 1:26pm on Feb. 22, 2008 GW Bush Is The Target Of The Most Egregious MSM Smear Campaign To Date !

By Red Wing

Given the recent revelations regarding the NYT and their seeming to be so consistent in publishing rubage, it got me thinking about the MSM at large.

It very quickly became evident the greatest scam they've pulled off to date. And if you think the American public has a short memory, you would be correct. It only took them 5 years to get it done.

Try something. Look up almost any combination of words about the war in Iraq?

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Posted at 3:22pm on Feb. 14, 2008 Looking ahead to the 2012 Presidential Elections

By eisenreich

Disclosure up front: I consider myself a liberal and support Obama; I read RS for the same reasons many of you read Kos.

To me, the overarching theme surrounding the GOP this primary season appears to be a certain lack of excitement about each of the candidates, for one reason or another. During a recent discussion with my my roommate, a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, the conversation turned towards 2012 and which candidate the right could fully support. As an ardent Romney supporter, he believes that the party will coalesce around Mitt as the "true conservative" candidate.

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Posted at 6:58pm on Jan. 31, 2008 Bush The Spending Hawk

Starting The Bidding Low

By Dan McLaughlin

This AP report suggests that President Bush may be submitting his most frugal budget yet, in his final year in office:

President George W. Bush's 2009 budget will virtually freeze most domestic programs and seek nearly $200 billion in savings from federal health care programs, a senior administration official said Thursday.

Given that this is an election-year budget submitted by a lame duck president to a hostile Congress, don't hold your breath waiting for this to get enacted. But for once, the Bush White House may be taking steps to draw an election-year contrast on spending, and just as a candidate who has sought to brand himself as a spending hawk seems poised to take the party's nomination. Maybe some parts of the GOP's domestic-policy brand can be salvaged yet. How does Bush propose to save that money?

Read On...

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Posted at 11:00pm on Jan. 30, 2008 SOTU - Bush Shows Hypocritical Partisanship At Its Worst

By Roger Allan

The President gave a decent speech Monday. He really did.

It was obvious he was looking to go out with a bang and give the pundits something to really talk about for quite some time.

"Mission Accomplished", George

During the speech Bush threatened to veto any budget that didn't have a 50% reduction in earmark spending. That drew a standing
"O" from the GOP while the Dems sat on their hands.

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Posted at 9:15pm on Jan. 30, 2008 Many Happy Returns, Mr. Vice President

I vote that the Cheney Cat should lead us!

By AcademicElephant

Richard Bruce Cheney turns 67 years young today.


Let's say we make this an open thread to express 1) your good wishes to the VP and/or 2) who you wish were on stage debating tonight.

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Posted at 11:01pm on Jan. 28, 2008 SOTU Thread

By Erick

Just a couple more hours. The speech excerpts have been delivered. Heritage will be live-blogging. So will we.

Have at it here.

[UPDATE:] Now that you've heard President Huckabee's Bush's State of the Union speech, hear now the conservative response:

Likewise, Jeb Hensarling and the Republican Study Committee in the House are calling on all GOP leaders in the House to give up personal earmarks. They are not, however, holding their breath.

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Posted at 11:10am on Jan. 28, 2008 The State of the Union

By Erick

While we're all focused on the election, there's still a lame duck in office who gets one last State of the Union address.

It happens tonight. And the Politico reports he's going to say something nice about Nancy Pelosi.

More interesting, though, I hear that conservative members of Congress are intending to give a Republican response to the State of the Union. Good for them. They need to. I suspect, like most of the last few SoTU speeches, this one is going to be a laundry list of big government initiatives and plaintive appeals to the "ownership society" without actually doing anything to really move us toward a non-government owned society.

But then I've become cynical.

We'll see tonight.

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